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Fox Color & Light is a startup company which is located 12 miles north of San Francisco over the Golden Gate Bridge in Marin County, California. Fox Color & Light creates CyberFashions From The Future and makes them available to you today on the WEB. Electronic, interactive, programmable clothing, jewelry, gifts, toys, safety devices & accessories are guaranteed to light up your life.

Fox Color & Light was founded in 1991 by Jim Fox, inventor, computer programmer, co-author of the original WordStar program. We have over 40 inventions of which 25 are in demonstratable prototype stages. We have licensed 1 product (An Electronic Pet Crystal) and we have a few in production. We want to bring to market and/or license more products.

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Fox Color & Light Products

Fox Color & Light has had a TV segment about us on the The Next Step with Richard Hart and has had articles about us in the San Francisco Chronicle & Marin County's Pacific Sun.

Examples of Fox Color & Light's inventions currently in design

We are always keeping our eye out for motivated, innovative programmers, product designers, hardware designers, graphic designers, sales people, assemblers, technicians, management, public relations, models, photographers, etc...

We do have a general plan of action. It starts simple, then gets as wild as we can function.

Thank-you for your interest and feel free to give us feedback.
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For more information please contact:

Fox Color & Light([email protected])
Or call us at (415)458-1999.

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