The Coastal Post - April, 1999

Passionate Attachments

By Edward W. Miller

"A passionate attachment of one nation for another produces a variety of evils. Sympathy for the favorite nation, facilitating the illusion of an imaginary common interest in cases where no common interest exists.... It leads also to concessions to the favorite nation, of privileges denied others.... This passionate attachment gives to ambitious, corrupted or deluded citizens who devote themselves to the favorite nation, facility to betray or sacrifice interests of their own country. How many opportunities do they afford to tamper with domestic factions, to practice the arts of seduction, to mislead public opinion.... I conjure you to believe that foreign influence is one of the most baneful foes of republican government." -George Washington farewell address 1796

Two weeks ago the nations of the European Union passed an unanimous resolution warning Israel that Jerusalem was to remain an international city under the aegis of the UN, as had been clearly stated in the 1947 UN Resolution which divided the Palestinians' land to allow a Jewish state. Our Congress however, this week passed (384-24) a Resolution ordering Yasser Arafat NOT to declare a Palestinian State, and urging the Clinton Administration NOT to recognize such a declaration. Today (March 19) news from Israel reports that travel bans were issued against three PLO officials, including Hanna Ashwari, who had the temerity to meet with foreign diplomats in their PLO headquarters in Jerusalem. No comment from the Clinton Administration. Such is the power of the Zionist lobby that our Washington politicians ignore their American constituents whose responses in any number of polls have shown wide support for Palestinian statehood.

Meanwhile, Israeli planes are again carrying out bombing raids in southern Lebanon where their Zionist government still maintains a so-called Security Zone in defiance of any number of UN Resolutions demanding withdrawal. Most Americans have forgotten Israel's 1982 genocidal invasion of Lebanon when some 30,000 Palestinian refugees who had fled north from Israel's 1948 terror in Palestine were slaughtered. Israel's fat butcher, General Ariel Sharon, who is now again prominent in the Kenesset, had led his forces north to destroy Beirut, so that in the post-war years this once most popular Midwest capital might not compete with Tel Aviv. Not long after the 1982 invasion, as Lebanon struggled to recover and rebuild its international airport, Israel planes bombed and destroyed those new buildings as well as Lebanon's just-purchased fleet of passenger jets as they sat on the tarmac.

Lebanon's volunteer Hezbulla militias, formed to drive these foreign troops out, are still referred to as terrorists in our news media. However, their recent loss of four Israeli soldiers, who had no business in Lebanese territory, made sympathetic headlines in our papers. Israel for years has been stealing the precious irrigation waters from the Lirani River in southern Lebanon and has recently begun stealing southern Lebanon farmers' rich topsoil, carting it into Israel in trucks paid for by the American taxpayer.

Meanwhile, Israel's Washington lobby has been busy encouraging the FBI to target Muslims, even those living legally in the United States. Last week American Muslim leaders in Milwaukee issued a call for "an end to intimidation of local Muslims by agents of the FBI." Muslim leaders at a press conference stated: "We are the target of Islamophobic hysteria." Several members of the Muslim community reported they were threatened with deportation if they failed to report on "terrorist organizations" outside the United States or inform on "activities at local mosques." (Beirut Times, March '99). Between 10-15,000 Muslims, mostly professionals and students, live in the Milwaukee area.

Israel's Mossad works closely with both our FBI and CIA. In recent years, America's police chiefs from cities across our country have been invited to Israel for free instruction in "security methods" and "crowd control." In accord with the recent WYE agreements, our CIA, now active in the Palestine West Bank and Gaza Strip, cooperatives with Israel's Mossad to control the Palestinian population and prevent overt political responses to either Israel's terrorism or to the increasingly repressive actions of Israel's quisling, Arafat.

In a recent article in the Beirut Times, columnist Khalil Jashan notes that since its 1967 invasion of Syria, "Israel has quickly and systematically moved to make its occupation of the Syrian territory irreversible, notwithstanding its occasional verbal pretense of commitment to genuine and secure peace with Syria." The radical right in Israel's Knesset frequently quotes Rabin: "Withdrawal from the Golan is unthinkable, even in times of peace."

Americans and most Israelis have forgotten the words of Moshe Dayan, Israel's General and Minister of Defense, who admitted publicly before he died that he was "ashamed to have seized the Golan," and that he had only responded to the political demands of Israel's Kibbuttzim farmers who wanted Syria's rich farmland in the Golan. General Dayan went on to admit the Golan had "no defensive military value" to Israel, despite years of propaganda to the contrary.

As the months drag on and Israel's definitive May election looms, the fate of the Palestinians may hang in the balance. Netanyhu's open rejection of first the Oslo and then the Wye Accords, which elicited barely a slap on the wrist from Washington, tells us who is in control in our Capital. No other country would be allowed to brush off treaties signed on the White House lawn.

A recent list shows that many of President Clinton's appointees to top positions in our Washington bureaucracy are Jews. Our President's chief advisor for Mideast Affairs is still Martin Indyk, a strongly Zionist Jew.

Indyk, before his appointment, headed AIPAC, Israel's powerful Washington lobby. An Australian before Clinton gave him U.S. citizenship, Indyk had earlier served in Tel Aviv as personal advisor to Yitzak Shamir. It was Indyk who in 1993 admittedly set out with the help of AIPAC to destroy both Iraq and Iran for Israel. The present genocide in Saddam's country is aided and abetted by this lobby.

It is well past time we got this Zionist country off our payroll. In 1997, the latest figures available, the income of the average Jewish family in Israel was $17,400, almost identical to that of the average U.S. family for that year. Since 1948, the U.S. taxpayer has donated over $100 billion to Israel, a good share of which has been gobbled up in military misadventures in Lebanon, Syria, Egypt and the West Bank.

Our media ignores Israel's criminal behavior. Illegal settlements on Palestinian land are now referred to as "settlements." Her 3,000 political prisoners, held without trial and routinely tortured, no longer make our headlines, though Congress feels free to criticize China. In light of her daily human rights violations, Israel's repeated demands for "security" have become laughable.

By ignoring Washington's warning of "passionate attachments," Congress has both weakened our support for human rights and made a fool of us before the world.

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