The Coastal Post - July 1999

Letters To The Editor

Letters By Readers Medical Marijuana Bust Protest

Regarding a recent front page article in the Independent Journal, January 27: Contrary to the headline ["Marin pot grower, police headed for clash"], I wish to avoid any clash with the police. Judge Pro Tem David Santis' recent decision in my case clearly shows a lack of knowledge regarding marijuana. His essential rubber-stamping of police allegations was not only disappointing but flawed as well. To equate a bag of garbage filled with sun leaf and roots with the same value as medical grade bud is absurd. Despite police attempts to discredit my prescriptions, I am under the supervision of a physician and have met all the criteria for medical marijuana use. According to Proposition 215 I am allowed to grow my own medicine. I would like some assurances from the Marin County District Attorney's office as well as Twin Cities Police Dept. that my crop won't be destroyed and that I won't be arrested again.

I urge Marin County to adopt guidelines similar to Oakland's. You should be aware that one needs to plant twice as many as one needs because only half of any seedlings will turn out to be female. And only the female plant produces medical grade buds. The police should not view me as a criminal to be arrested but as a citizen with a medical condition that allows me to grow and use marijuana as a medicine.

On Channeling Jerry

Although I possess neither the temerity nor the inclination to presume to speak for the dead as does Wendy Weir, I feel that as an active participant in the "dead scene" for over thirty years, I do possess some insight into the spirit Jerry represented, if only by virtue of my memories and personal perceptions.

Sadly, were I inclined to "channel Jerry" and write a book about it, I fear that the fact I am not a close relative of one of the former band members would severely limit the publicity, saleability and perceived credibility of my words. How clever of Jerry (ever the astute businessman) to choose someone so well connected to impart his message, and promote his apparently newly discovered interest in telling others what to do by invading their minds and really bugging them to get on task and promote "his" book. I guess now that he is in the after life, he wishes he had spent more time on his day job, perhaps studied business strategy, instead of wasting his time noodling around on the guitar, pursuing questionable, even dangerous states of consciousness, and childish, whimsical concepts like joy and love. You can bet that if he had it to do over again (which thanks to Wendy he might), he would become a key player in the war against drugs, a staunch supporter of healthy activities, personal discipline, and the importance of taking a serious, directed and

practical approach to life. What a loss to all of us, that he did not discover the importance of these things until after he died. Indeed, while alive he appeared to be repelled by the idea of being seen as a spiritual leader or guru. Luckily for all of us lost souls out here,

in the wisdom of his exalted state now, he has changed his mind about that!

As a person who has devoted much of my life to the study of consciousness, and the spiritual beliefs of many cultures, I am distressed to learn that Jerry is "in a clear space on the astral plane." It is generally held that the astral plane is a place that one remains in for only a few days after their physical death, and if they linger there, it is usually because the soul feels it died without accomplishing what it hoped. Spiritual writings generally consider a soul who chooses to remain on the astral plane to be motivated by negative emotions such as guilt, or a deep feeling that they must fix some situation they feel they fouled up badly while incarnate. I doubt that Jerry would be the sort to stick around for these reasons. If he is still on the astral plane, I can only assume he is being held ransom there by some kind of black magic until he fulfills his earthly obligations. Anyone who would attempt to keep Jerry around against his will, might find a very difficult day of reckoning lies ahead. I wouldn't be surprised if he is seriously pissed off when they meet again in the sweet by and by!

One of my best memories of Garcia was at a concert in telluride, on the day of the so called "harmonic convergence" in 1987. There was a lot of serious new age spirituality in the air, and everyone was acting so respectful and awed by the monks and the presence of so many "spiritual people" in their midst. The band was playing when suddenly Jerry stopped, and with a grin said: "Wait a minute! This is all fucked up! This isn't even in the right key!" I think that said it all. As a musician, he certainly understood what a harmonic convergence was(or in this case wasn't). This comment, spoken by a man who rarely said a word on stage, spoke volumes.

I am content with the legacy Garcia left behind in his music. I believe his music speaks more eloquently than any words could. I think I'll pass on the book. I'd rather listen to the music play.
Jantha Silverhame

On Consciousness Holocaust
Brother Scott

A contribution to a class analysis. Wasn't it Marx that said that the ideas of the ruling class are in every epoch the ruling ideas: the class which is the ruling material force of society, is at the same time its ruling intellectual force. Comradely,
Dave Silver
(my first lesson in politics was fighting SS troops in Belgium)

Demonizing (cq) The Serbs

Thank you for publishing, and Marie-Pierre Lahaye for writing, the excellent 4-99 article on how Serbs were turned into fiends by a Washington PR agency's well-financed race-hatred campaign, and what stake the New World Order moneybags (who own the big media, inter multa alia) have in the conquest of Yugoslavia. The aggression against the Serbs is by far the foulest, cruelest, most hypocritical military adventure the U.S. has ever embarked on, and I hope your little paper's attention will not stray for long from it. Good luck to you. I wish your writer on Israeli affairs were not a devout anti-Zionist, or that you had another writer with a contrasting view. The same interests promoting the conquest of Yugoslavia are looking forward for the same reasons to turning Israel into a pliable secular commercial colony within its 1948 border, protected from its encircling Arab enemies only by the power of the world empire. Those embarrassing Orthodox refugee types from eastern Europe will have to be pushed into a ghetto to make room for Disney Holy Land.
Frank L. Peters Jr.
A retired journalist with an outdated esteem for truth, not a Serb, not a Jew, not a party man.

