The Coastal Post - July 1999

Did The Problems In Kosovo End Or Did They Just Start?

As You surely know UN led peace keeping force has entered the Kosovo and Metohija few days ago. Under UN resolution they have the obligation to

protect all citizens of Kosovo and Metohija from all extremists on either

side and to maintain peace in this southern Serbian province. Local police and simple administrative tasks are still under jurisdiction of Serbian government.

Most of the people (of all nationalities) thought this was an end to devastating and mindless attack on Yugoslavia and they accepted UN (not NATO) led force in their country. Troubles that started few years ago are emerging once more by the same men, terrorists on Kosovo and Metohija. UN peace-keeping force has the obligation to disarm these killers but they fail to do the job for reason unknown to us, this is very dangerous situation. Kosovo is full of weapons and people are very tensed, full scale war with could emerge and that is what so called Kosovo liberation army wants.

On the 13 of June 1999 with no police or armed forces around (under the peace agreement, police and army has to completely withdraw from Kosovo and Metohija and than some of them will return and proceed with their regular police jobs) KLA burned whole village of Suva Reka and murdered 4 people in Pristina, they have also looted towns of Pec and Drenica.

For this reasons Yugoslavia hae asked (request is not granted) that UN peace-keeping force should be formed from countries that have not been directly involved in aggression on Yugoslavia. Seems that Yugoslavia was right, on the CNN and Sky News You can see British and US soldiers walking side by side with terrorists from KLA and at the same time disarming one police officer (disarming of police was not in agreement), this man was found killed later on, he was shot tens of times (bullets were from Chinese made AK47, kind that terrorists use) and his body was massacred.

Crimes like these have made situation even more complicated than during aggression on our country, war can start in no time, and what will UN troops do in full scale war environment, trapped in line of fire no one knows.

When UN peace-keeping force entered Kosovo and Metohija, reporters from big TV stations had a big disappointment, they could never find hundreds of thousand displaced people they were reporting about because there were no displaced people in Kosovo and Metohija once the KLA was forced out of Kosovo or was separated in small groups too afraid to come to the light of day. Sadly right now tens of thousands people (mostly Serbs) from southern parts of Kosovo are fleeing from they homes together with Yugoslav army, the ones that choose to stay are suspected to be dead and their villages burnt. Academic Information Center of Serbia

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