The Coastal Post - May 1999

Rogue Nation

By Frank Scott

Commanded by a mentally disturbed president who has lied more often than he has led, the US embarked on its fourth foreign bombing rampage in less than a year. Now that a bad situation in Kosovo has been transformed into a horror, we are being steam rolled into acceptance of even more murderous behavior.

Assisted by its European spear carriers, the US has caused tremendous damage and displaced or killed tens of thousands of people. The only good that can come of this idiocy is that it may help put a useless alliance out of business. NATO is a massive military and bureaucratic nightmare that exists purely to maintain its payroll and profits. Its past role to protect Europe from a soviet threat was a soft-core myth; its present action in creating a real threat to all of Europe and the world is a hard-core reality.

Only corporate mind management can persuade a decent people to tolerate a morally indecent foreign policy. In keeping with our past record, we are told that all this killing is to save lives. During World War II, we dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima in order to save lives. Three days later we dropped another atomic bomb on Nagasaki, to save even more lives. Had we possessed more than two such weapons at the time, who knows how many more lives we could have saved?

Our collective gullibility is understandable, given the sophisticated assault on our senses. Viewers of generic TV images of fleeing refugees could be forgiven wondering whether they are from Kosovo, Turkey, Palestine or Rwanda. But this carefully selective and highlighted view of suffering has a political purpose. Serbia is important to imperial capital, so we are being manipulated into feeling that we must do something to stop the murderous Saddam Milosevic. Or is it Slobodan Hussein? It's hard to keep track of these individual monsters of the moment, who force us to destroy entire societies in the name of peace and democracy.

We are spending billions of dollars on this horror, some of it to help refugees our deranged policy has created. With taxpayer financed warfare welfare, the military budget will grow even more, as used weapons are replaced by bigger and more numerous ones for the next humanitarian adventure. Who knows where it may be? As long as corporate capital can keep us busy working, driving and shopping, we will have little opportunity to think or do anything but accept such madness.

Among the results of this chaos is the revival of a cold war mentality in Russia, the near destruction of democratic tendencies in Serbia, and the further weakening of the United Nations. This could mean additional military spending, with greater profits for global merchants of menace. But it also means more tension in a world that desperately needs less, and less democracy in a world that desperately needs more.

One of our armchair butchers may yet call this murderous fiasco an example of equal opportunity in foreign policy, in that we are now destroying white people in Europe, as well as our usual target non-whites in the third world.

Desensitized by relentless propaganda, Americans have difficulty trying to critically approach the news of horror and atrocity, always by the other side. We admit to a certain amount of mistakes and "collateral damage," but rationalize all our other mayhem as precision bombing in the cause of peace and justice. Horrendous tales of Serbian abuse-some of them true, most of them provoked by our attacks-are made to seem like excuses for the massive destruction we are causing the Yugoslavian society, or what is left of it.

Apparently we are to believe that it doesn't hurt if the bloody remains of your loved ones are smeared all over your walls, as long as the bombs that killed them came from the munitions headquarters of the USA. It only hurts when the explosions are caused by people not cooperative with the global forces of private profiteering, in what are laughingly called free markets.

More than a trillion dollars in merger transactions took place in those markets last year, as capital moved closer to global domination with ever less competition. This domination is the true story behind our bombing frenzy, not the humanitarian fairy tale told by the serial killers of the USA and its NATO lackeys. The former socialist Yugoslavia had no ethnic cleansing problems, but its post-socialist carve up by global capital has reduced it to an ethnic strip mall of battling boutiques, and Serbia is the last holdout from the ravages of the greedy developers from the IMF and the World Bank .

These are the global bodies that see to it that international finance has its way, and the Serbs are obstructions for the Bush-Clinton New World Order. That is why the hearts and minds of our people are being softened by endless tales of atrocities by the Serbs, and that is why we are in process of destroying still another society that stands in the way of market domination by corporate capital.

Uncontrolled imperial power is at work, in defiance of any legality, and under the guise of humanitarian aims. Those who accept the cover story in ignorance can be forgiven, but leaders and opinion shapers who allow it to continue are making a sham of democracy and a fetish of mass murder. The people of this nation, and of the world, cannot afford to let this situation go on much longer. Something has to be done to bring the world's most dangerous rogue nation , the USA, under democratic control.

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