Ethnic Cleansing

Everyone is well aware of the slogan "ethnic cleansing" which has been coined as a euphemism for an "undetermined level of genocide." But, to use this slogan diminishes the crime, promotes bigotry and encourages even more genocide.

By definition, "cleansing" necessarily refers to an object that is "dirty" or "filthy." The meaning of "ethnic cleansing" therefore is: a "filthy (religious, racial, political, or cultural) group being made free from dirt, defilement, or guilt." By contrast, Websters defines "Genocide" as: "Systematic, planned annihilation of a racial, political, or cultural group."

"Ethnic Cleansing" is not a legal term or even technically accurate. Moreover this slogan is offensive and debases the victims. It effectively means the victims are a group of "guilty" people and therefore deserve retribution. It can not a process of "cleansing" unless you mean that the ethnic group is "dirty", "guilty" or a "defilement" of a society.

"Ethnic Cleansing" is a bigoted slogan that has been coined to distinguish one extreme level of genocide from another less extreme form of genocide. However, if you are a member of an ethnic group that is being raped, murdered and deported, you do not consider that to be a cleansing process.

Every time you use the slogan "Ethnic Cleansing" you are unwittingly accepting, reinforcing and promoting the belief that ethnic groups are "dirty." It is this precisely this deeply rooted belief that is at the heart of hate groups in America and around the world today.

Nazis were able to carry out widespread genocide because of their ability to propagandize simple racist slogans. These slogans went to the heart of bigoted beliefs and hatred and empowered the Nazis to conduct "Ethnic Cleansing." It is not clear who originally coined the slogan "Ethnic cleansing," but to continue use of it is no less reprehensible than a Nazi saying "I was only following orders."

We often loose sight of the meaning of slogans that we adopt and use, but there is no excuse for using such a demeaning slogan. The euphemistic slogan "Ethnic Cleansing" is technically inaccurate and horribly ... tragically bigoted. By accepting and adopting it, society unwittingly gives racists, hate mongers and murders the very social license and empowerment they need to perpetrate violent hate crimes, genocide and other crimes against humanity.
David Matthews
[email protected] ([email protected])

Dear Mr. Ferris

Re. your column in the June 1 Coastal Post : "Mind Control And Gun Control," I suggest you go on the internet and check MKULTRA and mind control, which the CIA has experimented with. Also check ELF-Extremely Low Frequency-waves used to control people's minds. There was also a CNN investigative report in November, 1985 re. mind control via electronics that said USA and Russians could control entire towns with this.

I listen to the Art Bell talk show on 560 AM radio, and he has guests who discuss secrets the USA government is keeping from us. One caller said MKULTRA is passe now. A guest claims there are patents on mind control in the U.S. patent office. If this is true, we no longer have free will! One cannot believe everything on the internet, but some items are true, I believe.

Months ago, the San Francisco Chronicle had a book review on a novel called Lucky Bastard that portrayed a U.S. President (Clinton?) Adams, who was the illegitimate son of J.F. Kennedy and who was a KGB agent, while his wife was his KGH handler. Something about prophecy was mentioned in the book review. People write fiction to portray facts?

The best way to win a war is through infiltration. The Hispanics are doing it through the Me-Chas or Ma-Chas who want their land back (Texas, Arizona, California). The Asians (Chinese) have been coming in for years despite the Exclusion Act, setting up restaurants all over USA and staffing with illegals. The Chinese will control both ends of Panama Canal and now lease ports in Long Beach and perhaps Seattle.
Anne Lundgren

Thank You

A short note to apologize for not yet sending you the subscription. We live a very simple life and money is often very elusive. But we're happy (as happy as you can be in this sick system), and lucky to have what we have.

Thanks for sending the paper last months regardless, and I promise that when there is a spare 10-pound note in between the food buying priority, it'll be in an envelope to you.

We're both artists, so if you need any help with anything, don't hesitate to ask us-obviously free!

Lastly, again I thank you for your courage and strength in your fearless exposure of the evil which controls our planet to a great degree, and all the poor souls enslaved by it, but as I'm sure you're aware, evil's reign is winding down at last and will soon be gone-it's been a long cruel haul.

Bless you all and thanks again. I'll leave you with a little poem I just scribbled:
And so the evil ones'
knuckles white hang on,
their tendrils fraying,
the exit door and forgiveness
await their final hour,
and in that glorious hour,
with love we'll bade evil
farewell forever.
South Wales

School Board Questioned

There are members of the community who have questions regarding recent Board of Trustees' decisions and their impact on our school's human and fiscal resources. We also have concerns regarding an educational vision on which we want to be both informed and represent a community consensus. We are trying to resolve these issues of management and representation with the Board responsibly. We seek, ultimately, a composition of the Board that truly represents all of the community.

We affirm our positive position on the quality of our school's program and the way in which it is taught to our students, recognizing that no program is without room to grow. We express our commitment to protect this program and the teachers and continue our work for enrichment through community partnership.

We have served our school in the classroom, on the Board, School Site Council, Long Range Planning, Budget Committee, Parcel Tax Committee and the School Foundation. Our children are in Kindergarten, First, Second, Fourth, Seventh grades, Pine Gulch, Tam High and college. We live in Stinson Beach, Dogtown and Bolinas. Many of us are responsible for significant recent fundraising on behalf of the school, i.e., emergency parcel tax, script and Harvest Fairs. It is through the depth of our involvement and the closeness of our observation that we have come to our position of unease.

