The Coastal Post - March, 1999

Europe Going Bonkers Again
Will NATO Attack Duo-slavia?

By Jim Scanlon

As I write this the US Air force and Navy are moving ships and aircraft in coordination with North Atlantic Treaty Organization forces in preparation for yet another undeclared war on a small defenseless country. This is getting to be a bad, lethal habit US citizens have gotten used to.

Under the name of a "Peace Conference," a country is being intimidated and threatened with death and destruction if it's leadership does not agree to the military occupation of one of its provinces. If the leadership agrees to this ultimatum, this "Diktat," NATO troops will occupy the rebellious province for three years as a kind of old fashioned Imperialist Protectorate. If not, it will be attacked and selectively blown apart from the air by smart bombs and guided missiles. There is not even the justification that vital oil supplies are at stake. Civilian casualties will, or course, be duly regretted and blamed on the bad guys.

What used to be called Yugoslavia did not just spontaneously break up and disintegrate. Many countries face restive national minorities struggling for national independence which, for one reason or another are not recognized by large powers in the interest of "stability." The US does not encourage independence for Quebec or Chiapas, neither does Canada or Mexico support independence for the Lakota or the Apache Nations. Such actions would, rightly be called hostile and subversive.

It is a well known historical fact that Abraham Lincoln legally emancipated our African slave laborers to forestall British and French recognition of the rebellious Southern States of the Confederacy. Some States or Nations, get recognized, like Israel, and Slovenia, some, like the Kurds and the Basques don't. It took the deliberate murder of millions of European Jews to get a homeland, Slovenia seems to have gotten a free ticket, so to speak. (Hundreds of thousands of Serbs were persecuted and deliberately murdered by the Germans and collaborating Croats during the last military occupation of the region.)

Western Europe, NATO, is not an impartial peaceful neighbor, since it actively supported the succession of Slovenia and Croatia, the two Western, Roman Catholic provinces or nations. The secession of these two parts of the Yugoslavia left the other mixed Muslim, Eastern Orthodox Rite areas in chaos, being less able to clearly define ethnic, religious and racial boundaries. Diversity works well only in large, powerful states or empires.

NATO seems not only to be continuing the Cold War, but the East-West, Byzanthian-Roman Christian schism, the Medieval Crusades against Islam and the Renaissance resistance to the Ottoman Turks-all at once! This is a slow struggle for power as a revived Europe expands its area of control. "Divide and Conquer" works as well today as in antiquity.

Four years ago the area was called "the former Yugoslavia" Now the term "Yugoslavia" has been revived and is used to refer to Serbia, with Kosovo as a province, and Montenegro. Slovenia is now an independent country and has actually been nominated for full membership in NATO. Croatia is also an independent country as is Macedonia. Yugo-Slavia, Country of the South Slaves, should actually be called "Duo-Slavia" for the two residual Republics.

Kosovo, also known now as Kosova, an area populated by "Ethnic Albanians" or more recently, "Kosovar Albanians" would seem to be a prime candidate to become a Republic in the manner of Slovenia. But, following the European logic that produced two world wars in 25 years, what's good for Slovenia is not good for Kosova. The latter would be a bad example while the former wasn't.

There always exists one set of rules for the powerful-the set of no rules, and another set of rules for the weak-whatever rules the powerful arbitrarily decide.

Madeline Albright, the US Secretary of State, appearing on US Television, encouraged the Serbian President to "Wake up and smell the coffee!" (This left me wondering what it was supposed to mean!}. She lectured him that allowing NATO troops to occupy Kosovo would allow Serbia to keep Kosovo-a form of logic Western Europeans and North Americans have no difficulty following, along the lines of "destroying the village to save it!"

The Albanians in Montenegro and Macedonia might become restive and want to revise borders or even unite with Albania into one grand dilapidated poor house Albania. But the Southern Albanians in Albania don't seem ready to welcome the prospect of more northern Albanians in their country. Sort of like the Southern Italians and the Northern Italians or Sureo, Norteo gangbangers in California, or Cripps and Bloods.

Why are a quarter of a million American troops still stationed in Germany? What does this fact tell us now in 1999? I have asked several people and no one seems to know why they are there.

This July there will be a conference of Kurds in one of the Basque Provinces of Northern Spain. There are also Basque Provinces in Southern France.

Yes, Europe is bungling about the Balkans and elsewhere, and who knows where this bungling will lead to?

Considering the history of the present century, here's a lot more to worry about than the Y2K embedded chip problem.

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