The Coastal Post - November 1999

Letters To The Editor

Somebody Better Ask The Coast Guard

The residents of Point Reyes Station are not asking real questions of the developer who wants to put housing on the Giacomini parcels in town. Someone should be asking about the reality of the developer being able to use the Coast Guard's road for access, and about having surface water running from the development to the creek via Coast Guard property.

If Coast Guard regulations hold, there can be no use of Commodore Webster Drive (Coast Guard property) as access, and no allowance for Coast Guard property taking the brunt of increased runoff from that hill. So where do the residents of the town think the traffic and the water is going to go....the answer is "into Point Reyes Station downtown." I see big problems ahead.
Bob Gadow
Pt. Reyes Station

No Basis For Junk Gun Ban

In a shameful display of cynical "political correctness," both the county Board of Supervisors and the San Rafael City Council by 5-0 votes have adopted two anti-gun ordinances that will have no effect on crime or increasing public safety.

They both enacted a "cheap gun sales ban" to ban sales of so-called "junk guns," aka, "Saturday Night Specials," a racist anti-black term. The county exempted police, in effect saying the SNS in the hands of thugs is dangerous to us; in our hands is not dangerous to thugs and is no good for self defense, but in the hands of police it's okay for self-defense. San Rafael reps had enough residual good sense to eliminate that police exemption.

The BOS passed the ammunition registration ordinance despite testimony that the feds tried it for 18 years and abandoned it because the vast tons of records and time spent had failed to solve a single crime, and even despite Sheriff Doyle's testimony that deleting it wouldn't adversely impact his law enforcement efforts. Supe Hal Brown admitted not understanding it, but abandoned integrity and voted to keep it anyway. San Rafael was astute enough to reject it on a 4-1 vote (4 vs. Barbara Heller).

Both county and city passed the dealer regulation ordinance to put one more layer of bureaucracy and red tape on about the most regulated job around, with multiple permits and licenses required by federal FBI, BATF, state DOJ, state Board of Equalization, county and city agencies.

The sad fact remains that both county and city produced no evidence to support a need for the two ordinances, no evidence that Saturday Night Specials or junk guns are involved in San Rafael or county crime, no evidence that gun dealers "are operating in violation of state law" (as claimed in the ordinance), that San Rafael or county is "forced" by state inaction to adopt such ordinances. Our elected county and city reps rejected facts and evidence, choosing instead as reasons for passing the ordinances, emotional, "political correctness" and chiefly "other jurisdictions are doing it." Several of our "leaders" admitted the measures were only "symbolic" but would "send a message."

That's not why they were elected to office. They proved Mencken's thesis that politicals "will invent imaginary problems and then devise imaginary solutions," and proved the truth of Nikita Krushchev's remark that "politicians will build you a bridge-even where there is no river." Crime is sharply down in city, county, state and nation. There is no need, no problem-no "river" for their bridge. These ordinances are entirely imaginary solutions to imaginary problems.
Fielding Greaves
San Rafael

Novato's Seashore Fund

Recently I read that Gary Giacomini's Seashore Political Action Committee gave $250 to Novato City Council candidate Mike DiGorgio. There's not much "seashore" in the City of Novato!

Over the past two years, Giacomini's PAC gave a total of $3,150 to Cynthia Murray. It's interesting to note that Murray was the only one on the Board of Supervisors to vote against the ban on jet skis. Murray is such a good friend of the seashore!

Since Giacomini left the Board of Supervisors, he's earned his living by representing developers. It's obvious that money given to Giacomini's special little PAC is going to help people who are friendly to developers, not to help the seashore.
Ralph Webb

Torturing Animals For Science

Regarding the razor blades received by animal experimenters: If these threatening letters were indeed sent by animal rights advocates, perhaps we shouldn't be too surprised. After over 100 years of writing polite letters and demonstrating peacefully, and despite all we have learned about our fellow primates, monkeys used in experiments are still denied all recognition of their intelligence, family structure and basic interests. With no more than a sense of superiority as their justification, experimenters, like the reigning primates in Planet of the Apes, separate their "research subjects" from family and friends. Without a thought for the feelings they share with our own species, they lock them in barren metal cages, allow them to be handled by frightening "aliens" in white coats and masks, sink electrodes into their heads, sew their eyelids shut, strap them into restraint chairs, addict them to alcohol and drugs, and subject them to other anxieties and painful procedures too numerous to mention.

Having personally spent 20 years entreating, cajoling, and reasoning on this issue, I can only wonder if the "Justice Department" will succeed where I have failed. If experimenters feel afraid now, that is still nothing compared to the fear, harm and death they themselves have inflicted on their victims. Perhaps the mere idea of receiving a nasty missive will allow animal researchers to empathize with their victims for the first time in their lousy careers. History will no more smile on animal experimenters than it does not on those who used orphaned children, prisoners of war, gypsies, gays, and enlisted men in experiments against their will and best interests.
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animal
Norfolk, VA

Thanks For Support

I want to express my most sincere appreciation to the voters in the Marin Community College District election. You may once again be assured that the confidence expressed by your votes for my re-election is not misplaced.

