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Saturday, December 31th, 2005
New Years Eve Day
Sea Of Dreams Night
To Sleep 2:45 AM Awoke 9:45 AM
This OpenOffice can be a real pain in the butt sometimes. When you are editing a WEB page, what you on the screen while editing is not quite the same as what you see when you view the WEB page. Also, this drives really me crazy. I select a picture to be inserted, with just the simple picture name and it works, but then it adds in front of the picture name garbage like:


So I have to constantly find and replace that garbage to remove it, so the pictures on WEB pages display at all. Then the next time I edit the same page it does it again. I hope they fix this soon. I wish I knew how to help. I think it takes a while for committees to decide what has to be fixed, who is to do it, when and tested and released.

I am a tobacco addict. Here it is after midnight, poring rain, streets flooded and I ride my bike 2 miles to get some tobacco. The cops at the 7/11 thought it was funny. It would be fine, my new gortex raincoat kept me real dry, i just need some rainpants. My pants are soaked, thats OK. I like riding in the rain.


I misplaced my pouch of business cards in San Rafael the other day, so I made plenty, a new card pouch & a sheath for my scissors, all out od Scotch packing tape. Martha Stewart would love me. It took an hour and a half. When you print cards on a computer printer, the ink always eventually wears off or the cards get crumbled easily. Not good for a business card. What I do is print 3 rows of 9 cards on a page, cut them each card to minimal size, sign & date the backs, laminate them into a roll, kinda like lollipops and then cut them into the individual cards. It is tricky to laminate the lollipop roll. The top layer of packing tape has to match exactly the bottom layer or the cards have a sticky over hang on both the top and bottom. Each lollipop roll has about 10 cards. Making the card holder isn't too hard but to make it strong and look good takes some thinking. I do use a tiny piece of Velcro on the flap for the holder to keep it shut. I made a sheath for scissors, I thought I might need them at the Sea Of Dreams party.

Business Cards In Lollipop
Roll, Final Cards, Scotch Tape
Card Holder & Scissors Sheath

Mill Valley was flooded past night. Power was out all day in a good section of downtown. I called Nelese in Fairfax to check my email for a phone number. I can't get on the Internet. It flooded in Fairfax. She said the store she works at in downtown Fairfax, The Circle Center, had 3 inches of mud on the floor inside and much merchandise was ruined. I left to hitchhike from downtown Mill Valley at about 5:00. I was standing there and this old lady comes up gives me a kiss and $10 for a cab if I need one. I get a ride very quickly to SF in a new VW SUV. Walk 3 blocks and within 15 minutes I am at the Concourse Exhibition Center where the party is at. Tickets or $70 I have about $50. I follow the fence around and find an easy spot to squeeze through, that took me behind the porta potties inside. I was in!!! After it was over one of the promotors, Mark, asked me "How I got in?". I should have told him about the security breach, but I was probably the only person, out of over 5,000 that used it, and I made need it again next year. Besides, the main promoter Joegh told me I had lifetime free admission to any of his events, though that was 6 years ago, and I am still alive

I got there early, before 8:00, but music was already started. 3 stages. The main stage had a group from Australia that was great and played dijirado. There was much sculpture everywhere. Pictured is the Wish Tree. There you write down your wish for the next year on a strip of metalized Mylar paper. Then they hang it on this revolving tree welded out of metal with lights shinning onto it, reflecting the individual wishes in light as the spin by. My wish was for Fish & Light.

Many beautiful, young woman, and they all wanted to have their their picture taken hugging the penguin. I must have had 50 pictures and passed out 50 cards, and as always, people promise me and swear they will email me a copy. Maybe for once it might happen. Girls like to kiss penguins on New Years. It is good luck and I got a lot of kisses. I hope get lotz of pictures. Especially one that this lady took of me and this sculpture of a giant Sea Serpent who had the front half of a charging horse as a head. I was a very scared penguin as he appeared to attack me.

This was a very Burning Man inspired event.

Midnight I was at the medium sized stage. This is where they had the more artsy performances. Lotz of music theater, costumes, sets, props. At midnight they had all these stilt walkers, trapeze artists, other various actors, dancers, performers, entertainers, about 50 of them. Then these giants bubble machines made 1,000's and 1,000's of bubbles everywhere.

The String Cheese Incident played. They were very good, but they didn't come in fish flavored. The audience was giant . Mostly young Grateful Deadheads. I have seen them play before, maybe 8 years ago, I think at Sweetwater.

I figured this out. If you are a penguin, a yard North of the South Pole and it turns midnight, you get to kiss the penguin next to you. Then you waddle over a yard, into the next timezone, wait an hour and it will turn midnight again, and you again get to kiss the next penguin. Then you move over a yard again and another kiss. In 24 hours you would have 24 kisses and maybe make a baby penguin.

Joegh The Man Bulloch
Has Been Promoting
Parties For 25 Years

The Wish Tree With The
Wish Granters Who Would
Hang Your Wish On The Tree

Guy Filling Balloons
With Helium. They Make
You Sound Like A Penguin

These Were Sooo Cool Hanging
100's Of Glow Under Black
Light Strings & Lotz Of Black
Light. As You Move The
Strings Would Dance With You.
Inside, It Looked Real Wild

The Girl On The Left Came
Up To Me And Started Dancing
The Penguin. She's Too Cute

Phyliss Laurie An Artist Friend
Of Mine From Way Many Years
You Can See Her In My 1999 Blog
She Used To Work For Lost At Last

Midnight On The Artsy Stage
That Is Joegh On The Right

Midnight More Of The Artsy
Stage. The Stage Was Full
Of Dancers & Performers


String Cheese Incident
About As Close As I Could Get

Just One Of The 100's
Of Sculptures & Paintings
On Display

Penguin Posing Against
Mermaid Backdrop.
Photos By Meridian


String Cheese Incident
Performing Pink Floyd's
"Shine On You Crazy Diamond"

Anat, I Always See Her At
The Parties. She's From Isreal & Recorded
The Hebrew Version On My Shalom Project

Photos Emailed To Me Later

Too A Peaceful New Year

The Penguin Meets
Elton John That Meets
The Cat In The Hat

Too A Peaceful New Year

At 4AM when the show was over, I stood outside at the exit with a sign for Mill Valley for about an hour. 1,000's of people walked by me in costumes. No ride. Mill Valley is only about 6 miles from The Golden Gate Bridge. They threw everybody out onto the streets where there was a little drum circle and vendors selling crystals and glass pipes and such on the streets. I was about to give up and take the next bus to Marin which left in about 45 minutes. Then this guy goes, I'm going to San Rafael, I'll take you to Mill Valley. It was Privette, a photographer who has archived more parties than anyone. There should be pictures of me he took, from a party in San Rafael years ago. We check out a school bus he thought was his friends and he takes a couple of pictures of me, then all the residents of the bus got together and he took all of our picture.



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