The Coastal Post - May 1999

News Briefs

Health & Harmony Festival
Know your power for the New Millennium

The Health and Harmony Music and Arts Festival '99 will be held the weekend of June 12th-13th at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds in Santa Rosa.

This year's headlining musical groups include Green Mountain Energy spokesperson Kenny Loggins on Saturday, and the popular group Los Lobos on Sunday. Other performers include Pride and Joy, African Rhythm Messengers, Lost at Last, Midnight Sun, Fantuzzi and many others. Dancers, magicians, clowns and jugglers will inspire children of all ages.

Eco Village, sponsored by Green Mountain Energy, will present examples of clean, renewable energy sources such as wind power. The Health Expo offers the expertise of several prominent holistic health professionals. The Natural Products Sampling and Wine Tasting Hall will offer samples of the best of natural and organic foods, wines and micro-brews. The Goddess Temple honors women's spirituality. The Industrial Hemp Expo includes products, food and educational displays showing the use of industrial hemp. The Massage and Healing Center offers samplings of various types of bodywork therapies. The Rainbow Center offers a special area for children. A Children's Parade will occur each day at 4 p.m. International cuisine will be available.

For more information, call 707-547-9355 or visit website or email to [email protected]

Toxic Air

Government estimates of toxic chemical concentrations in local air indicate that 225,858 residents of Marin county live in neighborhoods where the additional cancer risk from toxic chemical in outdoor air was more than 100 times higher than the goal set by Congress a decade ago, the Environmental Defense fund announced.

"The numbers show that cars, trucks and small businesses tend to be responsible for much more of the air's toxicity than is generally recognized," said EDF attorney David Roe.

EDF is using its widely acclaimed Scorecard website (http// to put this information on air toxins on the internet. "For the first time since the Clean Air Act passed 30 years ago, people can now learn about toxic chemicals in their own local air, and can see how well the law has or has not been protecting them," said EDG Scientist Dr. Bill Pease, Scorecard's creator and chief designer.

Soncini Family Medical Pot Case Dismissed
Verbal recommendation upheld

Marin County Superior Court Judge John A. Sutro dismissed marijuana possession and cultivation charges against Denise, Ray and Matt Soncini on April 12. The Marin County D.A. recommended dismissal after reviewing Denise's medical records, and speaking to one of Denise's doctors, who had given her a verbal okay for medical use of marijuana, but had felt reluctant to write a note.

"I would like to remind physicians that not one single doctor in the State has lost his or her license over recommending medical marijuana on paper for a patient. It saves a lot of time and worry for the patient if there is a problem, such as an inappropriate arrest," stated Lynnette Shaw, executive director of the Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana, and patient advocate.

Sting Alert
Warning from the Marin Alliance

The Cannabis Buying Club Marin does not purchase or distribute marijuana on the streets. Anyone who claims to be doing so may be a narc using our good name and reputation to entrap people. We have definite confirmation of one such case. We do not support this type of law enforcement action. Fakes, thieves, hustlers and burglars may also be trying to use our name or a similar one, for criminal reasons. Do not let anyone into your home from some unlicensed "delivery service." Do not believe any stories on the street. Any questions may be directed to our offices at 256-9328, Mon.-Fri. 10-5, Sat. 5-7, Sun., 12-7.

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