Please continue your support, commitment and involvement with the College in the coming years and we will all benefit. College of Marin is a valuable institution in our community, and it deserves our attention and support.

Finally, my thanks to the other candidates for their good humor and friendship during the election process and to the Coastal Post for its coverage of the election.
Larry McFadden

Dear Jerry And Susan Knight

I was sure happy to hear that your long ordeal had come to an end. I know you've tried to keep your spirits up throughout, but I could tell from your description that you felt vindicated and the County had realized, by a judge's decision, that you are two people who would, and did, stand up for your rights.

In standing up for your rights, you stood up for everyone's rights. Many will not even recognize this, much less acknowledge it, but you did. I hope you'll hold your heads up high now that it's over. Those in the community, our neighbors, who align themselves with governmental control over people will speak a little quieter now. They'll speak with a little more respect now. And they'll speak a little less often. Someone, finally, stood up and said "that's enough!"

It had to come pretty close to home, in fact, inside your home, before it was stopped. But you stopped it! That's a victory, and no amount of money is too costly. Thankfully, some have always stepped up at the right time and been willing to pay the price. Don't forget that. People here and everywhere who you'll never meet will thank you for staying the course.
Kent Baldwin

Marijuana Anonymous Convention

Last January, I attended my first Marijuana Anonymous convention and I experienced a sense of camaraderie unsurpassed by any other recovery event I've attended to date. There is nothing quite like celebrating recovery with a few hundred former stoners! People came from around the world to attend this event, and it was great to see I was not alone in my disease. There were several informational recovery workshops from which to choose and a very inspirational guest speaker, but the highlight for me was the group skit, titled "The Dysfunction Family Feud," where the "Stoner" family went head-to-head with the "Normie" family. It was the first time I realized I did not need to smoke pot to have a good time. The most amazing realization for me was that we were all there for the same purpose, to celebrate our group conscience and to carry the message of recovery.

For years, marijuana was thought to be non-addicting. It was believed if people got addicted it was either all in their imagination or because there was something really wrong with them. Perception of the drug had swung from the hysterical "Reefer Madness" mentality of the 1930s to the belief that it was totally innocuous. For many of us, the truth lies somewhere in between. As is the case with addiction to many other substances, marijuana addiction can be a slow process. Some users never cross from using to abusing to addiction. For those that did become addicts, there was very little help, let alone understanding. Because it was needed and its time had come, Marijuana Anonymous began springing up here and there, almost like the plant itself.

In June of 1989, delegates from Marijuana Smokers Anonymous (Orange County), Marijuana Addicts Anonymous (the San Francisco Bay Area), and Marijuana Anonymous (Los Angeles County) met to establish a unified 12-step recovery program for marijuana addicts. A smaller Marijuana Anonymous group in Seattle had been unable to send delegates because of cost, and another small Marijuana Addicts Anonymous group, in New York, was heard from later. The first conference was held in a small hotel room halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles in Morro Bay. It was a highly emotional, exhausting, and gratifying weekend. The 11 delegates had each arrived with their own fellowship's particular agenda, yet they somehow managed to come away with satisfactory working compromises. As a result of this hard work, one group-Marijuana Anonymous-was born.

The second Marijuana Anonymous Unity Conference was held in the fall of the same year with delegates from Seattle joining the others. Two years later, the New York chapter was finally able to send a delegate. Shortly after the unification of the U.S. groups, MA was contacted by another Marijuana Anonymous organization in New Zealand. All of a sudden, MA was happening, and it was happening worldwide.

All of these groups had started one at a time, almost simultaneously, not even knowing of any other group's existence, but they had all started for one reason: their members did not feel comfortable in any other 12-step groups or self-help programs. In the areas where these meetings started, recovering marijuana addicts either felt unwelcome or disrespected, and occasionally, some members of other groups were still using marijuana, which was no help at all. In the end, MA choose to adopt the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous, because they have worked for so long and for so many. Like the other 12-step programs, Marijuana Anonymous is a program of recovery from bondage to a substance. The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop using marijuana. There are no dues or fees for membership, we are self-supporting through our own contributions. MA has come a long way from those first few hundred members that made up the new unified Marijuana Anonymous. There are now 6,000 copies in circulation of the first Edition of Life with Hope (MA's 12-step book), and there are regular MA meetings being held in 46 states and seven countries.

Marijuana Anonymous will be holding its 6th annual convention on January 14th through the 16th of the year 2000 at the Santa Clara Biltmore Hotel. The 2000 convention will ring in the "Millennium of Hope" with a multitude of informational and fun-filled events. Everyone is invited, including counselors, health-care and legal professionals, clergy, family members, and members of other recovery programs. The planning for this event was a joint effort on the part of the San Jose and Santa Cruz MA districts, and judging by the services offered, this event is not to be missed!

