The Coastal Post - May 1999

Billions For Bombs, Pennies For Peace

By Stephen Simac

As the military unloads it's bombs on Serbia and Iraq they are asking for $6 more billion from congress to stay the course.

They're running out of "smart" bombs, now they're using "dumb" bombs and want to start up production lines again. "Genius" bombs this time, up Slobodan's butt if he farts. There goes the social security surplus.

Once again proving that military force is an expensive and ineffective way to wage peace. It provides premier profits for the "military industrial complex", war speculators and the media. They are getting ever richer and more profitable as President Eisenhower warned forty years ago. Nothing's changed except the cost to willing taxpayers.

Our fears of extinction, the need to protect ourselves and media hype convince most Americans that either they need a gun or the police must have heavy firepower. Those same fears, needs and hype convince most Americans our military should consume half of the all discretionary budget monies and answer to no one. The Republicans want to give the Pentagon three times more than they've asked for.

This seems irrational, just like war, but follow the money and it all makes sense. If citizens followed their money and paid careful attention to their government, which is our responsibility in a democracy, we might feel differently about our needs for security. We don't seem concerned about the war crimes our military is committing against people in other countries. Maybe if we were aware of the crimes our government has committed against it's own citizens we might cut their funding.

It took a lot to win WW II and at it's close we had atomic weapons and an enormous military complex.

It was porous and allowed the nuclear genie to leak out to the Soviet Union and the Cold War began.

All was fair in the Cold War including Mutually Assured Destruction and government experiments on enlisted men and civilian citizens.

Most of these can't rightly be called experiments because the outcome was obviously detrimental.

Radiation exposure had been proven hazardous when Madame Curie died from it. Sending enlisted men out to radioactive bomb sites is one thing, feeding plutonium oatmeal to mentally retarded kids another, but how many of us have given informed consent to the vast biological experiment of doubling background radiation on planet earth in the last fifty years?

Marin had an atomic accident from a military plane crashing on the northwest side of Mt. Tamalpais, hushed up. The navy dumped 50,000 leaking radioactive barrels off our coast in the Gulf of the Farallones.

When the military began decommissioning excess bases after the Cold War ended, they left behind scores of toxic dumps, including Hamilton Air Base. The military means environmental disasters.

Our military has been the biggest producer, user and provider to other countries, including Iraq, of killer viruses and deadly chemicals, so called Weapons of Mass Destruction. Germ warfare has been tested on American civilians in documented cases, and may still be continuing today.

The military sprayed bacteria over several American cities in the fifties and sixties, including San Francisco, Key West, and in the NY city subway system. They tracked hospitalizations and public health clinic for data on sick people, and at least three residents died.

In the current issue of Nexus, an Australian magazine, researcher William Thomas has documented recent "respiratory disease outbreaks across the United States coinciding with sightings of aircraft that criss cross the skies with lingering contrails." Thomas is the author of the book Scorched Earth: The Military's Assault on the Environment.

These are not the same as normal jet contrails, which the Coastal Post has reported on as contributing to increasing cloud cover and global warming. The reason this report caught my attention was his description of contrails that lingered and spread into a purplish, overcast sky.

This reminded me of an unusual sky I noticed this winter. In his article, Thomas quotes other Bay Area residents who witnessed contrails being systematically sprayed in a grid pattern over Berkeley and San Francisco in January.

Many of my friends got sick with lung congestion this winter, including myself. Bay Area hospitals reported being overwhelmed with flu like cases from unknown viral or bacterial infections. Similar epidemics of flu, bronchitis and pneumonia were reported across the nation from New York to Seattle.

Hundreds of photographs and videos have been made of the contrail spraying, which often goes on for hours. Some have been identified as Boeing KC-135's and KC-10's, Air Force refueling planes. The only official explanation the Air Force has made was that "routine fuel dumping was making people sick in Las Vegas." If this is routine it is a bigger waste than $500 hammers and $10 nails.

One of the toxic chemicals in jet fuel since 1991, is EDB, a carcinogen which can cause respiratory irritation and failure. Samples of oily fallout from the spraying collected in Maryland and Pennsylvania contain EDB, ethylene dibromide. Other samples of the cobwebby fallout contained E. coli bacteria and white blood cells.

A former engineer with Raytheon Missile Systems, Tommy Farmer, has also been tracking chemtrails. He is quoted as being "fairly certain the contrails are part of a military weather modification weapons system" connected with HAARP.

The High frequency Active Auroral Research Program is an ionospheric radio wave station in Alaska, designed to heat and steer sections of the upper atmosphere, reported on in the Coastal Post.

An Air Force paper was presented in 1996 outlining how to Own the Weather by 2025 "using airborne tankers to seed the atmosphere and adding small amounts of energy at just the right time and space." Objectives include Storm Enhancement, Storm Modification and Inducing Drought.

Tornadoes have been associated with some of these chemtrails in Arkansas and Tennessee, almost 90 winter tornadoes in three days after the gridded spraying which was videotaped. There has been waves of out of season tornadoes this year.

These chemtrail grids have been reported across the U.S., Australia and England and anecdotally related to epidemics of serious illnesses. They may be practice runs for the recommendations of Henry Kissinger, Ted Turner, and other statesman that world population should immediately be returned to 500 million from the current six billion.

Nuclear madness, weather modification, routine fuel dumping, arms profiteering, Star Wars, billion dollar bombers, population culling plans all comes from too much money to waste. Few people are saying we want enough defense to be secure from invasion, not to poison our own people or bullying the world to protect the profits of a few multinational companies.

American say they support the military and our boys in battle, but as they call for ground troops to invade Serbia, who cares about the Gulf War veterans. Thousands of veterans and their families are still suffering from a deadly syndrome, possibly induced by experimental vaccines, biological agents sold to Iraq, radioactive uranium shells, or exposure to other toxins military brass failed to inform their soldiers about. This was also reported on in the Coastal Post. .

The Military Industrial Complex of the U.S. has inherited the Imperial Eagle which seeks to conquer the world. Alexander the Greek carried this Black War Eagle in his conquests of Egypt to India before he died of fever in Babylon. Cleopatra of Egypt brought it to Rome following Julius Ceasar in his Triumphs, before he was slain on the Ides of March. The Holy Roman Emperor and Hitler's Third Reich flew the Eagle over Europe before they fell. America fought over its carcass with the Russian Bear until we spent them into bankruptcy.

The American Eagle carries the olive branch in its right claw and arrows in its sinister claw. The Black Eagle talks of Peace by bombing. If Americans ever become victims of the Peace Bombing we support, the Eagle may be replaced with a Phoenix, which rises from the ashes.

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