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Monday, January 2nd, 2006
Rain, rain, rain
To Sleep 1:00 AM Awoke 11:00 AM

Ahh sleep. Another rainy day. The flood was even worse than I thought. My friend Phil Willcutt lives in a hard hit town, Ross CA. Very, very wealthy, one of the wealthiest in the world. His roommate got up at 5:00 to take a pee, there was a little water in his room, when he was done there was 4 foot. All the cars were destroyed, including is vintage, cherried 1963 Chevrolet Chevette. I hope he still has some software I wrote back about 4 years ago for photographers WEB sites. He has lotz to deal with right now.

Another friend of mine, Dan Hooker wants me to make him a WEB page, I guess to be paid when it makes money. I not sure what it does, but who knows?

Not much to do today. It is a holiday, again. I am glad they are through, but The Christmas Penguin wishes they weren't. I guess today I will work on my cell phone video game and check for work on CraigsList, etc...

I did get The Coastal Post monthly newspaper online using some software I wrote to autogenerate the version. The software is written in PHP and I rewrote it a little to format the pages better. I still need to work on it, because if the article does not have a byline, like 'By Jim Fox' then the program bombs.

Da Vid and his Light Party I do occasional work for called. AOL closed his account which means he has lost all his emails, and contacts, and mailing lists. I guess his credit card bounced. He has to drop AOL anyway.

I did post to the JAVA discussion boards a question as how to read the cell phone keyboard in the Text Message mode.

Did nap between 8-9 PM.



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