The Coastal Post - June 1999

Point Reyes-Black And Blue

By Judy Borello

On May 13, the Pt. Reyes Light's banner deadline gloated "Voters Flock To Support Low-Cost Housing," Which was true, and that's what makes many of us who live in Pt. Reyes Station feel angry and very disenfranchised.

Others in towns surrounding Pt. Reyes Station have their own community town plan and I wonder how one of those towns would like people from all the other towns telling them what to do!

The citizens of Pt. Reyes Station should definitely have total control of what happens within its own boundaries. Please excuse my provocative usage of words in the forthcoming statement, but I find it most descriptive of what I am trying to express.

We've turned Pt. Reyes Station into a whore. We are allowing anybody and everybody to have at her.

And many of these Johnny-Come-Latelys from the other towns could care less about what happens to little old Pt. Reyes Station, but they all want something from her.

I've brought this up at meetings before when Inverness stacked the deck over the movie that was supposedly going to be shot on Main Street, right in the heart of Pt. Reyes Station.

When I said, "I don't think Inverness should vote on this and let the people of Pt. Reyes Station make the decision; after all, if the movie was going to be made in Inverness, Pt. Reyes would certainly respect that town enough to allow it the courtesy of making its own decision.

Well, I was booed, laughed at and basically scoffed at. The return rhetoric went something like this:

1) We work in your town.

2) We helped build the Dance Palace.

3) We shop in your town.

Well, folks, that doesn't mean you own us! In fact, if you would get off your power pole for a minute and really face a little harsh reality, you'd realize that first of all:

1) Be grateful Pt. Reyes Station gave you a job close to your home and you don't have to commute over the hill.

2) Of course, you Invernesians chose to help build the Dance Palace, but that doesn't give you the right to own our town, just as we make no claim to own yours.

3) "We shop in your town." Well, go over the hill. We are doing you a favor by supplying things that you people need and we've saving you a trip, but if I choose to buy things in San Rafael, that gives me no license to start telling San Rafael what to do.

Sure, all the surrounding towns want Pt. Reyes to do low-cost housing because that saves them from having to do it in their own back yard. And what is totally unfair about this is the people from the other towns-Inverness, Olema, Marshall, etc.-not only control their own towns and now they're controlling mine! And I don't have any nice way of saying, "Get the hell out of Pt. Reyes Station politics and allow the people of this town to handle its own destiny."

I worked on the first and second Community Plan for Pt. Reyes Station. During the '70s when the first attempt came about, I remember the coinage of the phrase, "Pt. Reyes Station is the hub of West Marin." Well, if we knew then what we know now... meaning that phrase is another reason that gives supposed ground to the other towns surrounding Tomales Bay to empower themselves in controlling Pt. Reyes Station's future.

Well, San Rafael is probably considered the hub of Marin County and none of the outlying towns tell San Rafael what to do!

If this insurrection is allowed to go on, the good people of Pt. Reyes Station will and should rise up and take back their own town.

Otherwise, we have allowed Pt. Reyes Station to be the whore of West Marin where everybody has at her and we the people of the town have given away our rights and the dignity of a great little town.

* * *

P.S. I went to Vladimir's in Inverness to celebrate my good friend Terri Thornton's birthday and it was an upper-bocce ball court, dancing and Vladimir himself is worth the price of admission. Wonderful!

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