The Coastal Post - April, 1999

Letters April, 1999 - By Readers

Open Letter To Robert Shapiro, Monsanto CEO

Greetings!... On behalf of myself and the wholistic, environmental and organic communities, I am writing to voice our profound concern regarding your company's flagrant disregard for the health of the Global Community, and the health of the Planet itself.

As you are well aware, there is a growing resistance both here and abroad for genetically engineered foods. The key to feeding the world lies not in genetically engineered foods, but in the implementation of sustainable, organic farming practices... Make no mistake about it, healthy soil and healthy plants create healthy people. Awareness is growing, and being confirmed by the objective scientific community, that the dramatic increase in cancer is directly related to the increase in environmental toxins - as found in our air, water, soil and food.

No amount of "green washing" is going to convince me and millions of other health conscious people that genetically engineered foods are life sustaining. I can assure you that allowing the free market "free reign," you will discover that people want organic food.

I realize this is a threat to your profits, and hence you are caught in a profound dilemma, since you have "bet the bank" that bio-engineered foods are the key to solving the world's future food requirements. I, along with millions of health conscious people worldwide, support the awareness that the key to personal and planetary health and prosperity lies in sustainable agriculture, the under-consumption of food, and the availability of healthy and vital organic foods for everyone.

In closing, we are holding Monsanto accountable for the immediate labeling of all genetically engineered organisms, along with a moratorium on the further introduction of genetically engineered organisms... In addition, we are demanding strong scientific evidence as to their inherent safety, and that the valid ecological concerns regarding these new products are scientifically addressed. I can assure you that until these issues are honestly addressed, there will be progressive and intense resistance to genetically engineered foods.

I look forward to your immediate response. In Service To Humanity,

Da Vid, M.D.
Medical Director
The San Francisco Medical Research Foundation

Greetings from Ex-Prisoner

All those visionaries cruisin' down the super information highway-here's some super information: Michael Carabello along with Davy Pattison and Big Muddy showed up-Red & White Frisco, Neon City Ramblers, Donny Baldwin from Starship, Sty Hamm from Satriani's band, Father Guido Sarducci, and many others to benefit the liver transplant for Lenny Aviles, a much-loved Bay Area homeboy. So, benefits can and do and will work.

Since I got out of Folsom Prison on January 6, I've been pleased to be associated with some very dynamics and visionary non-profit outfits working to assist and better the quality of the human experience.

First off, Marin Jobs and Career Services, a program designed to assist those with barriers to integrating into the work force, has comprehensively demonstrated strong success helping people get on their feet-12-Step, career counseling, use of the office for phone calls, voice mail, internet, fax and copy machines and luncheon meetings for the clientele in work search-a very exciting program that has helped me exponentially.

I met a fellow named Ari Maslow of Earthship Global Operations. This gentleman is into environmental and ecological sustainable architectural engineering, affordable housing for the human economy. Together we stumbled upon a concept we hope will grow as a collective seed to manifest and bear fruit among us as a collective effort.

We could build a ranch on land-resources may be available. A ranch that will run no outside power lines-all solar, wind, recycling graywater-state-of-the-art.

Provide a place for 12-Steppers, homeless. Require chores for room and board, allow small business to function on the property, and give people an opportunity to get on their feet and recycle themselves into the workforce.

That's the concept, that's the goal-concert benefits, donations, whatever, to achieve this vision. Even extra office space or some old vehicle for yours to get around in. In the meantime, I'm not wasting any time, but I truly need help. I'm still working as a roofer, but I'm broke. The rain has been holding me back. I did get involved with a great band, Jumbo, from Pt. Reyes, and last Sunday, March 14, it was Neon City Ramblers and Jumbo people at Smiley's open mike. Come on by, pick some guitar, see what's on your mind. If you'd like to contact me or other concerned parties, here is our contact list:

Neon City Ramblers @
415-256-9389 x 1051
Ari Maslow 415-455-0224
Alan Wiley 415-455-5240
email: [email protected]

All in all, God bless. Don't let what you can't do stop you from what you can do.

Marc "Texas Tad" Adams

The Dress, The GOP, The Supes

Barbara Walters, in her 20/20 TV program on March 3, asked Monica Lewinsky what she would do with the famous blue dress when it's eventually returned to her as her property. Monica said she'd burn it.

I suggest the dress is a national historical document and should therefore be preserved in the National Archive or placed on public view in the Smithsonian Institution's Museum of American History.

* * *

In recent days, major newspapers have chronicled the sad head-long GOP rush to suicide.

February 27: State COP leaders try to move abortion out of the spotlight, remove it from the platform, noting that anti-abortion Dan Lundgren lost by 33 percentage points to pro-choice Gray Davis.

February 28: GOP leaders wonder why only 18 percent of GOP women voted Republican in November. The leaders pretend they want more freedom and less government, but not for women's control of their own bodies. "It's the women, stupid."

March 1: All major GOP presidential hopefuls are anti-abortion despite the Supreme Court ruling that it's a woman's right of choice.

March 1: The state GOP chooses virulent anti-abortion fanatic John ("Killing our babies is the nation's most important issue.") McGraw as state chairman, and anti-abortionist Shawn Steel as vice chair.

Talk about snatching defeat from the jaws of victory! GOP abject surrender to the religious right (an oxymoron-it's neither) means that all that's left for its circular firing squad to do is command the bugler to sound Taps.

* * *

Supes Lied To Public & Legislators

On January 26, Marin's Board of Supervisors unanimously adopted Resolution No. 99-004 drafted by Sup. Kress to repeal our 2/3 vote, a protection twice guaranteed us by the California Constitution, on Prop. 13 and Prop. 218. The supes thus reported to public and state legislators alike that the 2/3 vote requirement had "paralyzed county and local governments from being able to provide essential services."

Marin United Taxpayers Association's investigation found that the county's own election records (which the supes should have checked beforehand) proved their claim a brazen lie. For example:

Mill Valley had five school parcel taxes in the past 10 years. All five passed with more than 70% of the vote.

From March 1997 through March 1999, there were 37 tax-related local ballot measures requiring a 2/3 vote. Of the 37 total, six passed with between 67% and 70% of the vote, 17 received 70% to 80%, eight won by 80% to 90% and two passed with over 90% Only four of the 37 failed, hardly a case of "paralyzed" government.

The supes tried to bypass our voting rights in November's transit tax. When the same elected officials again seek to strip voters of a constitutional voting right in order to pass unwarranted taxes and lie to us and falsify their report to the Legislature to do it, we know that in tax matters we can never trust them again.

