The Coastal Post - September 1999

Ugly Drug Scandal at Top Pentagon R&D; Facility

Austin, TX - Fifteen years ago Specialist William Clark turned in ten senior enlisted personnel for drug abuse at White Sands Missile Range, an ultra secret military research installation in New Mexico and an alternate landing site for the Space Shuttle. Many of the accused worked at the "Star Wars" laser facility there, centerpiece of the Reagan Administration's antiballistic missile defense system. All had the highest possible security clearance. The accused discovered Clark was the informant, and threatened his life. His superiors refused to transfer him, as they are required by law, and for the next six weeks Clark was harassed, bullied and threatened. His car was blown up and his motorcycle totaled (with him on it). Still, the authorities would not help him.

Eventually a desperate appeal by his family to Congressman Jake Pickle, D-TX, led to an eyes-only transfer to another installation. There Spec-4 Clark complained to the authorities of what had happened to him, after which time he was ruthlessly railroaded out of the service. For the last fifteen years Clark has tried to correct his military record through all the proper channels armed with mountains of legal and medical evidence; but the Army persists in claiming he was rightfully discharged.

Clark has become a national authority on energy conservation, and has recently published two books with McGraw-Hill, many technical papers, and otherwise has an impeccable reputation as a licensed professional engineer, and is presently studying for a Ph.D. in aerospace engineering at the University of Texas. Still, the military continues to maintain a man of his abilities was unfit for duty as an E-4 Chaplain's Assistant. The final decision on the matter is that no amount of medical or other evidence will ever clear his record. Only a formal Act of Congress will do so, and they can only request a review of the facts by the Army Board for Correction of Military Records, which still retains the final decision on the matter.

Clark has just published a lucid account of the events at White Sands in a largely autobiographical novel called Behold Leviathan. It is available in electronic version from 1st Books, and (soon) in paperback from Ingram Publishing.

If the initial negligence was bad, the subsequent cover up and persistent denial by the Veterans Administration, the Department of the Army, the Social Security Administration, and members of the U.S. Congress over a fifteen year period puts the American government in an ugly, even criminal, light. The book describes one of the most horrific acts of retribution by the government on a whistleblower in modern history. For Details Contact: William H. Clark II [email protected] or visit

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