We have been meeting, and intend to continue to do so, until we reach consensus among ourselves regarding the resolution of our problems. We have kept the board informed of our agendas and meetings, and we are willing to share all that we feel and know with community members, too. Our meetings and communications were not publicly posted in an attempt to avoid escalation during the process of opening communication. We approached some Board members and asked them to consider resigning and filing as candidates in open and contested elections this Fall, in an attempt to facilitate debate on the issues and determine the community's education vision. The Board members did not see this as a reasonable option and are firm in their belief that their current constitution clearly represents the majority community perspective.

Where we have found mutual agreement is in the need to have vigorous and open communication and debate about the issues where we differ. It is on this point that we can now move forward. Our intention, which the Board agrees to, is for the issues to be aired publicly. A series of information columns will be published in the Coastal Post, Point Reyes Light and Bolinas Hearsay News and posted on community bulletin boards.

Please make a commitment to becoming informed so that all of us who work so hard for the school can be reassured that our work is supported by a firm and broad community mandate.

Submitted by Community Members:
Terri Donohue, Melissa Mulcahy, Bonnie Feld, Patrick Murphy, Bonnie Jones, Gayle Ravenscroft, Margaux Kirsch, Cathy Sanchez-Corea, Io McNaughton, Lynne Stenzel

North Marin High: Protesting Campagna's Departure

I went to the Novato School Board meeting Monday night, June 7, to make a public comment about respect. I wrote my notes on the back of the District's new Human Relations and Respect Mission Statement (adopted April '99) because I like the idea, I think it's a step in the right direction, and it's directly relevant to my concerns about what is happening at North Marin High School.

All my experience tells me that you cannot command respect by decree. One commands respect by practicing respect.

This was the first and most important thing I noticed about North Marin and it's Principal, Jim Campagna. The students and the staff respect Mr. C, clearly because they felt respect. Through his leadership he had created an atmosphere of respect at North Marin. He cultivated respect with kids who had learned a lot about disrespect from the conventional schools.

So I was shocked to learn a few weeks ago that Mr. C was being forced into early retirement for no apparent reason. I was further shocked that I first heard of this from the students, who were outraged that this decision was being forced on them with no respect for their views, their needs. They got the new directly from Mr. C.

Nor had anyone from the District consulted the parents, who were equally distressed. The staff was stunned.

The students organized several meetings with parents and community members. They drafted a letter to the Board requesting discussion of this matter be put on the agenda, but were discouraged when they heard that the Superintendent would not allow discussion of what he considered a personnel matter.

To simply dismiss someone of Jim Campagna's stature and reputation implies a serious and immediate problem. But no explanation was ever given.

I went to the May 25 Board meeting and heard complaints and accusations and requests for an explanation. I heard the superintendent publicly avoid the entire subject claiming he could not discuss personnel issues.

I suggest to the Board, and to the Superintendent, that this is a community issue. And one that has been handled very poorly.

I was momentarily reassured when I got an invitation a few days ago from the desk of the Superintendent to attend a meeting introducing the new North Marin Principal.

I showed up with my son who is a student at North Marin. He's keenly watching this whole affair; it's a big lesson in citizenship. There was one other parent, and one community member. The superintendent wasn't there to support the new Principal he'd recommended. He sent his assistant. So we sat and talked with the new Principal Ms. Curtis, and the Superintendent's Assistant Mr. Waterpaugh.

I asked the Superintendent's Assistant about Jim Campagna's dismissal, and he said, I can't talk about it. I asked, Don't you think we should know what's going on, if there's a problem with our Principal, our school? He said with a smile, You'll never know, but I can tell you it wasn't about money. I asked, why all the secrecy? He said, I don't want to be sued by Mr. Campagna.

I acceded to the fact that it really wasn't the Assistant Superintendent's place to speak; he had his instructions.

It seems that legally the Board doesn't have to give Jim Campagna or the community a reason. Although it may be the Superintendent's recommendation and he's the hatchet man, it's all done under the Board's authority. So much for community involvement.

I then asked Ms. Curtis how she felt about taking this position under these circumstances. Was she aware that the way Jim Campagna had been dismissed created a lot of resentment and hostility? I mentioned that normally there is a selection committee, with parent involvement, to interview, recommend and support a new Principal. I mentioned that it seemed she had been put in a rather difficult position. She replied that it was awkward and uncomfortable but she would do her best; she'd worked in hostile environments before.

Does the Board and the Superintendent feel this meets the standard of the new Human Relations and Respect Mission Statement? Do you think you're treating Ms. Curtis and the students, staff, and parents of North Marin with "dignity, respect and fairness"?

I would appreciate the Board's careful reconsideration of their decisions regarding North Marin and I recommend they address the community on these issues. I agree we have a real problem in this school district about respect, and I'm sure the entire community would appreciate their leadership.
Henry Iasiello
Point Reyes Station

Show Me The Proof

Being the person I am, with my desperate and misunderstood need for proof that "they" are trying to get "us," and also having had bronchitis this year, I eagerly read "Billions for Bombs, Pennies for Peace," (May 1) on the advice of a friend who lives in a box.