MUTA has demanded that the supes rescind their falsified Resolution No. 99-004 and notify state legislators and other recipients of its rescission, but considering their sorry record of deceit, I'm not holding my breath.
Fielding Greaves
San Rafael

Pt. Reyes Housing

I take issue with Jeannette Pontaeq's view of the proposed EAH affordable housing in Point Reyes Station. She states that the community input about the number of houses and their placement on the 19-acre site will not make any difference to the planning process and yet she is writing as a community member, putting words in people's mouths so as to have an impact on the process. EAH sponsored a meeting January 26th to address concerns and goals for the building site. A two-page list was compiled and can be viewed in the Point Reyes or Inverness Library. The Steering committee, which has signed an agreement to be "committed to a consensus-based process, in conjunction with Ecumenical Association for Housing," (Jeannette is a member of this committee) staged another three-hour meeting February 24th which also aired concerns. That the concerns of the community have not been addressed is poppycock.

Jeannette has listed 15 points of concern, several of which can be combined. Several of her points are shared by a consensus of participant's concerns. But Jeannette has bandied about words which falsely characterize the intention of the project. This is not low income housing in any sense of the word. EAH has proposed a project that will ask prospective buyers to pay $210,000. Potential rental units will hover around $800, half the monthly wage of a local child-care teacher. Potential resident respondents (130 of them), either live, work or own a business in Point Reyes. There is no evidence of added impact on an area which already hosts these families. Many of the potential residents now live in sub-standard housing around the area. Hey, you take what you can get in today's housing market. Jeannette throws up the derogatory terms of ghettoization. I suggest that the exact opposite is the case. Renters and home owners will be able to live with adequate plumbing, wiring, roofs and insulated walls.

Finally, Jeannette states that by allowing people who work, conduct business or own a business in Point Reyes, but who do not live in the arbitrary boundary of the village proper, to have a voice in the consensus process makes resident villagers disenfranchised and disempowered. This statement hardly has any validity because the village residents have just as much opportunity to voice their views. After all, we can all hear Jeannette loud and clear. In fact, the Village Association's new draft of the Village Plan includes the proposed Affordable Housing site.

This is a golden opportunity for the Point Reyes community to design and protect a plot of land with all of the environmental safeguards and protected by EAH affordable housing standards. Misleading the public with name-calling and scare tactics will result in losing the moment and selling to the highest bidder. And then, Jeannette, who will be accountable for mismanaged septic systems?

Cheri Leierer
Dillon Beach

Dear Mr. Deane

Thank you for contacting me regarding "Know Your Customer" regulations. I appreciate you taking the time to let me know your views on this important matter.

As you are aware, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the Federal Reserve, and the Department of the Treasury's Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS) have proposed to issue a regulation requiring banks to develop and maintain "Know Your Customer" programs. The regulation would require each bank to develop a program designed to determine the identity of its customers; determine its customers' sources of funds; determine the normal and expected transactions of its customers; and report any "suspicious" transactions.

As you point out, the proposed regulation, if misused, could result in an invasion of a customer's privacy. That is why you will be pleased to know that legislation has been introduced that would bar agencies from following through on the regulation. Please be assured that I will continue to work hard in Washington to protect the privacy of all citizens and I will keep your views in mind should this legislation be considered in the House of Representatives.

Again, thank you for contacting me. The people of Marin and Sonoma Counties are the most important voices I am listening to as I work in Congress. If you should have any further questions or comments on this or any other matter, please feel free to contact me.

Lynn Woolsey
Member of Congress
Washington, DC

Einstein & Other Great Minds Pro-Animal

March 14 is the birthday of one of this century's greatest men, Albert Einstein. He became famous worldwide for this theory of relativity, but how many know that he was also a champion of animals?

On November 28, the New York Post reprinted this paragraph from the writings of the Nobel prize-winning genius:

"A human being is a part of the whole called by us the Universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings, as something separate from the rest-a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty. Nobody is able to achieve this completely, but the striving for such achievement is in itself a part of the liberation and a foundation for inner security."

Such extended compassion is shared by some of history's greatest achievers:

Einstein's contemporary, Dr. Albert Schweitzer, a brilliant theologian, philosopher and medical missionary, considered his theory of "reverence for life" his most important discovery, because it "shows the sympathy with animals which is so often represented as sentimentality, to be a duty which no thinking man can escape."

The great Indian nationalist leader and social reformer Mohandas K. Gandhi stated that "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."

* Renowned artist and scientist Leonardo Da Vinci said that "the time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they now look upon the murder of men."

Animal advocates throughout history include Pythagoras, Plutarch, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Isaac Bashevis Singer, Leo Tolstoy, Percy Bysshe Shelley, and George Bernard Shaw. These brilliant people appear to have been front-runners in the evolution of the human spirit. They all were outspoken vegetarians, not for environmental, health or sentimental reasons, but out of compassion for their fellow earthlings. Said Einstein, "It is my view that the vegetarian manner of living by its purely noble physical effect on the human temperament would most beneficially influence the lost of mankind."

Happy birthday, Dr. Einstein. Thanks to you and all your fellow geniuses for speaking out for all the beautiful beings who cannot speak for themselves.
Carla Bennett
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Milk & Dairy Products Overrated

Agriculture Secretary Dan Glickman recently announced that he plans to give dairy farmers up to $5,000 each in federal assistance to help compensate for low milk prices. Milk producers deserve jail, not bail, because the way they abuse animals and mislead consumers is criminal.

On today's farms, cows are treated as nothing more than milk machines. Cows have been genetically engineered to produce thousands of pounds of milk every year and most are given growth hormones-which have been banned in other countries-to even further boost output. But in order to produce any milk at all, cows must be kept pregnant. Their female babies are added to the dairy herd or are slaughtered for the rennet in their stomachs (which is used to make cheese); the males are sold to the notoriously cruel veal industry. The suffering endured by these animals is enough to make any caring person lactose intolerant.

Some of the funds Secretary Glickman is planning on giving dairy farmers should instead be used to clean up the waterways fouled by animal waste. One dairy cow excretes 120 pounds of waste every day-the same amount as two dozen people. In California alone, which produces one-fifth of the country's total supply of milk, the manure from dairy farms has poisoned hundreds-perhaps thousands-of square miles of underground water, rivers, and streams.

Sadly, many people have been duped by the dairy industry into believing that they need to consume cow's milk to stay healthy. But researchers have conclusively linked consumption of diary foods to a variety of illnesses, including heart disease, some types of cancer, and even osteoporosis-the very disease milk is supposed to help prevent.

