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CyberSign - Handheld Scrolling Billboard
Just like the one at Time's Square, but much smaller and runs on batteries. Has a detachable keyboard for typing in messages. Messages can be up to 50 characters long. Displays up to 5 scrolling letters at a time from messages up to 50 letters long. The sign can be read from up to 100' away. Totally portable, compact (8"x14"x1"). It comes with 40 preprogrammed messages that can easily be called up with the pressing of 3 buttons.
Express yourself. Meet women. Meet men. Put it in the back window of your car and tell other drivers what you really think. Great for hitchhiking. Type in where you want to go, stand on the side of the road holding the sign, and the next thing you know your there. It's daylight readable. Soon to be flexiable.
It's a deal at $1,000.

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