The Coastal Post - February, 1999

News And Notes Of Novato
By Betty Machado

Hello, Dear Hearts

Happy St. Valentine's Day. Second month of 1999 already-where is the time going? February is an important month in the Machado household. Birthdays! Jack always came first with the 6th, followed by Laura with the 8th and Paul with the 12th. Since Paul was born in 1959, he was first followed in 1960 by Laura. Four days make them the same age. One year has an impact. Happy Birthday, everyone! New City Council person

Congratulations to Ernie Gray being appointed by the Novato City Council to fill out Cynthia Murray's term of 10 months. Former mayor Bob Burke was at the council meeting. During open time, he did go forth and place a complaint as to procedure of the appointment. He started out by saying, "Sorry I am going to poop on your parade, Ernie," and he proceeded to let the council and staff know the agenda did not tell the public what was happening the week before. He eluded to the fact a member of the public, the week before, did tell them they were in error of procedure, and the person was Gail Meyers. Although Bob did not state who it was, let me do so. And both parties were right. The agenda is made up by the city manager. The mayor can also be involved, but the ordinance does give the city manager the exclusive right to do the agenda. Ernie Gray is the mayor emeritus, so designated by the city council a few months ago. And remember, you read it first in this column that Ernie would be selected. During the discussion of election vs. appointment, the mayor did publicly state he had been lobbied at lunch by two people who wanted the appointment: Hugh Turner and Ned Lagin. Pat Ecklund did say she had received letters from interested citizens but did not reveal their names. I walk by night comment:

Ned Lagin is very disappointed he was passed over! Loan of $400,000 for teen and gymnastics center project

This item appeared on the January 12 agenda for the City Council. What is staff recommending? To repay the loan sooner with General Obligation Bond revenues, if the November election is successful. Talk about a gun to the head of the voters! Seems the project is looking for ways to finance the upcoming improvements for the teen/gymnastics center. According to the bid, deleted from the contact is the teen center snack bar/cafe of $29,025 plus two entry structures of $38,000. As of now, volunteer services are needed to help with this project. New post office on Redwood Blvd.

Our main post office can become a reality if we the community let the real estate department of the U.S. Post Office know what we want in the community. History: We did have a downtown post office. It was on First and Vallejo Streets (now Johnson's Pool Service). Seems when McAfee's Junior Department store closed in Nave Shopping Center, the Nave Brothers had unused space, although McAfee's were paying rent. Richard Nave knew Congressman Don Clausen. So the post office was transferred to Naves. First things came first. So the parking was adequate, the location was centered in South Novato. No San Marin in those days, and we lost our free-standing post office building in the downtown area. But not all was bad. Where would the trucks have been parked on First and Vallejo? So now we go to Redwood Blvd. And look at the Pinerio Ranch as the new development comes, known as Centennial Homes. Dan Morgan is the president of the group. He has been contacted, likes the idea. What an anchor for his commercial on the front of his project. So now he needs the support of the community. Yes, we do need a free-standing building on Redwood Blvd. to be our main post office. The second one would be the Nave post office. Leaves the trucks over on South Novato Blvd. So what can you do? Just drop a note to Dan Morgan, 1750 Bridgeway St., #103-B, Sausalito 94965. He has already contacted the real estate department of the U.S. Post Office for information. Guess who is going back to school?

This columnist will be going to Dominican as of January 25 to audit a class as a senior citizen. No fee, just a commitment to be in the seat every Monday and Thursday until May. According to the IJ story, senior auditors may choose from 300 courses, day, evening and weekends. We can attend class, complete assignments and participate in class discussion, if we choose. We do not take examinations and we are not required to complete major assignments, including research papers. We do not receive college credit for auditing course. If you are interested, call the Campus Services Center at Dominican, 485-3221. Come and join me. Jeremy Manriquez takes a bride

As a total surprise to Shelly and Jay Manriquez welcomed a new bride into their family on January 1. Their son, Jeremy, with Mary Tonge, drove to Reno and were married. Mary is from Pennsylvania, worked in Berkeley where Jeremy met her and now they reside in Novato. Congratulations, you two. His brother Jason and wife Mimi, along with Shelly, Jay and sister Tabatha, gave a reception for the newlyweds on Sunday, January 18. Wonderful day had by all. Novato lost good people in January

This winter has been hard on our citizen Mary Jane Burke, County Superintendent of Marin Schools. She lost her husband, Larry Lyons. Sam Marzell died leaving his lovely wife, Jo, and Marge Nau Conove died, leaving her husband, Geary. Each family is unique to me. To all I say, I am sorry they have gone on. We will miss each of them. Rain is finally here

I spoke to Mike Pechner by phone and since he is KCBS weatherman, had to ask how long will the storm door will be open. Sounds like the old weather pattern for Marin county is returning. Thank God no drought again. Welcome rainstorms! Have a happy St. Valentine's Day everyone.

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