PETA thinks it's time to take milk off its pedestal and put it and other dairy products out to pasture. Readers who would like more information about healthful and humane alternatives to dairy foods are welcome to contact PETA at 501 Front St., Norfolk, VA 23510.

Paula Moore
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Replace Sutter With Trauma Center

It's time to get rid of that outfit known as Sutter Health (a misnomer). The monies Sutter extracts from Marin General Hospital could easily fund a Level II trauma center. We don't need Sutter, but we do need improved trauma care.

Jamie Phillips
San Rafael

Human Rights In America

I am submitting this letter in response to Antonio Serna's letter in last month's Coastal Post, entitled "Triumph of Our Democracy."

Not long ago President Clinton was asked by a Chinese student about the existence of injustice in America. I believe she asked Clinton this question because of all the hypocritical finger-pointing the U.S. does in regard to China's policies on human rights. I watched William Jefferson Clinton show not an iota of pride as he acknowledged that America, too, is not without fault in this area. In her defense of the President, U.S. Representative Maxine Waters spoke of overzealous prosecutors breaking rules and violating ethics in their bloodthirst for the almighty conviction. I ask, "What has Clinton or any of his defenders, including Representative Waters, done to clean up the justice system?" I mean besides selfishly paying lip service to the issue when one of their own is in jeopardy?

It seems to me that because Slick Willie has done absolutely nothing to rectify the problems of an out-of-control criminal justice system in this country, he came very close to getting a full dose of poetic justice through the impeachment fiasco. There is a quote from Bob Dylan that fits: "The worst type of criminal is one who sees evil and does nothing." Another quote supporting my point comes from George Bernard Shaw: "We shall only be governed as well as we deserve." If the President and all of his defenders (particularly the millions of citizens), had been more outspoken and active against the Gestapo-style tactics now becoming standard operating procedure, Kenneth Starr and the Republicans wouldn't have dared to do much of what they did trying to impeach him. Even if a person abstains from judging whether Clinton faced persecution, it can be argued that he deserved to face it. He is the captain of the ship and responsible for what goes on beneath him. He tolerates police, prosecutorial and judicial misconduct under his administration and therefore he participates in it. This brings my argument to his violation of the Golden Rule, where he allows others to suffer (via his subordinates) what he would not want to suffer himself.

From reading Mr. Serna's letters in the Coastal Post, I know he is an intelligent man who certainly has at least a fair grasp of the true meaning of the word "equal." Compared to poor people in this country, Mr. Clinton got far less than his share of the brand of "equal" protection under the law now being perpetrated. His apathy and inaction to cure rampant abuses within the criminal justice system almost delivered his karma to him. Will he act now and form a presidential commission/task force to expose failings and bring about positive change? Will people with opinions like Mr. Serna see the need for and support such action? Or is it ok to continue to inflict the current style of justice upon those who cannot pay to fight it off?

Americans are supposed to be endowed with God-given rights protecting them from abuses of power within the justice system. I do not believe that Slick Willie put up the "valiant and courageous fight" Mr. Serna feels he did. I think it is supposed to be the truth that many thousands of real Americans with spirit put up that sort of fight as they gave their blood and lives to defend the Constitution which theoretically insures us against injustice. They fought for all Americans instead of just for politicians and those who could buy their rights. If that is not what they fought and died for, then the dream of America has been turned into a filthy lie by traitorous enemies within and those soldiers died for nothing. Oh, say can you see...?

James S. Kor
Centinela State Prison

Objects To Hate Crime Article

I found the article "Hate Crimes Law Would Make Ideas Criminal" to be an odd inclusion in your newspaper. Who wrote this article? Perhaps the omission of the author is due to the embarrassment of being associated with such poor reporting. This article offers no counterbalance, no historical context, no critical review and ultimately, no value. Simply reprinting Tracinski's original editorial would have been more informative, less insulting to the reader's intelligence and only slightly longer.

Since the FBI recently started tracking hate crimes throughout the nation, there has been a steady increase in both the number of hate crimes reported and organizations advocating such behavior. The recent horrific murders in Wyoming and Texas only highlight the growing problem. Inclusive federal hate crimes laws are absolutely necessary to afford protection to persecuted groups. Although many states have hate crime laws on the books, not all groups are covered. Perhaps a more immediate concern is that local law enforcement can be hostile to the very people they are sworn to protect. A federal hate crime law provides the opportunity to prosecute crimes when state and local efforts have failed, and sends an important message that hate crimes are recognized as a growing threat.

As neither the article's synopsis or Tracinski's original editorial ( specify what "proposed federal hate crimes law" is being opposed, I can suppose it refers to S. 1529 (the Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 1998), which exists in the current congress as H.R. 77, H.R 357, and S. 9. It may be that Tracinski has not actually read the text of these bills. These proposed hate crime bills criminalize acts of physical violence only. Nowhere do they penalize "criminal thought" or any other kind of speech. Some groups, such as the ACLU, have recognized that misinterpretation of provisions in these bills may provide law enforcement and prosecutors with the pretext to investigate unpopular speech activities. In response to this possibility, they do recommend the inclusion of language to insure a defendant's "abstract beliefs...shall not be admissible to establish any element of an offense..." As long as these proposed bills are specifically limited to the conduct of selecting a victim, the fundamental provisions remain a valuable addition to federal legislation.

Current federal hate crime law only recognizes race, religion, and national origin. Even then, only certain activities of the victim are protected, such as voting or jury duty. The primary goal the proposed legislation would be to expand protections for hate crimes to include sexual orientation, gender and disability. There would be no limitation on the activities of the victim.

Tracinski seems to think these bills would automatically create a slippery slope leading to Orwellian thought police who can imprison one who has not actually committed any action. Such simple-mindedness is common among those who fail to investigate the facts of their arguments. I am not adverse to read the works of conservative minds; I think it is valuable to understand the cultural and political landscape one occupies. However, such thought needs to presented as such, not masqueraded as critical reporting.

Chris Reyes
Occidental, CA

Ruinous Child Support Requirements

I write in response to the recent efforts and legislation regarding the collection of past-due child support. The decision of the courts to allow the assessment of interest has served to make the repayment of this debt virtually impossible. Because the state has been allowed to apply interest retroactively, this has served to increase my balance due by 30%, or $11,000. Therein lies the problem. This increase will also be assessed at 10% per year. Money from thin air.