I thought, for a moment, the Coastal Post had the answers I so need to validate my heinous suspicions concerning my victimization by the hands of others.

Unfortunately, the author of the article failed to provide any documentation to make his case, so I am left on my own once again, just like all the other items.

I was so excited! The whole secret Government plot to poison us all was sounding pretty good and the mention of "hundreds of photographs and videos" was tantalizing, but then Mr. Simac (if that's his real name) conveniently left out where this photographic evidence can be accessed and examined.

I may be crazy, but I'm not stupid. I'm thinkin' Simac is part of the conspiracy. I haven't figured out just how yet, but with time on my hands I will come up with something.

Fluff Fest

I am compelled to take issue with Stephen Simac for his lazy disregard for the basic tenants of journalism as well as wasting my time as a reader and the valuable space afforded him by the Coastal Post.

Re. "Billions for Bombs, Pennies for Peace," May 1.

This reader takes offense to being subjected to vague and undocumented allusions to some supposed chemical warfare program being propagated against the American populace by the U.S. Government. I have always valued the Coastal Post as a true voice of the people, and would like to think that you represent a higher standard than Simac's writing represents.

After a mildly interesting interpretation of present America's foreign policy and the present-day military industrial complex in relation to Eisenhower's dire warnings, Simac proceeds to nosedive into an irresponsible fluff fest of self-indulgent and undocumented silliness.

Setting the stage with a sudden reference to the U.S. military' s bacteria research in the '50s and '60s (at the height of the Cold War) and apparently assuming his readers know this to be factual, Mr. Simac, without taking any responsibility for documenting his case, proceeds to throw it at the wall and see what sticks.

His message, alluded to as if factual (one doesn't allude to fact, one documents it, as any responsible journalist knows), reads like this. Correct me if I'm wrong...

The severity of the last flu season is the result of mysterious "grids" of "contrails" flown over the populace by the U.S. military for the purpose charting and analyzing civilian medical data. The reader is then reassuringly informed that "hundreds of photographs and videos have been made of the "Contrail Spraying."

I have two big problems with this:

1) I have never seen any of these hundreds of photographs and videos that Simac so casually sites as proof of his yarn, and am appalled that he is seemingly so oblivious, both as a writer and as one who hopefully respects the integrity and intelligence of his readers, to the need to be thorough and accountable in order to be believable.

Is the reader assumed to be a sheep who will follow the shepherd Simac wherever he leads without question? If so, the good shepherd Simac needs to know that there are some members of his flock who will not just traipse along behind him and who think it's a baaad idea to be sheepish and not speak up.

2) This whole "Contrail Grid" concept (barely introduced) suddenly leaped to a new horror called "Contrail Spraying." Mr. Simac, what exactly is "Contrail Spraying"?

Being one who tries his best to understand, I consulted with text and various jet mechanics on the cause and effect of contrails. The contrail that is left behind a jet aircraft and is visible to the eye (and so to a camera) is the result of the super-heated water vapor expelled by a jet engine. How is it feasible to "spray" a bacteria through super-heated steam exhaust?

While we're at it, what is a "Chemtrail"?

I have never heard the term in my life and no disrespect to Tommy Farmer, but the fact that Tommy is quoted that he has been "tracking chemtrails" and that he is "fairly

certain that contrails are part of a 'Military Modification Weapons System" leaves me rather stunned and bewildered. Does Simac actually expect me to accept Tommy and his beliefs as being the truth? Why would I do such a thing? Baaaad call.

Quote this: I am fairly certain I didn't see "contrails being systematically sprayed in a grid pattern over Berkeley and San Francisco in January."

Gee whiz... Call me a dumb animal, but it seems to me that, if there was a checkerboard grid of mysterious purple "contrails" over the Greater Bay Area in January as Simac claims (or any other time, for that matter) that one of the many competing capitalist local media outlets, print, radio and television, with all their doppler radar and up-to-the-minute weather coverage and all their aircraft, not to mention the major networks with their satellites might take notice of this bizarre anomaly, or am I expected to include all of the above people in Mr. Simac's implied treachery?

It would seem that Simac expects his flock to reject these realities and instead accept his vague allusions (illusions?) as truth. Maybe I am the black sheep in the flock, but I think irresponsible journalism is just as baaad, if not worse, as the scenario Mr. Simac has painted.
Fletcher Bo Hammond
Mill Valley

Thanks To Sheriff's Dept.

Much has been written in this paper about the Marin County Sheriff's Department, mostly of a negative and critical nature. I'd like to relate a recent experience I had to express my appreciation of the Sheriff's Department and in particular of Deputy Sheriff Blair Benzler for his efforts on my behalf.

I live off of one of the no-street-lights dirt roads in Woodacre. One night, coming home at 10 p.m., pitch dark, I came around at tight corner to find a man riding a horse with a dog tied on a long rope. I stopped my vehicle to let them pass by the narrow space between us. He thanked me and I went on home. The next night, again returning home about 10, I came upon this rider at a point in the road where two vehicles pass by easily. Though in first gear, with the brakes on and giving him a wide berth, the rider began screaming and yelling obscenities. While his horse and dog stood calmly by, this man went into a hysterical fit. I went on around him and proceeded on home. Shortly thereafter, this rider came up my driveway and then left. I called the Sheriff's Department and within minutes, Deputy Sheriff Blair Benzler arrived at my door. I told him of the events and he searched the area, but the rider was gone.

