The Coastal Post - April, 1999


By Stephene Simac

There was a time when Bill Clinton thought differently about military aggression, those were times when he personally was faced with the possibility of fighting in Vietnam. Bill is ready to bomb now that he has become the commander of the Armed Forces of the United States, and with NATO forces, most of the western world. Even of the whole world with UN forces following our lead. It seems they are still not sufficient to control Serbia although they've been trying for ten years.

But not Serbians, just their leader, some slob, another Saddam or whatever. Most Americans don't know who or why or for whom the bombs fall, they fall for us on TV. They're visually interesting, so the news is mainly about bombs falling, not much about why.

I once drove through the former Yugoslavia on a bus during the night from Athens to Venice. It was still under Tito then, communist and united in a federation of various states composed of different ethnic groups... Even at night people were walking along the highway and gathered at the cafes around the crossroads towns we drove through. Any seething ethnic hatred under the smiling surface was not obvious then, but most of the killing since Tito the Strongman died, and the Soviet Union fell apart has seemed to be over that.

My father's parents came over from Croatia, a mountain village called Sinac, probably bombed during this last decade of Balkan wars. None of these wars have made any sense to me, I didn't root for the Croats when they were bombing the Serbs, killing civilians. and doing their own ethnic cleansing. I'm sure all the ethnic and religious groups have reasons for their hatreds and their long memories of ancient and modern grudges and feuds but it's a dark land to me. I'm American, all this history gives us a headache.

This is why it's not a good thing for Bill to be swinging his big club and talking hoarsely about our need to look at history and bomb the Serbs to the negotiation table. He's referring to WW2, but WW1 started because of European intervention in Serbia, again involving historical disputes most Americans have no clue about.

The US. which pushed hardest for NATO's bombing sorties has contributed most of the firepower.. Even sending B2 ($2.2 Billion) bombers to distort, disturb, despoil and deplete Slobodan and his Albanian killers. The Stealth Fighter jet that went down only cost $50 million, which doesn't include two decades of research costs. The Serbs will probably sell it to the Chinese, who have already stolen U. S. missile and nuclear technology. In twenty years when there is a Chinese majority in the Pacific Northwest, by NATO's precedent, they may use some of our technology to bomb the US. when we refuse to grant autonomy to the region.

The Russians are furious and aren't sure whether to nuke us while they still can before Y2K leaves them helpless, or beg for more billions to bail the bear out. If they want more money to stash away in Swiss banks, they'll have to bend over while Bill Clinton bombs their buddies, so they probably won't start WW3. Even so he should use more lubrication. Their head beggar, Primakov, had to turn his Aeroflot around in mid flight when the bombing started and that really pisses them off. They hate to fly in one of those cans unless they have to.

Bill has told us that NATO wants to help the Albanians gain autonomy in Kosovo, a part of Serbia, by forcing Slobodan Milosevic to the negotiating table. This is the first time NATO has used its military power, a military created as a deterrent to the former Soviet Union. Instead of retiring an obsolete and expensive military it has been expanded to former Warsaw Pact nations and is looking for a purpose. The purpose seems to be trying to start WW3 just in time for the millennia end of the world prophesies.

It was supposed to begin in the Middle East, but maybe NATO will start bombing down there, finds another ethnic group that wants autonomy, or their own state. Shouldn't be too difficult. The Kurds and the Palestinians come to mind or the Mayans in our Mexican backyard.

The American general in charge of NATO said it was "entirely predictable" that Serbian forces would begin killing and burning out Albanians in Kosovo, once the bombing started. If that means they knew this was going to happen, then NATO's stated intentions of concern for them is suspect.

What if the Albanian majority in Kosovo gains autonomy? Then they'll want independence. Another war, more refugees. Then what, emulate their poor cousins in Albania? They all want to be illegal aliens in Europe. War refugees probably have more status.

It's entirely predictable that there will be more war refugees by the time this crisis is over. That this is going to turn into another Iraq thing, where UN forces bombed for a month then spent the next decade containing Saddam. That this will grow and spill over into neighboring countries which are already unstable.

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