Now, as a father who has been involved with my children from the day of their births, and now as a single parent of the same kids since the death of their mother almost two years ago, I question what purpose does it serve to torment me with a debt that may not be paid in my lifetime? As the interest is costing me $370 per month which will not touch the principal, I can't regard this as anything but persecution. And I do have support receipts going back 13 years. I was young and naive when married a woman who turned out to be a welfare lifer. The only time she was off welfare was when I provided the paycheck. I had no voice in legislation or its implementation in regard to the welfare system. And I feel that blame is cast upon myself and others who have no control over its failure.

Before this situation I was making progress paying down my debt. In one county, I had paid half my balance, only to have it wiped out in one day by interest. Clearly the situation is beyond control. The debt now must be immense. And I fear

will again

cast blame on those whose powerless status make them vulnerable to attack. I never abandoned my family, always made sure they had enough. But that can't be measured in dollars, and is therefore politically incorrect.

I had my CDL suspended after receiving a reinstatement, and lost two jobs as a result. I am now having 50% of my wages seized with three kids to feed and can't pay basic bills at this moment.

I also must add that the vilification of a non-custodial parent, by any party, is not only unfair, it hurts the children. They are compelled to love both parents. In majority of cases, I'm sure love is justified. Because quite a few turn out to be jerks is a superficial reason to condemn and attack basic freedom and liberties of others for simply being in debt. I ask, what legitimate business could use such an accounting shill? So what group is next? Bankrupt, lose your license; foreclosure, lose your passport? This approach is too much like the Third Reich, Go Y2K!

I wish every legislator could watch that episode of Star Trek where the Enterprise is being washed by increasingly violent energy waves. Picard and the crew are frantically diverting more and more power to the shields, only to realize the waves are getting stronger. Finally having survived several waves, Commander Data implores the captain, drop the shields. Picard fires a glare of, are you mad? The next wave hits, they realize one more destroys the ship. Crew on the bridge, frantically diverts auxiliary power and life support to the shields. Again Data this time orders the Captain, drop the shields. Agonizing moments pass, Picard drops the shields, the fatal wave washes harmlessly over the ship with a gentle whoosh. The moral? Stop declaring war on everything. It'll destroy a great ship.


To: The Board of Supervisors

Re: Request for reconsideration of Board of Supervisor's resolution to support elimination of the two-thirds vote requirement of Prop. 13

Marin Coalition, a civic group with a 25-year-history in Marin county, represents various interests in the community. The Marin Coalition's Board of Directors is comprised of elected officials, non-profit organization representatives, education representatives, local business owners and local professional people including physicians and attorneys. The organization is in fact a true coalition of diverse interests, and often competing interests, but invariably all members share the central goal of maintaining the quality of life and the quality of government in Marin County.

Many in the coalition recall the days before Prop 13 was passed, and property taxes were being raised as elected officials needed more money, and they were spending it without regard to the burdens that these increases placed on the taxpayers. In some cases property taxes were raised by 10% to 15% in one year, as elected officials needed more money to spend. Likewise, "special taxes" almost always supported by special interests who wanted their own projects started, were cropping up everywhere and adding significant amounts to individual's tax bills. It is safe to say that without the passage of Prop. 13, many people, particularly the elderly and those on a fixed income, would have lost their homes based on general tax increases, or the added "extra taxes" from the "special taxes" passed by a single vote above the 50% mark (generally in costly special elections designed to "avoid" large voter participation).

With this history in mind for many coalition members who have lived in this county most if not all of their lives, the Coalition was disturbed by the vote of the Board of Supervisors to support elimination of one of the Prop 13 taxpayer protections: the requirement of two-thirds vote for passage of a "special tax." Any special tax should be required to have the support of a super majority of the community; since those people have to pay it, they have to believe it is necessary to the community, and special interests who sometimes promote these taxes should have to convince (with facts) the taxpayers that even more taxes are necessary versus the new and common practice of just putting on slick and uninformative ad campaigns which busy, non-organized citizen taxpayers cannot readily respond to or investigate.

It is for these reasons that the Marin Coalition Board voted, on February 3, in favor of a Resolution to advise the Board of Supervisors and the Legislature of the Coalition's opposition of a statewide measure to amend Article 13, Section 4 of Prop 13 so as to eliminate the two-thirds requirement for passage of a special tax, so as to permit only 50% plus one vote majority; and in opposition to the Board of Supervisors vote to endorse and support such statewide effort.

The Marin Coalition respectfully requests that the Board of Supervisors reconsider its vote on this matter, and that they consider conducting independent polling of county residents in order to determine if they have support for their position in this matter. All general information available on Prop 13 indicates that the tax-paying public continues to strongly support is requirements.

Nancy P. McCarthy
Public Relations Chair
Marin Coalition

What Kind Of God Do You Believe In?

Religious persons, particularly fundamentalists, should ask themselves what kind of God they believe in: A God you must fear, or a God you can trust and love? A sometimes wrathful and vengeful God, or an always compassionate and corrective God? An unjust and unfair God, or a just and merciful god? A God who favors certain persons and people, or one that loves all equally?

Do you believe in a God who rules like a tyrant/dictator, or a God who is more like a loving, wise and righteous parent? A God who creates to destroy? A God who wages war? A God who is pleased with and appeased by bloody sacrifices? A God who can be bribed or bought?

Do you believe in a God who predetermines and causes everything that happens, or a God who created humans' material origin, evolutionary free-will beings? Do you believe in a divinely perfect and therefore always truly righteous and holy God, or in a changing and evolutionary God-concept created in the image and likeness of man?
Eva Maria

Where Are Marin's Activists?

I've been stretching the territory for the Coastal Post lately with some good results. When I handed out a few March CPs at a recent Mumia Coalition meeting, the same people I gave April issues to responded very favorably, glad to see it, get it. That was in San Francisco where hip progressive sheets are all over the place, so congratulate yourselves. Same thing at the disabled/retired complex here in Novato where I live and distribute 39 copies every month (one person asked me please not to do so anymore). At the Mumia workshop conference in Berkeley, March 6, I also handed out a few CPs.

Something I've been wanting to get off my chest lately but still don't have the rap down the way I want exactly...

Last year at a San Quentin vigil for Tommy Thompson, I gathered 40-50 signatures on a petition to President Clinton regarding Lori Berenson, the 27-year-old American woman who has served three years of a life sentence in Peru without knowing what the hell for; hooded judge, jury and prosecutors of military refused to disclose evidence against her. Of the 40-50 signatures I got, NONE from Marin. This certainly don't mean no one from Marin was there; I saw three Marinites who had already signed petitions at local meetings in Marin. And of the 300 or so people at the vigil, did I get a fair sampling?