The next night, the rider rode up my driveway again, to my front door. I met him outside and informed him he was on private property. He said he had made "the wrong turn," so I escorted him back down the driveway and off my property. He said that "this isn't the end of this," whatever "this" means. I called the Sheriff's Department for the second night in a row, and again Deputy Sheriff Benzler arrived within minutes. He searched the area, but the rider was gone.

The next night, Deputy Sheriff Benzler took it upon himself to arrive at my home just before dark, to wait for this rider to return. I'd like to thank him personally and publicly for coming to my assistance. He waited with me outside my home for over two hours, in order to stop and question this individual and find out what his problem was. While we waited, we chatted and talked about a lot of different things.

First of all, I will say that individuals such as Blair Benzler are drawn to public service to help people and our society in general. Most people never hear about or acknowledge the good stories wherein the Sheriff's Deputies are helping people out. Sometimes, they have to act as parents to the young people who get little, if any, love and discipline at home. Sometimes, they have to act as teacher to the dumbed-down wannabees out there, looking for a clue. The followers who gave up a sense of right and wrong and respect for themselves and others. Often, Deputy Benzler is called upon to make judgment calls about an errant individual's behavior and actions. Perhaps a reprimand is given and a second chance to look at their mistake and choose to make a better choice next time. The Deputy exercises discretion to allow an individual to take personal responsibility for his actions. Obviously, we've all made mistakes in judgment and stupid choices, so Deputy Benzler acts on behalf of the individual and society, in general, by acting in the capacity of parent, teacher, psychologist, social worker and pastor.

And then, all too often, Deputy Benzler must act in his official capacity as a protector of the citizenry, to subdue and remove those who are beyond gentle persuasion. We generally take our personal safety and security for granted. Therefore, stories from those who perpetuate the myth that those in authority must be disrespected and given no word of appreciation are the ones we read about. To say nothing positive about the Sheriff's Department and it's fine deputies when you could is destructive to the fabric of our society, because the young people, in particular, have few role models for decent behavior.

In my mind, Deputy Benzler went above and beyond the call of duty in assisting me. I'm glad I got the chance to meet him. For those who whine that he's "just doing his job," ask yourself why someone risks their life every day to help people, without the appreciation such service deserves. Don't perpetuate the dead-head mantra about the Sheriff's Department. Give credit to those who protect us. To me, Blair Benzler is an officer and a gentleman. To those who fear the Sheriff Department, examine your own motives and excuses for the breakdown of positive values in our society. To Blair Benzler and all of the other dedicated public service men and women, you're welcome in my home anytime you want to stop by for a break and a cup of coffee.
Kent Baldwin

Grand Jury Foreman Responds To Remy On MGH

I read with interest Linda Remy's article concerning the pending litigation between the Marin Healthcare District (of which Ms. Remy is a trustee) and MGH/Sutter.

Ms. Remy apparently is of the view that the Marin County Grand Jury "missed the big picture" with regard to the lawsuit.

The "big picture", however, consists of more than Ms. Remy's views, or even those of the Healthcare District, concerning the management and operation of Marin General Hospital.

The "big picture" includes the views of BOTH sides to the litigation, specifically including the contentions of the Healthcare District's tenant: the Marin General Hospital Corporation.

The Grand Jury quite deliberately chose NOT to take sides with regard to the merits of the litigation.

We have no comment, therefore, as to the substantive points Ms. Remy discusses in her article.

Rather, the Grand Jury chose to highlight, and bring to the public's attention, the several-year history of the dispute between the Healthcare District and MGH/Sutter in the context of recommending that BOTH sides submit the matter to binding arbitration.

Ms. Remy concedes that multiple critics, including the Marin Board of Supervisors, have characterized the dispute as "tiresome", "contentious" and "divisive".

The Grand Jury was concerned, too, that the lawsuit has drained, and will continue to drain, significant assets from both the Healthcare District and MGH/Sutter -- with no end in sight.

As Ms. Remy suggests, the Healthcare District, should it lose in the lower courts, has every intention of "pursuing the matter to the highest courts".

Both sides have strong arguments to make with regard to their respective positions.

The Grand Jury, moreover, did not see its role as second-guessing or replacing the parties' respective rights to adjudicate their differences in the civil courts.

Rather, the Grand Jury simply wanted to emphasize the advantage, to both sides, as well as the public, in resolving this matter promptly, and equitably, through binding arbitration.
Joseph C. Friedman
1998-9 Marin County Grand Jury

Looking For The Filante Study

I saw your on-line article about mass transit by Edward W. Miller that cited Bill Filante, deceased, former MD and Assemblyman (R) from Marin. While in office about 15 years ago, he did a study of BART that showed the system raised land values by more than the cost of the system. I'm trying to track down that study but BART can't find it and the legislature can't, and I have lost track of his widow. Could anyone there help me get in touch with her to see if she kept a copy? It had a kinda hokey name like "Invisible Force" or "Magic Bullet" or something. Big thanks.
Yours for geo-justice,
Jeffery J. Smith
President, Geonomy Society
1611 SE Nehalem St, #2, Portland, Oregon 97202-6700, USA
503/236-1968; Fax 503/760-4932; [email protected];

Home Depot Shareholders Protest Logging Old Growth

"Home Depot is selling away our nation by the board foot," said Chief Qwatsinas of the Naxalk Native American tribe from British Columbia, Canada in a press release at the annual Home Depot Shareholders meeting in Atlanta on Wednesday.

