The Coastal Post - September 1999

The Taiwan Connection

By Karen Nakamura

April 5, 1998, Pat Buchanan charged Clinton with ignoring Chinese threats to Taiwan and not listening to "clear and ominous" signs of Chinese aggression towards Taiwan. Former Secretary of Defense, Caspar Weinberger, said on August 10, 1998, the US needs to extricate itself from the outdated "One China Policy." March 15,1999, on-line magazine quoted GOP foreign policy guru, Richard Kagan, as saying, "China is going to be a big issue for Republicans. When a candidate goes before a conservative dinner, China is an applause line."

China bashing as a Republican ploy has become especially evident in the last year. Republicans seem bent on leading America into a Third World War so they can show the incompetence of Clinton/Gore and win the 2000 election. To do this, China needs vilification and Democrats needs to be implicated.

Add to this atmosphere the recent statement by Taiwan's President Lee Teng-Hui that Taiwan wants state-to-state relations with China and we have the makings of a war. War between the two always threatens. Taiwan wants independence. China advocates a One China policy. While both covet admittance to the World Trade Organization, (WTO), China has long blocked Taiwan's efforts there and at the UN and the World Health Organization. Many Taiwanese are also angered by what they see as Clinton's "immoral betrayal", his endorsement of the One China Policy.

The most frightening thing is that because of Republican legislative support of Taiwan, America may be forced to defend it in a conflict. Take House Concurrent Resolution 148 1H. Authored by Chris Cox, (R-CAL) in 1996, this Resolution expresses, "the sense that the United States is committed to the military stability of the Taiwan Straits and United States military forces should defend Taiwan in the event of invasion, missile attack or blockade by the People's Republic of China." It was co-authored by Newt Gingrich, Dick Armey, Tom DeLay, Dan Burton, Dennis Hastert, Henry Hyde and "Bombardier" Bob Dorrnan.

What's amazing is it was also signed by Democrats Nancy Pelosi, Tom Lantos and 100 others. This unusual bi-partisanship came about because of the PRC's war games just before the 1996 Taiwanese elections. The main issue was the independence of Taiwan from China. We may be made to abide by it despite the government's ties to the PRC and our desire to a peaceful solution.

During Congressional Special Orders, February 2, 1998, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, (R-Cal.), referred to Clinton 's policy on China as "Clinton's Hug a Nazi Policy". April 30, 1998, he accused the administration of being willing accomplices to a "nuclear sell-out" and warned Gingrich of an alleged technology transfer. Gingrich subsequently appointed Chris Cox (R-Cal.) to write the Cox Report on China's so-called spying. In July of the same year, House Majority Whip, Tom DeLay (R-Tex), passed the DeLay/Snowbarger Resolution (HCR-301) reaffirming the US's support of Taiwan.

Republicans have passed numerous resolutions to the same effect. Included is the Freedom from Religious Persecution Act intended to support conservative evangelical missionaries in China. These and other Republican bills have put America in the position of being forced to defend Taiwan. In light of Taiwan's President Lee Teng-Hui's announcement that Taiwan wished to be considered a separate country and China's angry reaction, these manipulations could cause problems.

What is it about Taiwan that would make Republicans want to risk war to defend it? While attention is directed towards "The China Connection," almost all the Asian players are China's adversaries; Taiwanese or Taiwanese-Americans. Johnny Chung, Johnny Huang and Charlie Trie, the three "bagmen" for the PRC, were either born in Taiwan or grew up there. As was Trie's partner, Antonio Pan, alleged nuclear spy, Wen Ho Lee, and Ambrous Young of Haley Barbour fame.

In 1990-91, Taiwan launched an intense campaign to rejoin the WTO. Enter the Young Brothers Development-USA. A Florida-based subsidiary of Young Brothers Development in Hong Kong, it operates a lucrative real estate and aircraft brokerage representing European and US aircraft manufacturers in Asia. One brother is Ambrous Young. During the 1980's, when Young was an American citizen, he rose to a position of power within the GOP's "Republicans Abroad," and was regional coordinator for George Bush in 1988 before giving up his American citizenship.

In late 1991, Young Brothers-USA donated $75,000 in soft money to the Republican National Committee with an additional $47,000 the next three years. While foreign subsidiaries can contribute, the money must be generated in this country. The sole income earned by Young Brothers-USA was rent from its only US asset, a modest condominium in Georgetown. Sources told TIME magazine the funds were transferred directly from the Hong Kong headquarters.

More interesting, in 1994, Haley Barbour, Chairman of the Republican National Committee but acting as head of the National Policy Forum, a GOP think-tank, received the famous $2.1 million loan from Young during a cruise of Hong Kong harbor. Young may have an office in Hong Kong, but he's Taiwanese. Some $1.6 million of the $2.1 million went to the Republican Party to repay part of a start up loan to the NPF. Young also guaranteed the remainder. Senator Robert Torricelli, (D-NJ), said that by indirectly repaying the NPF's RNC loan, Ambrous Young had more impact on the 1994 elections than American citizens who gave legally. The loan is credited with winning the Republican sweep of Congress. In 1996, Young incurred a $500,000 loss from non-payment on the NPF loan when the Republican Party refused to divert funds from the election. Republicans were even greater in Young's debt.

In 1995, a few days before Newt Gingrich and Bob Dole took the House and Senate Speakerships, Young was introduced to both and given a tour of Washington by Barbour. This wasn't the only favor accorded Young. A year later, according to a May 12, 1997, TIME magazine report, Barbour included Young when he visited Beijing. This gave the aircraft salesman rare access to the world's fastest growing market.

As we know, Ambrous Young brokers US aircraft sales in Asia. What we may not realize is conservative Dana Rohrabacher, (R.Cal.), Chairman of the House Space and Aeronautics Subcommittee, oversees these sales. He also led efforts to deny permanent trade status to China and has been highly critical of Clinton's China policy.

Johnny Chung once tried to get civil rights activist, Harry Wu, released from a Chinese prison by getting Clinton's blessing without any controls. National Security Advisor, Robert Suettinger, vigorously advised against it. Neither did Chung bother to inform Democrats his donations came from China's head of Intelligence. In 1998, Chung began cooperating with Justice and FBI investigations. However, a Federal judge looked into allegations by the DNC that it was victimized by Chung. The Charlie Trie/Antonio Pan indictment stated "the two knowingly devised a scheme to defraud the DNC." Johnny Huang was involved in the money distribution at the Taiwan temple in Los Angeles. In the 1980s, Wen Ho Lee went to China for the FBI. His wife worked for the Bureau at Los Alamos. Why are Taiwanese informants for the FBI Director Louis Freeh, no Friend of Bill's, assumed to be working for the People's Republic of China?

William Wong, San Francisco Examiner columnist, has stated. "Please explain why someone born in Taiwan would be thought, automatically, to be a spy for China? Taiwan is the home of the National Chinese faction that lost the Chinese Civil war... One might better assume that a Taiwan-born person would spy against China, not for it."

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