Another example... At a Mumia meeting, also about eight months ago, in San Francisco, of the total 45 or so who were there and signed the same

petition, only one other was from Marin, a high-schooler who belongs to the founding organization of this coalition, hangs with the hip-hoppers and writes about it in Socialist Action. But there were about a dozen signees from as far away as Santa Rosa, San Jose and Santa Cruz who come to the meetings regularly. The rest are from Berkeley, Oakland, Richmond and San Francisco. At one Mumia meeting of 80, there were three from Marin.

Is this denial or what? California execution chamber is literally in Marin's back yard and what are we doing about it?

The Mobilization to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal-probably the largest coalition in the world* working specifically to save the life (via promotion of a new trial) of one of the most renowned political prisoners in the world-meets almost weekly some 40 minutes away from one of the wealthiest counties in the world, which seems to care nil for either justice for Mumia or abolishing the monstrous barbarity of state-sanctioned murder which occurs in the midst of that wealth.

There is a movement, Marin, which is growing, and it's not just about Mumia. Join the action April 24 and find out what's REALLY going on. (415) 821-0459 for information.

*The International Concerned Family and

friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal, headquartered in Philadelphia and Paris, must rank first over all Mumia organizations by virtue of being the mother organization of all others. But that's a single organization rather than a coalition.

Caj Keigwin

CP Support

Like your Marin County newspaper. Very diversified news. Also, personal friend of Betty Machado, who used to be of Sausalito. Wish you success for years to go, you fit a need in our county and elsewhere. Keep it going.


* * *

Here is a buck. I like the radical, left-wing articles and letters to the editor which blast government, corporations, and big business. I would like to see more articles ripping on people, (especially rich ones, the ones I hate the most) and the bad, disgusting choices they so often make.

More articles on: suburban sprawl (make it illegal) and development/developers, and how they should be forced to take other jobs. End all development now. TREES.

P.S. I would like to hear any comments you might have on my opinions.
Mark Gorney

Amateur Radio

I like to listen to the short wave radio and to the amateur radio operators talk. The local Marin amateur Radio Club used to be up at Building 549 at Hamilton air Force Base, by the big water tower. I went to some of their meetings in the past. I found out that the military would let them use the old building with the club members paying for insurance and electric and minor upkeep.

Now that HAFB closed, the Marin Amateur Radio Club moved into the old firehouse located on Shell Road in Mill Valley. This is a building that is full of asbestos in all of its walls. It has an apartment in it that the MARC rents out for the income to maintain the property. I don't know anything about the technical aspects of radio, but I went over to the new location. There is a 120,000 volt power line running over a portion of the building and it's at a low level, so if it got loose, it would hit the radio antennas under it and cause a fire. This would seem kind of dangerous to the many senior citizens who go there for meetings, so didn't anyone look up before they got this building? Where is the safety there? No wonder it was given to them for free.

I have been listening to the radio and I still hear radio activity from HAFB by only one person almost every night at the old MARC building 549. It's my understanding that any federal building has to meet some structural and health standards before it can be turned over to public use, otherwise it's torn down. I hear only this one person up there, so I called the Federal Communications Commission. They said the call letters the person is using is K6BW and is listed for the Hamilton Field Preservation association with an address at 340 C St. in San Rafael. The person who lives there is also listed, which is not possible. The FCC told me that, "It's important to determine that the applicant for a club station is a legitimate radio club and not just a person seeking to acquire additional call signs." They further told me that the eligibility requirements for a club station is to have four members. All I ever hear is this one guy running his own station up at HAFB and not the three others. Who is paying for all of this (like the electric and heat)? Because the MARC was paying $1,200 a month so it moved from HAFB. So it looks like some individual has found some way to obtain a usable free location by forming some association. Can I drive up to Mt. Burdell and stay each night if I form the Mt. Burdell Mountaintop Association?

Looking for an answer.
N. Stumbelfield

Political Carcinogens

Thank you, Coastal Post, for having the letter ending "Thank God we got the convicts and they got the Puritans." Beautiful.

I want to comment on the stupid article on breast cancer, which I quit reading after a couple of paragraphs. I went back and finished it after I encountered the facts about Long Island in the book I was reading. It is a worthy subject and deserves better investigative reporting than it was given.

My personal view is that cancer is political. It comes to you (and I hope not to me) from the Devil's Triangle: government, the Pentagon, and corporate America.

There is no mystery about Long Island's elevated cancer rate. Jay M. Gould, author, epidemiologist and former member of the EPA Science Advisory Board writes in Metal of Dishonor-Depleted Uranium: "The nation's greatest increases in breast cancer mortality (on the order of 35%) occurred in 14 counties in which the seven oldest Department of Energy nuclear facilities had been built in the years 1943-1950. A 40 percent increase was registered in Suffolk County of Long Island, New York, perhaps because it is the home of the Brookhaven National Laboratory, which after 45 years is still discharging radioactive fission products into the local air and water."

The National Cancer Institute enraged the Long Island One in Nine Breast Cancer Survivors Coalition by telling them that the breast cancer epidemic was due to the dominate presence of "affluent Jewish women." At that point they organized their own door-to-door household study, and invited Jay Gould to serve as their scientific advisor. They found one blue-collar neighborhood in which every other home had been hit by either a breast cancer diagnosis or death in the previous 10-year period. The source became obvious.

Alice Slater writes (same book): "In New York, Brookhaven National Laboratory, with its two nuclear reactors, has been declared a superfund site. The lab told 800 local homeowners not to drink their well water, now contaminated with radioactive tritium and strontium 90, which is migrating into the Long Island aquifer, the sole source of drinking water in the area. Epidemiologist Jay Gould reports a higher incidence of cancer within 50 miles of every nuclear reactor across the country." The residents brought suit against the lab.

"Brookhaven Laboratory is governed by Associated Universities, Inc., a consortium of our most prestigious eastern universities including Harvard, Columbia, Yale and Princeton. They have failed to take responsibility for the harm and havoc to human health and the environment, which is occurring today under the aegis of their trusteeship. Similarly the University of California adds its respected imprimatur [approval] to the lethal brainstorms from Los Alamos and Livermore including MIRVS, hydrogen bombs and star wars."

Meanwhile, Jay Gould is conducting a study of measures of strontium 90 in baby teeth, and has received teeth from concerned mothers throughout the U.S. He remains optimistic about his study. "I do believe it will demonstrate that we need not be in thrall to a nuclear establishment that is willing to kill its own people in pursuit of unlimited power over others."