Home Depot denied Qwatsinas the chance to address shareholders, saying that he was not a legitimate spokesman for the tribe, wrote The Wall Street Journal.

Despite this, 11.7% of voting shares favored a resolution to end the sale of old-growth wood by Home Depot.

Meanwhile in British Columbia, Greenpeace activists covered a recent clearcut with a 10,000-square-foot mock Home Depot logo, reported The Atlanta Constitution and Journal.

While shareholders questioned Home Depot's business practices, the company's suppliers continued to clearcut thousand-year-old trees in British Columbia, destroying the largest unprotected ancient temperate rainforest in the world.

Please fax a letter to Authur Blank, Home Depot CEO, 770/384-2337, and urge Home Depot to stop selling old growth wood products.

Falsified Forest Data Discovered: The Clearwater National Forest plans timber sales using false information on remaining old growth forests according to a study by conservationists.

The study found that only 8.5% of the forest remains in an old growth condition, less than the 10% minimum requirement established by the Clearwater Forest Plan.

An analysis conducted by Amy Haak, a geographic information system mapping specialist, shows Clearwater's claims of old growth are not supported by aerial photographs or their own forest inventory data.

Comparisons between Clearwater maps and the photographs show harvested units, bare rock, saplings, and roads are present in areas the Forest Service claims to be old growth.

For more information contact Larry McLaud at 208/882-1010 or Laird Lucas 208/342-7024.

New Plan Proposes Ban on Logging in Watershed: Under a new plan proposed by Seattle Mayor Paul Schell, every tree in the 90,546-acre Cedar River Watershed would be protected by becoming part of an ecological reserve reports the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

The Watershed is home to old-growth trees, loons, bald eagles, spotted owls, and threatened salmon in addition to being the primary water source for Seattle and its suburbs.

The habitat proposal would guarantee more in-stream flow for fish, add fish hatchery production, and restore damaged habitat in the city's part of the watershed and beyond.

"This means for the first time in history, we will put fish first," said Schell.

Logging Rules Fail to Protect Water:

U.S. Forest Service geologist Leslie Reid, in research not endorsed by her agency, accuses the California Department of Forestry of lax enforcement of the Forest Practices Act, the principal state law governing logging.

She claims the CDF has allowed widespread tree cutting resulting in mud slides, damaged water supplies, the endangerment of fish and wildlife.

"Timber Harvest Plans do not accurately examine the long-term impact of human activity, namely logging," said Reid.
Steve Holmer
Campaign Coordinator
American Lands
Washington, D.C. 20003
[email protected]

Thank You MCOSD Directors And Staff:

I want to thank you all for your development and approval of a serious program to halt the desecration of Marin's open space that has been going on in recent years.

The "Medivac Trail," plus the series of illegal trails in the Cascade Canyon area, have opened the eyes of the public to a major threat to the beautiful countryside for which people settle in Marin.

I particularly want to thank Ms. Brigmann for presenting the proposal to the Board, Supervisor Murray for supporting the entire staff recommendation, including selective land closures to mountain bikes.

In any event, what you have done deserves the active support of the whole Marin community - the general public, the press, and all open space user groups.

Nature does not recognize the jurisdictional boundaries across Marin's wildlands, and neither do the vandals who have built and maintained the illegal bike trails.

Consequently, I hope you will encourage MMWD in particular to adopt a similar program.

Thanks again for the good work.
Nick Arguimbau
697 Cascade Drive
Fairfax CA 94930

Pt. Reyes Affordable Housing

I read your "Affordable Housing Vote Will Change Point Reyes" article. It is very thought provoking.

I speak Spanish.

While standing in line to vote I was behind a group of Latinos who were joking about who was invited there to vote.

One joke line went something like, "Where are the Canadians and French who were invited to vote?...Oh, they are not needed... no, no, look there is a group of them ahead of us."

Their jokes were kind of funny and perhaps tells us something about democracy in the backwoods of Marin.

Voting fraud is a big issue in third world countries.

Even the faint possibility of voting fraud should have no place here.

Voting on an issue which affects Point Reyes Station should be limited to people who live in Point Reyes Station.

Voting should only be done by verified, legally registered voters.
Gordon Frost
Point Reyes Station

Likes The Paper

My husband and I have just finished reading your paper from cover to cover. What a wonderful publication!

My husband picked up your June 1 issue at a truck stop in Petaluma.

I'm glad he did.

I started reading and couldn't put it down until I had read EVERYTHING.

I am especially interested in following Stephen Simac's article on the prison system in California and would be interested in contacting him with some information about this subject.

Under separate cover, I am subscribing to your paper and look forward to receiving the upcoming issues.

Thanks for a wonderful paper!
Healdsburg, California

Jews And Nazis?

Hi, Don.

It's Barry Smail here.

Hope all is well with you.

I was browsing your web site and ran across your current issue, which included an absurdly biased story by Karen Nakamura about Israel's "land grab."

She is doing nothing other than use your space to spout anti-Israel propaganda.

She quotes enemies of Israel to support her claims.

These enemies would like nothing better than to have Israel disappear from the maps of the Middle East and anything Israel tries to do to protect itself is portrayed by Ms. Nakamura as "horrifying" and non-defensible.

