The Coastal Post - May 1999

Y2K: Keep Your Mouth Shut

By Kirby Ferris

Unless something happens, that scares the crap out of us well before January 1, 2000, I have decided to change my tune regarding Y2K preparation. If, on the other hand, a major computer crash (i.e. 9/9/99) rouses the public from its lethargy in the next few months, disregard the following analysis.

FACT: Not nearly enough people are paying any attention to the so-called Millennium Bug. Those who are paying attention, and see it for the huge catastrophe that it MAY become, can be put in three basic camps.

1. The "let's all share, brother" do-gooder liberals. These Utne Reader types seem to think that human nature is so sticky, gooey saintly that folks will just rally around the "common good," give up all personal sense of survival, and merge their identities with the collectivist hive. These Closet Commies at least understand the immensity of what Y2K might deliver to human society. They are attempting to spread the word, but all their previous squealing (whether valid or not) about "hate" crimes, gay rights, global warming, the need for "gun control," human rights, animal rights, affirmative action, "redistribution of wealth," this or that rainforest, or this or that misunderstood murdering beast who faces the gas chamber, has dulled their neighbors to the actual validity of the importance of their present, yet accurate, message: Y2K COULD BE HORRENDOUS. These bleeding heart liberals, your KPFA/KQED slurping, "it takes a village" activists and so-called "progressives" (a.k.a. socialists) have cried "wolf" too many times. But at least they are out in their gardens with their Birkenstocks and crystals making compost and planning their crops.

2. The "I'll shoot your thieving ass" conservative or libertarian. This guy (yeah, I'll put myself staunchly in this camp) has been squealing about the Federal Reserve, Randy Weaver, Waco, the IRS, the New World Order, the genocidal dangers of "gun control," the insidious evil and dishonesty of socialism, the stupidity and error of affirmative action (an on and on) for so long that he too is ignored as a Henny Penny who has warned of too many conspiracies that have yet to unfold in any tangible way. But at least these folk are out in their gardens with their combat boots and .357s making compost and planning their crops.

3. The Secret Survivors. I have to believe that they exist out there in greater numbers than we would expect. The housewife who has discreetly been "doubling down" on canned goods on her trips to the supermarket. The stock broker who has been discreetly buying a box of ammunition for his handgun or rifle each week from a different store. The school teacher who has placed his city house on the market and is shopping for a rural home with well water and fertile soil. The computer programmer (these guys were definitely first out of the blocks) who has been stockpiling cash and slowly dwindling his savings account down to zero before the bank runs start. The CEO of a major corporation who has stockpiled several years worth of long shelf life storage food at his ranch in Montana and has installed a propane fueled electric generator on his property.

The deepest human problem with Y2K is that any rational evaluation of the situation has to lead one to the sad understanding that, IF the global computer crash is even pretty bad, ninety percent of the common herd out there won't be prepared. The average man or woman will run out of food in three or four days. They will run out of gasoline in a week. They will be unarmed and utterly defenseless against looters and thieves. They won't have any water in their fourth floor apartment. In short they will be desperate and willing to do ANYTHING that will promise them their next drink of water, meal, or safety from the plundering mob below them on the street. 911 won't cut it.

Y2K will strike every nation on Earth on the same day. In America the West Coast will have three hours of warning if the East Coast computers choke on the date of the Millennium. Can you even imagine what the supermarkets will look like in San Francisco if we hear that New York is hit hard and heavy by Y2K?

Look, I'll admit there is a small chance that Y2K will be just a "bump in the road". I'm very familiar with this line of thinking. Gary North's web site ( posts every single Y2K article from the major media and I read the "it's no big deal" forums regularly. However, the problem is not getting fixed soon enough. It is too late. As Gary North says: "THE CODE IS BROKEN." A recent statement from "Y2K Czar" John Koskinen that the Federal government is "92 percent" compliant is a huge lie. You are being bullshitted to a level beyond your wildest imaginings. Don't believe me. Read what computer experts from all political persuasions are saying about Koskinen's most recent disinformation. Look for yourself!

Dammit, don't you understand that the government WON'T TELL YOU that they will not be ready? Don't you understand that the mega banks and corporations of America and the world WON'T TELL YOU that they will not be ready? Don't you understand that FEMA, the FBI, the IRS (especially!) and all the other bureaucracies WON'T TELL YOU that they will not be ready?

Examine the logic. What if the IRS came out and openly declared that their computer system (perhaps the most obsolete, archaic, gigantic and complex in the entire Federal system) is going to go up in smoke, and every single taxpayer record might be erased or so completely bungled that the Internal Revenue Service will be out of business for perhaps years to come? (And, oh yes, please file your 1040 and keep paying us even if we can't catch you if you don't.) Do you think most people will still send in their taxes? If you do, you are beyond simple minded.

No, I advise you to keep your mouth shut. This "let's organize our community" shtick ain't working. I wish it were, but at this point It is a waste of your personal energy. Shut up and stockpile food, fuel, and firearms. Secure a water supply. BE PREPARED TO HUNKER DOWN AND SHUT UP. Don't advertise your own preparations. Just tell people you don't think Y2K will be a big deal. Make a joke of it. Tell 'em you've got a Mac. Let he who has ears hear.

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