PenguinMan & His Funny Songs
The World's Only Giant, Ukulele Playing, Singing, Tap Dancing, Surfing Penguin.
Jim Fox 415-261-4993 - [email protected]
Hatched: Dec. 17th, 2005 / Updated: March 26th, 2007

Penguins For Peace
A PenguInvitation
PenguinMan will be in LA Wed March 28th, leaving for NYC Sat afternoon March 31st.
He would like to waddle over to your studios, meet the staff, share some fish, tell some fish stories, play ukulele, dance and sing some songs.
It will be fun for the whole family, so bring your kids.

Please let him know ASAP. He is very excited about this March march and has been squawlking, waddling back and forth wearing a hole in my carpet. He needs Penguin Prozac.

Please view his performance video and a TV50 News Special Segment Interview of him and me. All at

Thank You,

Jim Fox