Most horrifying is the latest offering from the Devil's Triangle: Depleted uranium. We have 500,000 tons of it which is being used in tanks, bullets, bombs, land mines, helicopters and in commercial airliners in the wings and tails. "Don't be misled by the term 'depleted uranium.' Like 'spent fuel' from civilian reactors, it is highly toxic and carcinogenic and has a half life of some 4.4 billion years." (The government says it's alright. The Army says radioactive and a toxicity risk. Corporate America says buy now, pay later.)

Metal of Dishonor-Depleted Uranium is available through the International Action Center in San Francisco. Permission to quote is given at the beginning of the book. Also enlightening is Deadly Deceit: Low-Level Radiation, High-Level Coverup by Jay Gould and Benjamin Goldman.

You will not see any of this on TV. As Gill Scott Heron says: "The revolution will not be televised."

Charlotte Bertram

Staying Alive-Elder Power

Here are some notes on Theodore Roszak's latest book, America, the Wise.

In a previous book, The Making of a Counter Culture, Roszak wrote about youth, who today are now entering the class of the elderly. Now they are causing a different kind of cultural trouble by the very act of staying alive a good long time. He is now asking, what will mass longevity mean for our society? Both Theodore and his wife underwent major surgery while in their '50s, which either ended a disease or gave them a new lease on life. They look at the current criticisms of Social Security and Medicare in the mainstream press. Such programs are being called fiscal horrors. The old people that we are being told are devouring the national wealth, Roszak realized included himself and his wife, now in their '60s. The writers of these critical sentiments apparently do not believe the category "old age" will ever include themselves. Pensions, Medicare and Social Security are termed "entitlements," and are now targeted. When balancing the budget became the number one priority, entitlements were said to jeopardize this priority and so had to go.

Hard times and great political struggles are ahead as the wealthy top 10 percent in the financial community begin lobbying to do away with such programs and to transfer their money and responsibilities to a stock broker on Wall Street. The ultimate purpose of this may be to drive a wedge between wealthy elderly and moderate-to-poor elderly, and then to persuade the wealthy to cut those of modest means back to a bare minimum.

The younger elders (50-70) have been politically targeted and labeled "greedy geezers." Sometimes they are charged with defeating measures at the polls that would benefit children and youth. The worst course for senior politics would be to accept the scarcity concept, that there is not enough to go around, not enough for both elder care and child and youth care, and then to limit our desires to the narrow entitlements-based agenda coming from the political right which controls most of the wealth.

The hype of the right wing creates an urgency about curtailing entitlements quickly before the 80 million American baby boomers reach old age and add themselves to the already elderly numbering 40 million. Apparently the movers in power hope that citizens now in their 40s and 50s will prove unable to imagine living to retirement and "will conveniently rush to act against their own interests," writes Roszak. He quotes Richard Leon saying, "The widespread failure to die in a timely fashion has inspired countless predictions of political chaos and economic ruin in the industrialized countries."

One of the most influential spokesmen on the right heads the Concord Coalition and works against entitlements. He is Peter Peterson. He believes senior entitlements are unsustainable, undeserved, unprincipled and unfair. For some of his articles, his illustrations are not far from Dr. Goebbels' imagery employed in the '30s to dramatize the "Jewish menace." The elderly are portrayed as obnoxious layabouts, an alien species devouring the national treasury and stealing food from children. They are said to be too numerous, a failed generation of weak, self-indulgent parasites. Peterson charges that the entire baby boom generation's lives are unseemly and ruinously dysfunctional, straining budgets to the breaking point.

Hitler's solution is well known. The Yellow Peril that arose during war with Asians could be solved by locking up its members or by sending them back to where they came from. The solution for the gray wave is not readily obvious. Peterson would start with a rationing of health care and ask governments to simply refuse to fund expensive treatments that would prolong life from a few weeks to a few years. Everything from the national budget to democracy itself is said to be threatened by the gray wave. The solution is to privatize all health care and Social Security programs.

Social philosopher Herbert Spencer patterned his ideal of fitness on the dog-eat-dog competition of the industrial marketplace. Were he still alive he would support the cutting of all charity. In an effort to "sweep away the useless old" as Roszak explains, Spencer would end Medicare and go on to ration public sanitation, public education, public housing and food and drug regulation. He would insist it was the duty of the old to die if they can't pay their bills.

The businessmen of Darwin's day latched onto his survival of the fittest theory, applying it to economics. The wealthy, they argued, were the "fittest" and were thus deserving of all the money they could acquire. Brutality and avarice were justified. We still have with us these people. They are in Congress today, and just now they dominate.

Arguing that a continued shift away from traditional heavy industry toward health care will impoverish the whole country is a compound of nonsense. There are simply different consumer groups spending money on different things. There's nothing wrong or poverty-inducing about shifting to expand health care programs and services, medical technologies and the training of care givers.

Robert Ball, the nation's foremost authority on the Social Security program, says that there is no financial crisis. The program has had to be fine tuned from time to time, and adjustments have been made in the past and can be made again. He is confident the program will remain solvent well into the 21st century. Peterson's alarmist rhetoric insists that it is already bankrupt and that the government is not telling the truth! Some of Peterson s economist friends seem to believe that if you just cut the programs, the people who need them will vanish in a puff of smoke.

As more and more people live longer lives, Roszak asserts, values will shift toward the needs of an older society, and in turn, that society as a whole will hopefully experience a new injection of wisdom and compassion. Able-bodied older citizens can and will continue to work in the service sector of society. They also ask the large questions concerning the meaning and purpose of life. The latest fads, style and gadgets of commercialism will not hold much appeal to these folks. Politics and business will have to shift their focus. Our task is to stop resisting the inevitable tide of longer-lived humans and to embrace their goodness.

Marie Ingerman
Corte Madera

War On Justice

Last month's Coastal Post was among the best issues I've had the chance to read. I particularly liked Stephen Simac's "Out of Control Prosecutors Lynch the Prosecution."

Yes, it is like Mr. Simac says, in that prosecutors are like junkyard dogs these days. It is supposed to be, though, that when the law, ethics, and human decency aren't enough to keep them within the bounds of what is right, that they are restrained by a leash held by the judicial branch of government. It is very bad that police and prosecutors are ever more out of control, but it is exponentially worse that the judges who've sworn solemn oaths to uphold and protect the Constitution are, rather, symbolically defecating on it by not penalizing police and prosecutors for misconduct.

