The Coastal Post - September 1999

Home On The Range

By Judy Borello

People are still spitting bullets over the fact that the Pt. Reyes Village Association is just going to allow the citizenry of its own town vote on the issues that impact their own town.

Just by definition the name itself, "Pt. Reyes Village Association," would give enough credence to why the people of Pt. Reyes Station should be the only ones entitled to vote. If Pt. Reyes Station elected to let people from outside their own community take over the decision-making, then what would they have?

Most people who are disenchanted with the right of Pt. Reyes Station people governing themselves have their own town to be part of, Olema, Bolinas, Stinson Beach, Inverness, Marshall and Tomales. All of these towns have their own town plans, and what have they done within their own towns' plans to make available "low-cost housing"?

Nada, my dear, but they all want to nose in on little ole Pt. Reyes Station's business and tell them what to do.

Pt. Reyes Station has already done it-there is low-cost housing and a senior housing right down near the Red Barn. Been there, done that!

Of course, the people who want a voice in our community even though they live in other towns are saying, "We shop there or we work there." Well, that sure as hell doesn't cut it. Some of us shop and work over the hill. I guess we're supposed to tell San Rafael or Petaluma what to do!

We would be disenfranchising ourselves if we allowed this to happen. No other town that I know of, especially in West Marin, would even put up with this ridiculous action of letting people from outside their community try to take over the matters of their own town.

Just take Inverness for a case in point-the people there, most of them, would be screaming bloody murder if Pt. Reyes and other towns started to invade their space, so to speak, and try to dictate policy on their town. There is such a thing called "respect" and that means exactly "butt out" of another town's business and let them save the respect of handling the business themselves.

One of the quotes they keep trying to use on us is, "the hub of West Marin." Yes, Pt. Reyes Station is the hub of West Marin and I was there when we coined that phrase back when the first town plan was being done and it certainly had NO meaning of letting other people from other towns "gang bang" us.

As to the issue of the possibility of the affordable housing project in Pt. Reyes Station, the key point of why the Pt. Reyes Village Association has grown so much in numbers is because the "new" members are mostly people who have lived in Pt. Reyes for over 20, 30, 40 years, and I am glad that the "project," along with a "bogus" vote of outsiders got them off their duff to take control of their own town.

Like I've said before, to put a development of residential housing of the magnitude they're prescribing is ludicrous, and I don't care if it's low-cost or high-cost. Development of residences should be on the outskirts of the town, and what little property is left in the commercial middle of town should be left for commercial or the town will become stifled and boxed in.

If there's a cry for development and residential units, where will all those new people have a chance to start new businesses in town?

Anyway, I think it's piss poor planning and it will destroy the quaintness of the small town that I have grown to love so much and cherish!

And as for the sniveler Charlie Morgan of Dillon Beach, I would like to say the people of Pt. Reyes Station aren't buying your guff, Charlie. We are not selfish, you are! Because of your own self-serving needs, we are not going to allow the destruction of our own town. Since you live in Dillon Beach, get Dillon Beach or the close town of Tomales to put in a low-cost housing project just for you. What did EAH promise you? Or think about it, perhaps you're going through the motions and there's only so many they can accommodate and you won't get anything at all. Along with many others who will be turned away, the whole process starts in again and then what to do? Build high rises in the middle of town?

You caused this yourself, Charlie, instead of being so against "development," and putting "park" in everywhere-you and people like you caused the remaining acreage available for houses to skyrocket and then you realized you can't afford it. Then you start sniveling about it and want the town to destroy itself to provide housing for you! I'm sick of the diatribe!

P.S. A big "YAY" for the townspeople of Pt. Reyes Station, who have gotten the gumption and backbone to fight for their own town and not let others push them around, intimidate them or take away their rights!

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