Jim Fox - The Previous 20 Years
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March 18th, 2007

PenguinMan Is The World's Only Giant, Ukulele Playing, Singing, Tap Dancing, Surfing Penguin.

This site has PenguinMan's music, videos, photos, blog, press: TV50 News Special Segment with an interview with Jim Fox and a performance by Penguin Man. Also many newspaper articles. Please view the site and don't forget to join The Penguin Man Fan Club. Make sure to see PenguinMan in Surf's Up The Movie




Here are some of my inventions, toys, fashions etc... that I have made public. I had feature coverage in The NY Times, Playboy, San Francisco Chronicle, etc... I have some real nice new designs and am trying to get them into mass production.

The CyberBra

Carpool 4 Cash is a concept of mine whose seeds were sown in 1990 in an article I wrote for the Marin Independent Journal and an interview in The Pacific Sun. It involves a computer system for instantly matching drivers and riders in a secure, efficient manner. Technology has changed much since 1990, and I have revised the original concept. Nobody has yet to do this. I recently published another Nov 17th 2006 Marin Voice article that more involves Casual Carpooling. A very low tech form of ridesharing that is very similar to what I want to do. The site has both articles & a 1990 Pacific Sun interview.

Click Here To Play CDs. is dedicated to bring you the best of live music from around the World. We are brand new and have been recording Only In Fairfax, California on Monday Night's Open Mics. Currently there are about 30 acts signed to this site, each has a WEB page. I soon want to have 100,000 acts, live performances and beyond. This site will be a kind of a combination ot Myspace, YouTube and GarageBand. A space for musicians, venues & fans.
Since Oct 2006, I have recorded over 5 hours of almost exclusively original material that was posted to this site. If you show up in Fairfax on a Monday Night and perform, I can record your set and burn you a CD of your set, while you wait. If you want to have your own WEB page on iMicWorld you have to sign a release. If you want to be included on any CDs or downloads (and get paid for each CD/download), you have to OK that too.
I am about to release a compilation 2 CD set called "Only In Fairfax" with one song from each act, 2 hours of great music.
There is some amazing talent out there. This music will suprise you. is a music project I produced that includes a CD. For this song of Peace I had people from around the world translate the song and perform it in their native language. The site has 17 languages recorded so far and a Rap version and a Peace videogame. You can listen to the song in any of the 17 languages or you can view the translations in their native script. This song was origially written and performed in English by a group called
Lost At Last
I am a computer programmer by trade. I grew up in Manchester, Connecticut. Came to California in 1973. Painted murals and made stained glass. Learned computers and had my first job programing in 1978. By 1980 I was co-author of the WordStar computer program, at the time the best selling program in the world. I was personally working with Bill Gate's back then. Our company MicroPro almost merged with MicroSoft in 1981. He did a deal with Apple instead.
Since then I have been a freelance programmer and living in Marin County, Fairfax, CA. Click here for my resume. I kinda play piano, barely sing and am learning ukulele.

Created March 9th, 2007