Most judges are former prosecutors and thus their titles are virtually interchangeable today, as Judge Kenneth Starr has exhibited for all to see. A scumbag judge who applauds illegalities committed by prosecutors in cases before him/her was very likely a scumbag prosecutor committing the same illegalities or worse before slithering onto the bench. It stands to reason that the only cases these judges/former prosecutors ever lost were cases where they had to battle truly bright legal minds who didn't have leech-like sucking mouths attached to the public funds trough the way they do. It seems more than merely probable that in those cases they lost as prosecutors, they resented the defendant's Constitutional rights being preserved well enough to avoid conviction. I believe that this resentment of Constitutional rights for defendants is genuine and becomes part of who these prosecutors are way before they are erroneously allowed to ascend to the bench. These judges, I'm sure, are most responsible for the erosion of the protections of the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Fourteenth Amendments. I'm putting forth the likelihood that it is a fundamental flaw in our system that permits junkyard dog-like prosecutors to disguise themselves under a black robe, but the label "Honorable" in front of their names, and then with the skill of an accomplished thespian, pretend the big lie that they are unbiased referees instead of the pro-prosecution advocates they truly are.

I read Mr. Simac's description of the nightmare-like ordeal citizen John Dalton is going through at the hands of police, prosecutors and the DEA. As I read the details, right down to the government using the man's wife as a weapon against him, the story sounded familiar and not just because of my personal experiences. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn who wrote The Gulag Archipelago described Josef Stalin's goons doing the exact sort of things in Soviet Russia to it's citizens. Why are these pogrom-like persecutions happening here in America, as we are supposed to be evolving into the 21st century setting an example for the rest of the world? Because the Gestapo-like government employees engaged in such behavior have been completely assured that the judicial branch of government will continue to create ways to rubberstamp endorse anything they do. The writing on the wall? There is no law, only force.

Mr. Simac wrote that the man's lawyer is trying to get the case thrown out. "...based on the outrageous conduct of the agents involved." I wish him luck, and he's going to need a lot of it. According to the law I've read, the outrageous conduct must create a substantial threat of prejudice and/or "shock the conscience" of the court before relief will be granted. We are living in times of jack-booted thugs very deviously masquerading under black robes tacitly condoning and thus facilitating barbaric practices such as bullet, billy club, plunger stick, and pepper spray therapy inflicted mostly upon poor people. These honorable (?) purveyors of justice (?) are also handing out life sentences to people for stealing a piece of pizza, missing a court date or possessing even a minute amount of drugs. These very same judges are both actively and passively enabling and approving of police and prosecutors destroying evidence, intimidating witnesses, suborning perjury, obstructing justice and in general violating Constitutional rights with a machine gun-like repetition. How do you "shock the conscience"

of judges who have collectively grown to possess no such conscience at all? I doubt we could get wild horses to drag a truthful answer to that question out of Long Dong Silver, Clarence Thomas or another of the multitude of lying judges, James Ware.

The government-orchestrated War on Drugs also mentioned in Mr. Simac's column has been described by Bill Moyers as "The Vietnam of our era." Do you hear that, children? Also coming forth to honestly assess this "war" as a failure are many others, including former Secretary of State George Shultz, Nobel prize-winning economist Milton Freidman, Walter Cronkite, former U.N. Secretary General, Javier Perez del Cuellar, etc. It does not require rocket scientist caliber intellect to figure out that through a diabolically calculated perpetuation of this failure of a war a despicable, cowardly gang of vermin on two feet has been able and is continuing to elevate itself through the misery of others, while pretending to serve society. The "war" is not a real one, but more closely resembles a cannibalistic feeding frenzy by a government growing malignant at warp speed. And the judicial branch of government which could and should be a well from which some modern American heroes emerge is instead turning into a cesspool of obsequious bootlickers kowtowing to police, prosecutors and the puppeteer politicians who are making sure everyone in the "war" machine profits. Semper fi, right? But SHHHH, keep it quiet, right?

From The Gulag Archipelago, "In keeping silent about evil, in burying it so deep within us that no sign of it appears on the surface, we are implanting it, and it will rise up a thousandfold in the future..... We are thereby ripping the foundations of justice from beneath new generations."

Brian W. Eads
Centinela State Prison
Imperial, CA

The Habits of Highly Deceptive Media"

I want to let you know that my new book of columns and other articles from the past two years -- "The Habits of Highly Deceptive Media" -- has just come off the press. The official publication date is in April, but it's now available straight from the publisher, Common Courage Press (which is offering a 25 percent discount off the $15.95 retail price if you order direct by calling 1-800-497-3207).

It's a 290-page book that includes an introduction by Jonathan Kozol, a thorough index, and some great cartoons by Tom Tomorrow, Matt Wuerker and other artists.

"The Habits of Highly Deceptive Media" is subtitled "Decoding Spin and Lies in Mainstream News." Of course, mainstream media are unlikely to give it a very warm reception, so I'd appreciate whatever you could do to spread the word -- to friends, book stores, libraries, high school teachers, college professors, students, potential reviewers, journalists, talk-show producers and media activists.

Norman Solomon

Flap Finns

It appears that I'm guilty of the unpardonable offense of being boring. I apologize to all collectively and to Chris Harrington, in particular. It seems that I had this foolish notion that people cared what happened to their town. My rantings were those of one on his way to the gallows (read: Sonoma) and just decided to not to go gently, but kicking and screaming. ...but the pebbles have fallen.

I have only a last comment: look. Look and see through your own eyes what is happening. I, obviously, see things without the proper prospective. I thought I saw a town being sold to the highest bidder. I thought I saw a community dissolving into a weekend retreat. ...a community without permanent neighbors. hotel. ...and Chris as the primary "mover & shaker." ...but it appears that I'm wrong.

Let me leave you with some "out takes", lest we take ourselves too seriously:

Zen saying: "As soon as you open your mouth, you are mistaken." Ah-oh.

From one of my pals: "...I love you man, but you're a f*in' a*hole." Ouch!

From another: "...OK, but don't become the fool." Too late!

Last, but certainly not least, from one of the "all time" local sages: "It is better to be thought a fool, than to take pen in hand and remove all doubt." Way too late!!!

Once again Chris, You win-again I lose-again A hopefully humbler,
"Jeremiah Johnson" Rocky
PS remember me two years from now

Time Bank

Imagine there is a bank that credits your account each morning with $86,400. It carries over no balance from day to day. Every evening deletes whatever part of the balance you failed to use during the day. What would you do? Draw out every cent, of course!

