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Saturday, January 7th, 2006
The Rainy Day Blues
To Sleep 10:00 PM (Fri) Awoke 7:00 AM

Well I am glad I slept this late. I was worried I was going to wake up at 4:00 AM or something and really get me on a weird sleep schedule.

I don't check my Penguin Site email often, but got my 1st email to my Penguin WEB site to [email protected] It was a photo of some cute baby penguins, wishing me a Happy New Year (must have been at the Sea Of Dreams) from North Beach Films:

Are These Guys Too Cute Or What
They Are Wishing A Happy New Year

I did get the 1st link I know of to my Penguin site from someone who saw me after The Sea Of Dreams NYEve They said:
Be sure to note the Penguin, with a ukulele that needed a ride to "MILL VALY". - http://www.djzakbrown.com/

Well we still got even more rain today, not real bad but there were showers when I went out to use the phone booth down the street. So here are
The Rainy Day Blues: (c) January 7th, 2006 James C Fox

The rains keep on raining
It just keeps coming down
If it don't stop raining soon
We're all going to drown

I've got the rainy day blues
I've got the rainy day blues
I've got the rainy day blues
And there is mud covering my shoes

My umbrella keeps on breaking
The winds are getting stronger
I don't know if I can be taking
This weather any longer


The water level is rising
San Anselmo is starting to flood
And then to top it off
My room is 3 inches deep in mud

My Chevy classic was destroyed by mud


The lights keep on flickering
And now the power is down
I have this funny feeling
It's like this all over town

On the brighter side, about 12:30, even though there was no sun to be seen, I saw a rainbow in the sky. Which is doubly weird, because rainbows usually happen around sunrise or sunset. This one was real low in the sky, just in a valley, had camera, but wasn't thinking fast enough, it lasted less than a minute.

It is also weird. All trees I personally know are fatter at the trunk of the tree and then get skinnier the higher up in the tree you get. Not so with the palm tree in our front yard. It grows backwards, the trunk is skinny and it gets fatter the further up it goes.

Our Weird Palm Tree
It Grows Upside Down

It is about 9:30, I have been looking for a decent microphone and headphones on CraigsList. The nice $100 microphone got sold, there are a couple about 50 miles from here that look good for $15 and some headphones in Berkeley for $40. Decide to go into town to try to make some money to buy these things. I want to be able to record my songs.

It is raining, and the weatherman said it was going to be sunny tonight.

Sweetwater had a private party. The manager was hanging around so I didn't want to be there, he doesn't like me and I don't want to get him any madder at me. I mostly hung outside D'Angelo's singing The Rainy Day Blues. Did make $25 in about an hour, That is a start. I still am behind in rent though. Let see, a microphone or rent? This real beautiful lady Elizabeth likes to sing and pretend to play ukulele. We and her friends had fun. I only got her picture though and she gave me a hug.

Elizabeth Auditions

Elizabeth Definitely
Passed Her Audition

On my way home 142 Throckmorton Theater was getting out, some acapella group, lotz of people, and I sang and sang and sang and made $2 but did get this picture of some kids doing the penguin.

Three Kids Dancing The Penguin

This Is A Funny Link

This One Too



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