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Friday, January 6th, 2006
Turkey Food & The Turkey
To Sleep 2:00 AM Awoke 8:45 AM

Before going any further, if you haven't by now, read the SF Chronicle write up about me & The Turkey. It will only take a 1/2 minute:

Still trying to figure out how to do this cellphone game thing. Came up with some ideas, but I don't think they will work. I did post the question to The Nokia Discussion boards, under Mobil Java General. Maybe someone there might know or I should post it to other boards around. There has to be a way to do this.


Putting up posters on it that I wanted people to call me if they see the turkey and posted it in the apartments around where the turkey hangs out. Included in the poster was the of the SF Chronicle about me and the turkey.

The Bait To Lure A Turkey
They Like Acorns But All I Could
Get Was Cracked Corn

The Turkey Wanted Poster

On my way back I spoke with a foreman for the concrete part of the remodeling project on the house next door, Jordan. I never met him before. I told him about my plan to light up stairs and walkway using white LED light bulbs, that never burn out.

I planted about 100 Crocuses, Purple Irises, a Naked Lady , and White Tulips bulbs plus a Butterfly Lily and Lantana flower plant. This was months ago. Some of the bulbs have been taking their sweet time sprouting, while others are almost ready to start blooming. I am like an expectant father, for the kid I never had. Everyday I inspect my babies, and when a new one sprouts, I put a coffee stirrer stick next to it. Since all these rains, their have been many new babies in the past couple of days. The Tulips and Irises seem to sprout much slower. I think almost all of them are going to sprout & grow into pretty adult flowers, hopefully soon.

A Baby Crocus Sprout
Click To Enlarge & See

I have been rolling cigarettes for most of my cigarette smoking years. Lately I have been noticing that when I use the rolling papers that come with the Drum tobacco that quite often the papers rip. This does not happen with Bugler, American Spirit, Top, Bali Shag, etc... So I called Republic Tobacco's 800 number and thought I'd let them know. This was a month ago. Today in the mail they sent me an assortment of 10 different cigarette papers. Nice people there. Too bad after the next referendums probably pass the price of some rolling tobacco is going to go from $1.29 to $4.29 a pouch. Tax the smokers, they are in a minority and mostly poor people anyway. They claim smokers cost society in health care. Actually they cost society less because they die earlier, usually a quick death, heart attack, stroke. While nonsmokers live a couple of years longer, but those years cost society lots because that is when almost all your hospital bills over your life run up.

It was nice & sunny so I rode bike to get rolling tobacco about 2 miles. Got to work off that smoke. On the way back took picture of The Mill Valley Depot Square, I don't think we have one yet.

Mill Valley Depot Square

No sooner than I put up another batch of posters I get a phone call from a lady. The Turkey Is There. I rush over, put on my Penguin Costume, take some pictures, but I forgot to put my Penguin Head on. She is around, I know where to find her we'll get better shots, better camera.

Penguin & Wild Turkey

Wild Turkey

About 4:30 I hitchhiked into San Rafael. Went to the copy center and finally scanned the Chronicle Article in and made the WEB page Added $15 to my prepaid cellphone, I had 3 minutes call time left. Walked the streets a little ran into some old buddies of mine Bruce & Mark

Mark & Bruce At The Coffee Shop
Who Must Not Be Named

I hitchhiked back to Mill Valley, took about 15 seconds to get a ride.



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