The Coastal Post - May 1999

Good-bye Dave

By Jim Scanlon

Dave Rogers died April 24. He lived in Peteluma and worked in San Rafael for the Probation Department for over 30 years. There are lots of 40 year old men and women about Marin County and other parts of the state who knew Dave when he worked as the officer covering the old Juvenile Hall. Everyone liked him. Many of us loved him.

He was always courteous and polite to everyone, including troubled kids and upset parents. When he saw you he smiled. He joked a lot and laughed easily. You knew he liked you if he teased, which he did often, but not to excess. He was kind and considerate. He was a 49er fan when they lost every Sunday.

There are even more men and women in their thirties and forties who never knew him, but whose lives he touched when he became responsible for the operation of Juvenile Probation. He chaired a committee that reviewed the cases of Wards of the Court.

Dave always listened and asked questions, and his questions were always penetrating. He was fair and didn't take offense easily. He never held grudges.

He liked people, he liked children, he liked teenagers-and he wanted to make something of their lives, so he wasn't afraid to challenge them, or remove them from a bad situation.

When he became Assistant Chief to Ron Baylo, he was the same with Probation Staff and staff of other Departments, courteous, friendly, good humored.

Dave went quick. He didn't feel well in January and February. March took him down and April took him out. It is very hard to deal with any death and this one is no exception. Too soon, too quick, too painful!

Above all else Dave loved his family, his wife, his daughters, his grandchildren, his mom, his brothers and his sister. He loved his dogs. He often spoke of his Dad whom he lost when he was a boy out in the Central Valley.

He was a good son, a good husband and father and a wonderful friend.
Jim Scanlon

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