The Coastal Post - June 1999

Help Save Henry

My husband and I moved to Dillon Beach a few months ago & have a pot-bellied pig as a pet. Our immediate neighbors are delighted with him.

He is quiet, does not smell, causes no trouble, and spends much time indoors.

He is very popular with most residents, but there are a few people in the town who have gone well out of their way to cause trouble. Our landlord called the county before we moved in to check on zoning regulations & was assured that there was no problem with our pot-bellied-pig. She did not, however, get this in writing. We heard that one resident, who lives blocks away, was actually starting a,

"campaign against our pig".

Much time passed and we thought it had all blown over.

A few days ago our landlord received a certified letter from the Marin County Community Development Agency regarding "Violation - Keeping of a Pig". They reference several sections of Marin County Code and say that these sections prohibit the keeping of a pig in our zoning district, C-R-1. She called them up and the planning technician who signed the letter said that we had to get rid of our pig within 30 days and that we had absolutely no recourse. I looked up these sections on the internet & did not see any reference made to pigs at all. I did find out I could have a chicken coop if I want.

Well, we are not going to get rid of Henry & are not going to be "kicked out-of-town" without a fight. We are working on buying this house, which is on the edge of town just across the street from ranch-land

which boasts plenty of cows & sheep. This is about 75 yards from our property line. Many people in the town are outraged & offering support for Henry. When we first moved to California we stayed in San Rafael for a few months. There is an ordinance in San Rafael allowing people to have pot-bellied-pigs as pets. We were checked out by the code police & given the A-OK. It would be pretty ironic if we were forced to leave this beach town surrounding by ranch land, but can live in the middle of the city with Henry.

Any suggestions or insights that you might have would be greatly appreciated. Eugenie Borton Dillon Beach

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