The Coastal Post - June 1999

The Consciousness Holocaust

By Frank Scott

The American people have long been treated like mushrooms, but never with such

success as during the Yugoslavian mayhem. Kept in the dark and fed lots of excrement, what can they do but digest the propaganda that has been their steady diet?

US war news reporting

has never been worse. Criticism of and

protests against this brutality

have taken place all over the world, and been unreported or trivialized in major American media. The air is filled with US and NATO spokespeople who repeat charges that had little substance before March 24, and even less since.

Our minds have been filled with endless stories of still another wicked dictator who threatens the world and must be stopped by the only power on the planet

responsible enough to carry out such a task. Our population suffers a severely diminished capacity to think clearly, so that it accepts and supports

murderous policy, while believing it is humanitarian help for suffering masses.


could make millions selling apology cards for NATO to send to all those innocents it has killed and maimed in its

slaughter. But every time the US and its

flunkies blow up a hospital, school , embassy or other sight that is not even remotely military, we are instantly told of another alleged mass grave found or atrocity committed by Serbians. Criticism of our own immoral savagery is nearly nonexistent in major media in the US, as it carries out its corporate task ; repeating everything it is told by the mad bombers who are reducing still another nation to poverty and destitution. Why? Because it stands in the way of something called free market forces, which mean very

little freedom, very costly markets and very savage forces.

In all the tales of Serbian atrocity-some true and most

provoked by our savage bombing-there is the galling

use of words like holocaust, extermination and genocide. Milosevic is likened to Hitler, and the situation


made parallel to Germany

of the

1930s. Only a

brain-washed and nearly brain dead population could tolerate such nonsense. It may be that the closest thing to

genocide in this whole sordid story is the attempted extermination of the American


There have certainly been terrible crimes committed by Serbians against Kosovar Albanians, but Serbians were the first victims of ethnic cleansing in the area, and we heard nothing about it. And nothing they have done approaches the damage and destruction we have wreaked with our deranged policy. We should

learn some of our own history before we label other people as genocidal killers.

We are a society

built on the ethnic cleansing and near slaughter of all the native people on this continent, and the enslavement and displacement of a sizable portion of

the people of another continent. To this day, we have elements that tie a man to a truck and drag him to his death, or nail a man to a fence and beat him to death, or enter a school and murder students in a fit of alienated rage. What would happen here if we were being bombed by a foreign power which was allegedly helping blacks, gays or teenagers who were thought to be mistreated? What might American mobs or our police departments be doing to those groups, in retaliation?

Despite relative silence here, there is much criticism of the bombing among some NATO leaders , in response to great protest from their people. They know that the whole continent will suffer from this idiocy, not just the Yugoslavs who have been bombed into poverty, unemployment and disease. Several nations in the area are in dire economic straits, and the Danube river has been poisoned as a source of drinking water and a means of transport .

Clinton has clearly been revealed an international jerk, the previously belittled Yeltsin has become a diplomatic giant by comparison, and anti-American

sentiments have been renewed in China, and strengthened everywhere else. It takes an incredible

level of incompetence to create so much material and political damage in so little time.

The attempt to establish NATO as a global power and leave Russia out

in the cold has been shown for the folly that it was. The aftermath will not only leave thousands of Europeans in a dreadful

fix; it may also mark the end of US domination of the world. The president who stained a dress with drops of his body fluid has stained all of Europe with gallons of its own blood . The first moral flaw was forgiven by Americans desperately seeking

lesser evil;

the second moral horror may not find Europeans quite so desperate or forgiving



air war

is the creation of airheads mentally incapable of performing

day labor, but intellectually well equipped for political

murder. The real crime is war itself, and not one or another method of killing people.

But if there are to be war crime trials, sham or show, Clinton, Blair, and the motley crew at

State led by Field Marshall von Albright, ought to be marched up to the dock and tried by an international jury. Legal actions to that end have been initiated, but it is more imperative that Americans save what is left of their national stature and dignity, by taking political action to demand an end to this murderous madness.

Americans need to wake up from an induced slumber and send a message to their

morally crippled

politicians . Bring this atrocious war to an end, before we destroy more lives, and lose what little respect we have left in the world.

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