The Coastal Post - February, 1999

Why Can't We All Just Get Along? Rodney King
By Stephen Simac

That forlorn cry for human brotherhood, sounds naive to the cynic. It's become a punch line, like I've fallen and I can't get up. Family, tribe, race, religion, nation and ideology have provided the small differences between humans to justify our murdering ways. Religions have a place of honor in the killing grounds, although they inevitably claim to seek common ground.

The pages of the Coastal Post have hosted the claims and views of many outspoken individuals. Recently various groups which represent some Jewish people have branded the paper as anti-Semitic, a catch all curse with no actual foundation in fact or semantics. This paper is no more popular with the KKK than the JDL.

Biologically speaking, the Semitic or other so called races have no real meaning. Genetically we are only 1% different than chimpanzees. Human differences are restricted to thousandths of one percent of our DNA. Even in what are popularly known as "races" of humans, there is a huge mixture of traits and types.

If you want to believe in Noah and the Flood, and that all humans are descended from his sons, including Shem, Ham, and Japhet, can logic convince you otherwise? Doubtful.

It is superficially obvious that most Eastern European Jews or Ashkenazi are not Arabic, the traditional Semites. Genetic and blood typing show that the Ashkenazi are more closely related to Slavs, Turks, and the various other peoples from these areas than middle eastern Arabs. Arthur Koestler in his book The Khazars: The Thirteenth Tribe, builds a historical case for the Ashkenazi emerging from the conversion of the Khazars to the Jewish faith in 740 AD. There were a few Jewish communities in Eastern Europe before this conversion, so there is probably some Semitic mixture in the Ashkenazi blend. The popular prejudice against people of the Jewish faith, or descendants of the Jewish faith, whatever their current belief system is not based on race, Semitic or otherwise.

Prejudice against people of the Jewish faith by church and states of the Christian faith has a long history, probably from insecurity and the human tendency to scapegoat other humans. All of the first Christians were Jewish, as was J.C. himself. Almost everything about the Christian religion is lifted from other religions around the Mediterranean.

While Jewish people who believe in myths and folktales are still waiting for a Messiah, Christians who believe in the same myths and the same god, accept that the Messiah has already come once, and like an unpredictable comet is bound to come again. Muslims also believe in the same god, channeled through their prophet Mohammed. Can anyone reason with these people if they want to kill each other? No one has yet. Their god appears impervious to rational exploration, and must be accepted on Faith and Fear.

I will always be a Catholic, according to the Vatican boast of "give me your children for the first seven years and I will have them for eternity", even though I quit the Church when I was eight. I wouldn't want to be blamed for the well documented Catholic conspiracy, so I can understand how unfair being blamed for some shadowy Jewish conspiracy must be for non religious Jews. Even most religious Jews have about as much inside information and influence as most faithful Catholics.

To deny that powerful people of any faith, tribe, nationality or international corporations conspire to maintain their power and position by any means necessary and effective, is also illogical and ignorant.

In this country however the most powerful and wealthiest institutions or families like the Rockefellers, the DuPonts, the Mellons, the Catholic Church, the Mormons, and powerful Protestants are not Jewish. They may hire Jewish people to represent their interests but are sheltered by the popular belief in a "Jewish Conspiracy." There are also many powerful and wealthy individuals and families who are Jewish, practicing or not. It is still simplistic to believe in religion or blood based conspiracies, when we live in a cash and carry economy with out loyalties to impotent gods.

Middle class success in our culture can be attained with the values and practices of many Jewish families which emphasize academics, careful finances, sobriety and voting blocs. Any group could attain more influence and power if they followed those general principles. Or they could bitch and moan about Jewish conspiracies.

Certainly President Clinton has a number of men and women who have Jewish heritage, including Cohen and Albright who identify themselves as Christians. Most likely they are the best and the brightest the administration could attract.

In fact people of Jewish heritage, have been so successful, it is sometimes hard to understand the victim mentality that groups which claim to represent them adopt. After all, almost every culture, race, or country has experienced their own holocaust and perpetrated one in their history, including Israelites.

Hitler's pogrom of killing of millions of Jews along with many other scapegoats of Nazi Germany was horrendous, evil and should never be forgotten. Yet the slaughter of twenty million Slavs by the state forces of Hitler, then Stalin are glossed over. They don't even rate a museum. Meanwhile holocausts still happen every day while our attention is fixated on only the Shoah.

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