The Coastal Post - March, 1999

News And Notes Of Novato

By Betty Machado

Hello, Dear Hearts

Welcome to the month of March. Wednesday, March 17, is the day for the Irish, St. Patrick's Day. With my grandfather's name of Thomas J. Malloy, I feel this is a special day, and make the most of it. March is also the second birthday of our grandson, Jack William Thomas Machado, son of Paul and Angela in Petaluma. Happy Birthday, Jack! The City Council update

They are very busy with many projects. We are in the middle of the upcoming budget. If you as a citizen feel you want a project of interest to be on the proposed budget, now is the time to write it down and present it to the City Council so it can go through the due process of being heard and considered. Assistant City Manager, Wally Bokiewicz, has written a report for the City Council titled "FY 1999-2000 City Council Goals and Budget Priorities." Stop by City Hall and ask for a copy; small fee required. This will give you an insight as to where your tax dollars are going. Some expenditures don't seem worthwhile yet. The Council has to decide on your behalf what to add or delete from the list. For instance, did you know under Community Development, the on-going costs for the following projects is $169,00. Islands Maintenance, which includes new plantings and long-term increase in maintenance: $32,500. Skate park maintenance: $11,000. Scottsdale Marsh maintenance: $24,000. This is where your tax dollars are going. Do you agree? Ask questions now. Vote on March 2: School Bond measure, $40 million dollars

Although this subject is coming in late, I still feel we should be aware of background information which has been mailed to us. The first one was the letter sent co-signed by Nancy Sangster and Dietrich Stroeh which supported the bond issue. I called Nancy Sangster to ask a question about the update of fire alarm systems. My point being the fire alarm systems better be adequate in our schools with the students and personnel involved. She did not know the content of the letter, requested I fax her a copy! Can you believe this? I had the committee supporting the bond issue fax her a copy. To date, she has not returned my call. Citizen of the Year, leader in the community, all the honors being bestowed and she can't respond to a simple question?

There is no exemption for the seniors in this election, only on a parcel tax can that be applied.

Paul Jakab wrote the opposition to the bond measure. He found out no one had submitted a statement showing the other side, so he did it on the last day, and he is now involved in the community. We have met in my office at McDonald's. Found him to be a very sincere person and a concerned taxpayer. Hope people will get to know him. Be sure to vote on March 2

This is not a special election. The state has changed the primary election from June to March. Come to the Fair

Saturday, March 27 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Hamilton Information Center. The Chambers Cable Channel Fair, this will be the meeting with representatives from Animal Planet, Outdoor Life, Toon Disney, The Learning Channel, Fox News, and many more programs. See you there. Mark your calendar today. City Council to receive report on building plan check costs

Remember the recent discussion about the Buck Center not costing Novato taxpayers? Phil Vince, Senior Management Analyst, is submitting a report in which he states, "At the mid-year point in the 1998/99 operating budget, this account is almost fully expended. This is largely attributed to the consultant work associated with the Buck Center and Hamilton Development projects. Fiscal impact: All of the development projects that require consultant services are cost covered. This means that the City is fully reimbursed from the applicant for all payments made to consultants. The applicant pays the City in advance for all the consultant services and enters into a signed agreement with the City outlining the scope of consultant services to be performed. The applicant's deposit is initially kept in a holding account. The City then uses these funds to pay the consultant for services rendered. For every dollar expended, the city receives a dollar in revenue for cost recovery consultant services. This has no affect on the next dollar amount. The end results: The City Council is being asked to adopt a resolution to have an additional $80,000 in appropriations and corresponding revenue to be budgeted to increase the consultant budget. Watch for the next chapter! Good-bye to Sharon Larsen

The City Council presented a proclamation to her on her retirement form City Staff. Sharon started out in the parks and Recreation Department. She retired as the Secretary to the Police Chief. Have a wonderful retirement, Sharon.

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