The Coastal Post - February, 1999

Clinton's State of the Union Speech - (Rejected Draft)
By Frank Scott

My Fellow Americans, for a change I'm going to be honest with you. We face the most serious challenge in history, and it has nothing to do with the current trial in the senate. The economy that is supposed to be booming is doing so by busting the earth and its people. The lavish profits for a minority of humanity are costing the majority its future. The gap between that affluent 20-25% and the rest of the world grows wider, deeper and more serious, as our politics grows narrower, shallower and more ridiculous.

Our political economic system is controlled by big money, employing liars and fanatics to do its bidding . Deeply rooted hypocrisy, criminal disparities of wealth and double standards of morality are demented manifestations of our system. The market booms, then busts, then booms again. But who really does well ?

Is it the millions of Americans with no health insurance? Is it the billions world-wide who live on less than ten dollars a day? Is it the wandering souls who forage in garbage pails, sleep on the street and frighten their neighbors? No, it is the global investor class and its employees, sought after by governments even as they punish their own people to entice that profit seeking minority .

I was elected president by favoring less government, more capital punishment and an end to wasteful stupidity . I did cut government and support more executions, but if you really thought I was about ending anything wasteful and stupid, guess again. I merely tried to change the financial burden of society by making things more profitable for the corporate rich, creating low wage jobs for the poor and having the middle class put everything on plastic. I believed in the market as the solution to every problem, uncontrolled by anything but big money and an invisible hand. I was wrong, and so were you for supporting me.

The right wing that has been out to get me looks pretty dumb , but if you really analyze what I stand for, I look pretty dumb, too. I thank you for overlooking my dishonesty by over-compensating for it with my cuteness, but I have been an exponent of the very same system of religious political economics which the right wing professes, in only slightly different fashion.

They screw around, too, and admit it when they get caught , while I do it and lie . But we both know that marriage and family are simply institutions that are separate from our sex lives . When it comes right down to the real nitty gritty, we put our money in the same banks, we take campaign contributions from the same financial powers , and we pray to, lie to, and beg forgiveness from the same god, while we use selected portions of the bible to rationalize our deceit and hypocrisy. As a famous foreigner once said , what is to be done?

I come before you tonight with a warning. If you do not transform this system and change its focus, from, the exclusive pursuit of profits for individuals, to, acquiring the means of a better life for all people, it will self-destruct . You must pay attention to what is happening to humanity and the environment of planet earth as a result of uncontrolled markets and reckless private profit seeking, and work to affect radical democratic change. Quickly. There isn't much time.

I have lied to you in the past, but now you must believe me. This system is leading us to catastrophe. The domination of politics by wealth is causing the proliferation of hypocrisy and the clouding of our minds with disinformation. From global warming to the destruction of forests to the ever widening gap between the affluent minority and the working majority, the evidence shows we are moving in the direction of social chaos and environmental ruin.

But there is hope, if only you will follow my advice. You must build a new political system by becoming involved in the major parties, or by forming new parties and working for what has been a fiction until now : democratic power. Institute a new form of government that works for the greater good of all, protects the rights of minorities, but never allows any minority interest to dominate. Support public financing of elections, don't allow personal contributions of more than $100 , and stop measuring national success by computing gross domestic product, but instead by creating a standard that measures the well being of earth and its people.

This will not be possible if you continue to accept the present cynicism that passes for wisdom, and the double standards that we call moral values. We need a single standard of values , decency and morality that recognizes this truth: We are of the earth and we will someday return to the earth, but while we are on the earth, it is a sin for a minority to control and own most of the wealth ,while a majority lives in debt or poverty.

With real democracy, the electronic advances of recent years can help bring about a much better world. Don't let minority wealth maintain its domination, or we will have no future. And it doesn't matter what sex, race or creed that wealth comes from ; if it works against the interests of humanity and seeks only personal gain, it is your enemy, and not your friend. I am your friend, so please accept my resignation as your president. Thank you and good night.

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