The Coastal Post - April, 1999

Y2K: It Will Be Your Fault, You Know

By Kirby Ferris

In my Sept. 98 column I wrote a commentary on a Money Magazine article that mocked and vilified those of us who are seriously concerned by Y2K. The tone of that insidiously dishonest article has now been officially picked up by FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency). Perhaps you saw the snippet in the S.F. Chronicle on March 23. It read (in part):

"FEMA's Deputy Director Mike Walker told a House of Representatives committee that the so-called millennium bug could temporarily disrupt traffic, communications and power systems in parts of the United States.

But Walker also said, `There is no need to hoard. There is no need to take money out of the banks. There's no need to head for the hills. In fact, those kinds of extreme reactions could actually cause a disaster that other wise would not happen.'" Don't you see what this is? The official line is now to lay the blame for Y2K disruption as the feet of the victims, not the perpetrators! Y2K is ENTIRELY the fault of, firstly, computer programmers and, secondly, the businessmen and government bureaucrats who failed to move to fix the problem when there was still time. PERIOD! How seriously Y2K effects you depends on how intent you are in your personal contingency planning. Listen to FEMA and you'll be asleep at the wheel.

As far as this sort of official propaganda goes, now is the time to go into my patented "180 degree mode." In other words, you analyze what some government shill mouthpiece is saying and you simply expect the truth to be the EXACT OPPOSITE. Regarding Y2K, the same goes for the utterances of bank managers, electric company heads, stock brokers and CEOs of major corporations. They will NOT tell you the truth because their financial stability depends upon you being kept in the dark FOR AS LONG AS POSSIBLE! Meanwhile they make their own Y2K disaster plans very thoroughly and very quietly.

So I'll translate the jivespeak of Deputy Director Walker for you in terms of your own self interest, not his.

1. The millennium bug (Y2K) could disrupt traffic, communications and power systems across the ENTIRE UNITED STATES. This is not good, boys and girls.

Correct, there is no need to "hoard." There is a need to STOCKPILE. Hoarders clean out the stores as and after disaster hits. Stockpiling is an ethical and pragmatic safeguard that is as old as civilization itself. By the way, FEMA's Walker is directly contradicting the advise of the American Red Cross with his foolish and dangerous blather.

3. If you understood the absolute fraud of what is called "fractional reserve lending" in the banking system you would take every last penny out of your bank yesterday. Do it. Get cash. Now. BANK RUNS ARE INEVITABLE. The longer you wait, the more likely you will be one of those in line when the bank doors close. You won't have caused the bank run. A bank run would have been impossible if we didn't have this fraudulent, ponzi scheme, system that has plundered the wealth of Americans since the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. Again, go get your frigging money. In cash. All of it. Every last penny. Dammit, it is YOUR MONEY, ISN'T IT?

4. Do "head for the hills". By this I mean get the hell out the city if you live in one. If you own city real estate, sell it and buy a home in the country. The slightest quiver can send a major city into riot and looting. Look at what happened to L.A. after a jury verdict. We're not talking bomb shelters in Montana here. Just get the hell out of the concrete jungle and into the open. Duh.

So much for FEMA's mind control pap. Let's get down to some serious business: BUY A GUN. BUY A GUN NOW. BUY LOTS OF AMMUNITION NOW. If you can't figure out why then you shouldn't own a gun anyway. The following advice comes from an expert in small arms who prefers to remain anonymous:

1. Get a rifle first. In a disaster situation you can simply sling the rifle over your shoulder as you go about your business. This sends a somber visual clue to would-be looters and thieves. This tactic worked very well in Florida after hurricanes ravaged certain areas. To quote Robert Heinlein: "An armed society is a polite society." The ideal self defense rifle (and commonly available) is the Ruger Mini-14 in .223 caliber. The ammunition is the standard U.S. military round and is cheap and abundant. Buy at least a thousand rounds per weapon. If you can't afford a larger caliber rifle a semi-automatic .22 is far, far better than nothing. Expect all gun sales to increase geometrically as the Millennium approaches. Act now.

2. Next, get a shotgun. If you are confronted by a mob or a "home invader" (used to be called a burglar) a semi automatic or pump action 12 gauge shotgun can be a rather persuasive behavioral modification device. You have up to eight shots and you can load the first two with bird shot (to wound) and then OO buckshot to kill. Don't even pretend that the cops will be around to help.

3. Last, but not least, get a handgun. Even a .22 is far better than nothing (and the cheap ammo encourages frequent practice). There are some very high quality .22 semi autos available out there. It is better to be skilled in the use of the firearm than to own a more powerful piece that you aren't as familiar with. The ideal handgun would be a high capacity semi auto by a major maker. Stick with 9mm caliber ammunition because there is so much of it available (now, that is). You can stockpile more ammo and then you can practice more frequently and affordably.

DO YOUR HOMEWORK: Get your FOOD, FUEL, AND FIREARMS NOW. Y2K websites:, and For things to know and pray you never need: Additionally: Massad Ayoob's book "In the Gravest Extreme" is the finest book on the moral issues of self defense that I have come across. No gun owner should be unfamiliar with what Ayoob teaches. For women, "Armed and Female" by Paxton Quigley. Sam Colt makes you equal, sister.

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