The Coastal Post - July 1999

Bad Promises Always Return

By Judy Borello

This expression is vintage, and it still stands good today. Let us take an example: Woolsey for a third time submits farm bill. What a shame! The Farm Bureau, which are the ranchers-the real agriculturists-have again said NO to a Woolsey trap.

I witness Lynn Woolsey in the Congress make a bold-faced lie to her fellow congressional peers the day she submitted her bill in October '97. She told them that she herself had the landowners behind her, and waved to us, who represented two-thirds of the landowners, with an arrogant wave of her hand, saying, "Of course, there are a few renegade ranchers who don't like the bill, and of course there's always some minor opposition." She kept trying to convince her peers that she definitely had the full support of the ranchers, minus a few renegades, and it was quite stunning to watch her go on lying while we sat back with signatures and affidavits signed by the landowners opposing her bill.

What I don't get and I'll never buy is the lack of respect shown to the ranchers themselves coming not just from Lynn Woolsey, but MALT (Marin Agricultural Land Trust) and other assorted environmental groups of Marin County as well. Truthfully, they wouldn't have a damn thing to think about saving if our ranchers didn't love and nurture the land as they have been doing for decades.

And what really befuddles me is the non-agriculturists, such as Woolsey telling the real agriculturists what is good for them whether they like it or not.

And here in the midst of the whole dilemma lies an organization called MALT that doesn't want to support its own agriculturists for whom the organization exists. It's willing to go against its own ranchers in order to get money from the Feds, put ranchers into Park against their will in order to fund themselves. I don't see why the Board of Directors of MALT, who should be at least 50 percent ranchers by its own charter, can go on disrespecting and cannibalizing their own agriculturists.

Haven't we learned anything about lies, deception, and lack of integrity in the past year?

And that brings me back to the question of why low-cost housing? Because the same people who want everything in Park create the problem themselves. If every rancher who could develop from Pt. Reyes Station to Tomales built out, spread over 20 miles, you'd have the same amount of homes as the overwhelming conglomeration that's being suggested right in the middle of Pt. Reyes Station's little town and on a 19-acre property.

So the people wear blinders and put more land into Park, which we don't need more of, drive the prices up on all available land, and then wonder why the workers, our kids, and everybody else can't afford a home out here in paradise. Well, what do you expect? You cause the problem yourself. You can't have your cake and eat it too, but some of you will sure as hell try!

It's not too late, but what should have been done back when we planned the Coast Guard base is we should have had enough forethought to realize the town would need some growth area, even though at the time anytime you mentioned development of any kind, you'd have been booed out of the meeting. Designate certain properties for growth potential, and for God's sake, don't turn the middle of town into a bunch of residential and social buildings instead because there's so little of it left; allot that commercial area over a period of time, so that the business community has at least the potential for expansion.

Otherwise, you will have a stagnant-or should I say stifled-business section of town with no place to go in the future, and by pushing for more and more park to the outskirts of town, you will certainly cause more of the problems you are faced with today!

What we need is people with logic, leadership, courage and a sense of balance re. what this community needs and wants in the future, and I think Pt. Reyes Station citizens will get a chance to do that at the next meeting of the Pt. Reyes Village Association meeting in July. We are not going to allow the destruction of our town by outsiders, and we are certainly not going to allow ourselves to become disenfranchised!

* * *

Congrats to Tim Gallagher who tied the knot-heard it was a wonderful shindig!

Also to my daughter Michele Hawley, who graduated from St. Mary's College in Moraga with two masters in psychology. * * *

And please drop in and meet our new barber Danny, because he is definitely very nice, good looking and gives a good haircut, and girls, don't let on that you heard it from me, but he's single!

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