The Coastal Post - November 1999

Tower of Bubble

By Frank Scott

We approach a new millennium with some fearing that the end is near. They stock up on canned beans and loaded weapons, preparing for an explosion that may have more to do with their gastric systems than with our economic system. But at least they worry about something outside themselves. Most of us are taught to think our problems are personal, not social. It would be an overstatement to call us brain-washed, but we do have our minds rinsed by consciousness controllers. Only a misinformed citizenry could believe that these were economic boom times, when more than 34 million of us are still poor, more than 13 million of those being children.

Most Americans live reasonably well, but only because they are in great debt. A serious illness or loss of job could mean the end of their individual good times. Yet, despite their marginal situation, Americans generally believe that all others are doing wonderfully.

The majority is led to think that everyone else owns stocks that lose at the market but somehow win on Wall Street, has cell phones and pagers in every pocket and purse, and lives a life of leisure and fun. So why is it that 10% of us are certified as clinically depressed, allegedly costing employers more than $36 billion a year in lost labor? And remember that millions of Americans cannot afford to be clinically certified anything, because they are without health insurance, or have less than they need .

If we're doing so well, why do we drink so much booze, take so many drugs, need so much therapy and take so much advice that we are the world's foremost market for hustlers who teach us profound truths, like how to get up in the morning and wash our faces? If things are under control, why are we overweight, overworked, overspent and overwrought?

A regular dose of mind rinse from our consciousness controllers fills our heads with personal dread, while emptying them of social awareness. Threats to our survival are supposed to be things like violent kids, even if none live in our neighborhoods, or foreign terrorists whose names we can't pronounce and whose homelands we can't find on a map. Or people who foolishly stand in the way of global free trade, because they can't see the logic in more jobs for less pay, and more profits for less people.

The unemployment rate is at 4%, considered high in some societies. But that rate is deceiving, since it involves generally lower paying work; more than 28 million of us earn less than $8 an hour. The average hourly wage is just over $13, hardly enough to buy stock and tool around in an SUV while babbling on a cell phone. And nearly 14 million citizens earn less than half of what passes for a poverty line. Are we having fun yet?

The "new" economics is based on even more debt than the old, and the deeper we sink into material obligation, the shallower our understanding of the system seems to become. Regularly applied mind-rinse hides the nature of reality the way hair-rinse obscures the biological calendar. But cosmetics cannot fool nature; they can only disguise the pus-pimples and fever-sores of a diseased system.

Our economy is floating on a debt bubble the size of the planet Jupiter, and our corporate commissars are doing everything they can to increase that debt, in order that underpaid workers might consume what they have over-produced. This, while hired political flunkies are doing everything possible to decrease competition, by removing every defense against monopoly put into place after the Great Depression.

For every market investment bonanza on one side of the global ledger, there is a human environmental tragedy on the other .This tradeoff is not new, but it is becoming more dangerous than ever. Rather than fear Armageddon due to computer error, we need to fear a future under control of economic forces that have created sweat shops and wealth gaps more immoral than those of the 19th century.

Mind management tells us that this system is inevitable, unchangeable and beneficial to all, despite its record of human and environmental destruction. But there is an organic resistance forming to counter this synthetic hoax. Opposition to the World Trade Organization is only one aspect of a growing social movement against global domination by private capital.

Protest against bio-genetics that produce bigger vegetables or juicier fruits are signs of informed democracy, not irrational fear, as our controllers would have us believe. Scientific progress that could create healthier, longer life is unlikely to do so under the marketing rules of corporate capital. It will simply make money for some at the expense of others, which is all the system is designed to do.

Corporate science may produce a handful of rich and healthy clones, but they will be paid for by brain damaged, body deformed humans of less financial clout. That is the nature of the debt-based global economy; to reduce the vast majority to a work force of laboratory victims who assume the outrageous interest payments on an unprincipled investment of their labor, their environment and their lives.

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