What is most outrageous is that Ms. Nakamura has the gall to compare the Jews with the Nazis:

"While the Western world has been concentrating on Saddam Hussein and the Balkans, Israel has been extending, like the Nazis before them, into other lands, on the pretext of security but really in a land grab to extend the boundaries of the Fatherland."

These "other lands" happen to be lands of ancient Israel, to which Jews should have the right to repopulate alongside their Arab cousins, just like the Arabs have the right to live in Israel-proper.

I'm sure Ms. Nakamura would agree with her Hezbollah and Hamas ideological brethren that the territories of the West Bank (known by Jews by their traditional biblical names of Judea and Samaria) should be "Judenrein," a term Hitler used to advocate Europe being emptied of Jews.

I'm sure that after Ms. Nakamura has her way, and Jews are eradicated in all territories beyond the 1967 Green Line (lands Israel occupied after being attacked by Arab States in the June, 1967 war), she will then commence a campaign to push Israel to withdraw to its original boundaries of 1948, when the Jewish state was first created by the United Nations.

In 1948, the Jews were ecstatic when they were given some miserable pieces of land that barely connected together.

In the aftermath of the Holocaust, the Jews didn't complain, they accepted what was meted out for them.

That didn't satisfy the Arabs; they didn't want any Jewish state of ANY kind, so they attacked the nascent state of Israel.

If the Arabs hadn't attacked back then, and fought to eliminate Israel repeatedly in decades since then, Ms. Nakamura wouldn't have a problem with an expanded Israel today, would she?

Ms. Nakamura, anti-Semite that she is, probably agrees with the just-abolished part of the Palestinian Charter which had called for the destruction of the Jewish state since the founding of the PLO in 1964.

Feel free to publish this rebuttal to Ms. Nakamura, Don, and shame on you for allowing this intellectually dishonest filth to permeate your newspaper.

I had always respected your paper as being a source of alternative, well thought out, news, not as a propaganda rag for anti-Semites.

If you want someone like me to offer an occasional column offering an alternative view on Middle East and international affairs, I would be happy to contribute.
Barry Smail
[email protected]

Editor's Response: Please do contribute. Your perspective would be a welcome addition to the newspaper.

215 and All That Jazz

Beneath the hype and gaudy of now-trendy marijuana lies a simple truth. This stuff should have never been made illegal. Most of us know that. A large percent of our elected officials have some clue as to their constituents change of perception.


laws banning medical use and possession fall like bricks from the Berlin Wall. The federal government looks on,

guarding the old ways like cement lions at the front door.

Where do we go from here?

We have to recognize change does not come easy. It is a personal affront to the way things have "always" been. Fear of the unknown is understandable - it's dark out there in the woods, especially without a roadmap! But we do have each other, and like it or not that's how we're suppose to operate on this planet. That's why its so small and we're so many. Everything goes haywire when we live contrary to our nature. Taken a good look around lately?

Cannabis. Marijuana. Hemp. Pot. Call it what you will, there are valid reasons for this planet's existence. We can't simply eradicate it like we do every other being which gets in the way of our bright ideas.

We've got to change our M.O.! Humans can't continue to be arrogant, self serving creatures. We are members of a bio-society. Hasn't Public TV taught us anything?

This is our moment of Epiphany. We have the opportunity to transcend to our next-highest level of experience by simply opening our minds.

It'll be okay. Honest. ....and remember-Cannabis is not evil. Hypocrisy is.
Randelyn C. Webster
San Francisco
[email protected]

Mind Control and Gun Control

An entertaining article, but fails to provide an explanation as to what ulterior motive anyone would have for disarming the American public. Do you honestly believe that we could mount a successful overthrow of the US government using the handguns and hunting rifles in our homes? It would be difficult!

No, I don't think the US government is too worried about that happening. If you want to look for a conspiracy, why not look into why some people are so intent on flooding the streets with guns? That seems like a much more nefarious plot to me.

Still, I am intrigued by the mind-control articles that the author cites. I am having some trouble finding them on the internet, so more specific directions would be appreciated.
Joby Pritzker
[email protected]

Herbicides, Not Pesticides

I guess rushing doesn't agree with me.

For the record, BTC trail building involved "undiluted herbicides" not "pesticides."
Terri Alvillar

Bad Microsoft

Microsoft has stolen or purchased everything they have made. DOS was purchased, Windows was designed off the GUI from Apple, Excel from the "Look and feel" from Lotus, features from NetWare stolen for NT and Foxpro was no doubt purchased to trash it so Access would sell.

There is no innovation or imagination in Microsoft.

They would have never come up with Windows without the Mac OS to steal from.

Microsoft messed up IBM's OS/2 when it wrote it for IBM (while writing win 98 and NT) and refused to write their applications for OS/2 or any other OS, forcing us to use Windows. If Office was written for other OS's, people would not use Windows.

Windows is crap and should not be standardized. Give a reliable OS half a chance.

Microsoft should be broken up into an Application Company and an OS Company and made to write Office for all other OS's and write win98/win2000 to use other web browsers. (which should be a built in option when installing win98.)

They also should be made to stop putting bugs in their OS and applications so it crashes with non-Microsoft networks or servers.

This would give us a CHOICE, which we do not have now.