Each of us has such a bank. Its name is TIME. Every morning, it credits you with 86,400 seconds. Every night it writes off, as lost, whatever of this you have failed to invest to good purpose. It carries over no balance. It allows no overdraft. Each day it opens a new account for you. Each night it burns the remains of the day. If you fail to use the day's deposits, the loss is yours.

There is no going back. There is no drawing against the "tomorrow." You must live in the present on today's deposits. Invest it so as to get from it the utmost in health, happiness, and success! The clock is running. Make the most of today.

To realize the value of ONE YEAR, ask a student who failed a grade.

To realize the value of ONE MONTH, ask a mother who gave birth to a premature baby.

To realize the value of ONE WEEK, ask the editor of a weekly newspaper.

To realize the value of ONE HOUR, ask the lovers who are waiting to meet.

To realize the value of ONE MINUTE, ask a person who missed the train.

To realize the value of ONE SECOND, ask a person who just avoided an accident.

To realize the value of ONE MILLISECOND, ask the person who won a silver medal in the Olympics.

Treasure every moment that you have! And treasure it more because you shared it with someone special, special enough to spend your time. And remember that time waits for no one. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is mystery.

Today is a gift. That's why it's called the present.

It's National Friendship Week. Friends are a very rare jewel, indeed. They make you smile and encourage you to succeed. They lend an ear, they share a word of praise, and they always want to open their heart to us.

Show your friends how much you care... Send this to everyone you consider a FRIEND. If it comes back to you, then you'll know you have a circle of friends.

Christopher Ford
[email protected]

A Story That Needs To Be Told To American People

I joined the Marines as a 17 year old in 1942. I learned of the Navy promise of lifetime medical care then, and I saw it in action in 1943 when the Navy treated retired naval members in Balboa Hospital during W.W.II. I made the decision to be a military pilot and to retire because of the retirement pay benefits and lifetime medical benefits as part of my contract. I've been in combat and was a POW There is NO SALARY adequate for that. I retired from the Air Force in 1977 and started getting care at Eglin AFB, FL., Keesler AFB, Mississippi, and N.A.S. Hospital, Pensacola, FL. That continued up until Congress kicked me out of military hospitals in 1996 because I was 65 years old. THEY CARED FOR ME FOR 19 YEARS. Then they breached the contract.

I sued the United States that I shed my blood for because they have become welchers and liars. They welshed on our contract, and lied about the reasons. They claimed the U.S. never made this agreement, that no one in government had authority to make this contract with us, and that no statutes ever authorized our medical care. These are outright bold faced ignoble lies, by the Department of Justice (Janet Reno), Congress, and President Bill Clinton.

The Plaintiffs Schism, Reinlie, the Class Act Donors, and the undersigned are determined that the U.S. keep it's word. As late as November 7, 1997, Army Recruiters still promised..."retire at 20 years and get free lifetime medical care."

Only one solution is acceptable. JUSTICE! We demand the same care that retired Congressmen and Federal employees get free military care or FEBHP for age 65 and older. There are 3,000,000 eligible WWII and Korean retirees and spouses. Thirty thousand (30,000) die each month. Thousands of our enlisteds have no care, or little care. This is criminal and obscene!

These 3,000,000 eligibles are paying medicare premiums of about $1,500,000,000.00 per year for care they should get at no cost. Most medicare supplements cost about $3,000.00 per year per couple. Those premiums may run as much as $4,500,000,000.00 per year. WWII/Korean vets win WWII and freeze in Korea and get clipped some 6 billion for medical care that was to be free. What a deal? We must have justice...maybe it's time for a Washington D.C. "Tea Party" Col. Bud Day (R)
Medal of Honor, Air Force Cross.

Billy J. Young
Major, USAF Retired
Military Careerman {1951-1971}
6048 Fox Dr.
Fort Gratiot, MI 48059
(810) 385-9422

Misinformation about Kosovo

The inspiring article by Simon Jakins "Kosovo: Too Many Cooks" (The Times, 11th March 1998) gives an excellent example of the hypocrisy and, meddling by the West in the Serbian (Yugoslav) affairs regarding the events in Kosovo-Metohija or Kosmet. Kosovo is the eastern and Metohija is the western part of the province in question.

Mrs. Albright, filled with her superpower hubris, and Mr. Cook with his smaller power hubris, are trying to dictate their own conditions to the Serbs, how to settle the conflict in Kosmet, with the help of the third member of this arrogant trio, Mr. Klaus Kinkel, with the support of the more or less obedient European Union. To show whom actually calls the tune from the very beginning, Mrs. Albright 'indicated on 9th March 1998 that the United Nations charter respecting the internal sovereignty of states is no longer recognized by America'. The events in Kosovo-Metohija are a concert of one-sidedness, bias and double standards by the West.

The violence that escalated there from the very beginning of 1998 had been expected, as a continuation of the big power policy of USA, Germany and a part of the European Union, so successfully applied to fragment the former Yugoslavia, especially in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The same arrogant ignorance and malicious intentions, the same articles with emotion charged headlines to sell the papers better, are here again. The principles of the PR Ruder and Finn Global Public Affairs from Washington had been rally adhered to.

The Albanians from Kosovo-Metohija, the Croats, the Muslims from Bosnia-Herzegovina, did not pay in vain. It is really Pity to use the human tragedy and to distort the truth just for propaganda purposes tragedy. 'Serbs turn Kosovo into killing field' is a shining example from 8th March 1998 (Daily Telegraph) of a basic misinformation. Who started the trouble? Wasn't it the self-proclaimed ethnic Albanian Kosovo-Liberation Army (UCK) that started the killing: six Serbian policemen were killed at the beginning (from ambush), many Albanians who worked in various state enterprises are dead, among them 8 foresters brutally murdered. Everybody must wonder what would USA, Great Britain, France, do in such circumstances. Several years ago during the riots in Los Angeles, about 70 people were killed, a lot of them died at Waco. What would the U.S. Administration say if the United Nations or the European Union expressed their intentions to send there their observers, missions, or even troops just 'to meditate'? Wasn't Los Angeles a killing field with a strong racist motivation?

The more or less nonchalant attitude of the west to the flagrant support to the terrorists by the Albanian authorities and the lukewarm objections of' the West to the continuing violence terrorist Kosovo Liberation Army (UCK) will definitely not discourage the militant part of the Kosmet Albanians from their acts of violence. That attitude will also not compel them to make a deal with Belgrade.

Academic Information Center of Serbia
[email protected]

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