Most people I talk to hate Microsoft for it's business ethics (or lack of) and it's lousy Windows and would not use their product if they had a choice.
Kevin West
Network Administrator
BIS Dept, College Of Marin
[email protected]

Peter Romanowsky For Assembly

Hello Friends, enemies and all men and women of GOOD WILL! From Rev. Peter "Christian" Romanowsky the NEXT REPUBLICAN NOMINEE for the CALIFORNIA STATE ASSEMBLY 6th District Marin and Southern Sonoma Counties.

As some of you already know I received the most votes per dollar without any Major Newspaper endorsements (except a mention in Marin Scope) and without coming across as an extreme right wing candidate, nor a liberal (women's choice candidate) as the runner up was that received all of the endorsements. By being in the middle of the road I not only survived (not) being run over, but came out smelling like a ROSE with no debt and am fresh and ready to go again.

By running in three elections last year I have become the most well known under dog and am most likely to win the Republican Primary if no major spender joins the race like last year (Russ Wiener won the nomination after spending some $23,000, and is not likely to want to incur any more debt) The runner up was only beaten by five votes (the closest election in Northern California known history in a race like that). I received 6000 votes to their 13000 to 14000 thousand votes without the liberal newspaper endorsements and without the big bucks. As I have said I am fresh and I am ready to take the led in the moderate to conservative leadership of the Republican Party in my District!

I have doubled my votes in Marin County since the June Assembly Race by running for Marin Hospital District a few months later with a total of 3000 more extra votes in Marin County , excluding Novato which is out of the Hospital District and was a heavy vote getting place for

me. I then ran for Sausalito School Board at the same time and received 777 more votes. A thousand votes can get one elected to the school board in a non-primary year.

So with 2000 votes in Southern Sonoma and three thousand votes in Marin, with 6000 more in Marin less Novato and 777 votes for School Board, I am ready for the next doubling of my votes which should grasp me the Republican Nomination if no other big name or big spender enters the race. So far I have heard of non and it is closing in on the time frame window to be seen in this election.

I am poor financially, hungry as a wolf, been on food stamps, know what it is like to apply for emergency welfare, intelligent, drug and alcoholism free, virtually sex and scandal free, have been out front about everything in my life, trained as a minister of the gospel and worked as a marine mechanic, salvager and recycler. I have been married to the wealthiest family in the wealthiest county in California. Have been around poor as well as powerful people, (my late ex-father-in-law was one of the most ruthless and powerful people on the face of the earth) and have never been intimidated, nor bought!

I'm not saying that it is impossible for me to be bought of swayed by bribes wealth or power, but the amount it would take, could not fill the earth, after what I have been through as the son-in-law of one of the world's richest and powerfully connected businessmen and political leader, Ernest Niles Kettenhofen, former Marin County Supervisor and friend of Eisenhower , Pat Brown, Patton, Ronald Reagan , etc, etc, etc.

I have much more to share with you but in the meanwhile please take the time to send a contribution today and make it out to CONCERNED CALIFORNIANS and mail it to P.O. Box 1591 Sausalito CA. 94965.

At ten cents a vote this "COMMITTEE" is the best bargain on earth for getting elected, in the big picture. I spent $12,000 last year out of pocket for three campaigns, $1000.00 for Assembly, $100.00 for School Board and $100.00 for Hospital District. Compared to the thousands of dollars the other candidates spent as a whole, I am the most popular and electable candidate on the horizon. Even Ross Parrot had to spend $20.00 for every vote he received, so much for his ground swell support. Al Checke spent $58.00 for every vote he got in Marin, with the Democratic Candidate not far behind him in spending, yet they both lost in the primaries and will probably never recover to run again. I am as free as a bird, I can say anything I want on the campaign trial without the fear of being sued, because since my devastatingly and unwanted divorce, I was reduced to eating out of dumpsters and bathing naked on the beach (since my 50's vintage sailing vessel has no shower nor hot and cold running water).

I know what it is like to live on the nicest house on the block, and lose it all including three children, due to a legal term used "In the Best interest of the children" Which interpreted means, 90% of all custody goes to the mother, qualified or not. ..... I have oceans to say about men dying early, men's health issues, welfare reform to cut spending for dope addicts and double spending for treatment. I will e-mail again with demonstrating results to the one world, one tribe, one morality, ultra-liberal system, which has no room for spirituality, in our daily affairs, or government.
Rev. Peter "Christian" Romanowsky
next California State Assembly Nominee in the year 2000
P.S. the Incumbent raised thousands and thousands of dollars to get re-elected, what does that say to any popular ground swell support, from the poor working class slob, that is beaten up and brain washed, by out print and television media!

Republicans Use 10 Commandments As Distraction

I find it offensive that the Republicans are using the 10 Commandments as a distraction from the fact that they failed to deal with gun control legislation. If Republican want to take a position on gun control then they should do it and not try to hide behind God as an excuse for failing to do their work.

The Constitution clearly prohibits posting the 10 Commandments and other religious documents in the schools. The separation of Church and State is there to protect Christians and other people of faith from a government religion. Our religious freedoms are based on a government that is religiously neutral, reserving religious freedoms and liberties for the people.

Instead of posting the 10 Commandments in schools, why not just post "Rules of the School" which would include; "Do not bring weapons to school and kill or fight with other students. Do not steal things belonging to others. Do not do drugs. Respect your teachers and parents." This would accomplish that same thing as the 10 Commandments without infringing on any religious issues.
Marc Perkel
Springfield Missouri 65806

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