The Convention 2000 will offer traditional 12-step meetings, panel discussions, recovery workshops (covering a variety of topics from "MA and the Family" to "Writing and Spirituality"), instructional courses on meditation and yoga, as well as a special program specifically tailored for youths in recovery. The full package includes all events and meals, including a banquet dinner. There will also be a recovery comedy show, a concert and dance with the MA all-star band, raffle prizes and recovery merchandise for sale.

Guest speakers include Dr. Mark W. Stanford, PhD, Father Tom W., Dr. Jerry Callaway, and Mother MA. The Santa Clara Biltmore hotel is offering a discount rate for individuals and groups attending the convention. Free airport shuttles are also available. Call 1-800-255-9925 for hotel reservations.

Many registration options are available, with a $20 discount for early registration on the full package. Register now to reserve your seat for this once-in-a-lifetime event! For more information, call Kevin G. at 408-249-9865 or Will N. at 831-684-2461 or e-mail Will N. at [email protected] Registration info is also available at

To learn more about MA or to find an MA meeting in your area, call 1-800-766-6779 or check out the MA website at
Kevin G.
MA Y2K Millennium of Hope Convention Co-Chair

Letter From Prison

Let's set the record straight. I am no longer in San Quentin on my 8-month parole violation for drunk and disturbing in the parking lot at Perry's in Fairfax. I am in Corcoran, way down south in King's County. Riots, stabbings, fist fights, tattoos, homemade wine, dope, and Robert Downey, Jr., Charles Manson, Sirhan Sirhan. But we are not on the same yard, no siree Bob. I'm in the "hole"-administrative segregation. It is October 10. I am on the eve of my 46th birthday. They made it a legal holiday this year. It's Columbus Day, which means I can't get mail or a birthday card. Not to fret, Melinda, I'll "getchoo in my dreams." We got plenty to keep us going in the hole, even if I only get out of my cell once a week for "walk alone" yard, showers every other day. This prison took my good time and slammed me.

Thanks to the bad rep staff has in this joint (they sure live up to it), Tony Serra is working on my situation. Hooray for guys like Tony! Injustice will not prevail! I'm not at liberty to disclose too much here, outgoing mail is censored. So let's all give a hip, hip, hooray to people like Tony Serra and Lynnette Shaw (please write Lynnette!), and a big hello to Christine and Derek, the Jumbo folks from Point Reyes, Liam, the hippie bass player who I finally got to convert to Telecaster guitar, and boy, does he play a mean lead guitar! Hey, Laim, send a postcard and some live band pictures. Jumbo, send some, too! I love ya'll at Smiley's and I sure miss the Sunday open mike. Lord willin', I'll be home soon! Tom "Big T" Koors! You know there's a crown a laid up yonder for ya, Tommy baby! Always caring and sharing the love of Jesus, big brother!

We still got big dreams for big things for Marin County. We'll be a nationwide role model for alternative counter-culture technology yet! Lord willin', soon! Earthship Global, what's up? Solar-powered ranch for the global village!? We're gonna act locally, think globally! Yahoo dot com! Write me! S.F. Dell, Echo Times, College of Marin, hey, get back to me in a letter again! We're going to hook this fantasmagoric space ride into the 21st century with our MAPS seminars (music, art, politics and science), and let's not forget Donald Fagan-"90 minutes from New York to Paris, undersea by rail, just machines that make big decisions, programmed by fellows with compassion and vision." You like that, don'tcha, Roger Lane, you old Duxbury reefer, you. Raphael Sexton the NCR fun enforcer-what's up? Don Deane, try to keep the ink off your hands! Matt Farnsworth-God love ya, kid! Mario Cippolina, Michael Carabello, Neal Schon, Lenny Aviles, you ok? Father Guido Sarducci, Sean Penn-anybody got ideas? Love to hear 'em, let's get this thing started! What was it old Stevie "Guitar" Miller said way back? "Put a smile on your face/for the whole human race/it's a brave new world/where nothing can last/that comes from the past/it's a brave new world!"
* * *
November 14

The Board of Prison Terms is offering me a 210-day extension on my parole violation in custody time. They are seeking to hear my case on November 17 because I did not want 210 days extended in custody without a hearing to show my cause.

As you probably know, I was 12 days from release when I was called out to clean up the big yard after our second riot down here on orientation yard, and I cussed out a caseworker.

Long story short, she made a big thing out of it, lied through her teeth on disciplinary paperwork, and I got three months, 23 days in the hole for it. Three weeks to my release date they slapped another hold on me and now this board is looking to slam some more time at me. The "California substance abuse treatment facility" is nothing but riots, stabbings, beatings, work strikes, tattoos, homemade wine, heroin, porno, homos, mean cops, set-ups, and a bag of chips! And this is all the first month in orientation!

Well, you know all that crap anyway, I'm tired of going over it ad nauseum.

Anyhoo, thanks for your fine publication and pursuing community political concerns on behalf of all our mutual esteemed associates and colleagues. Would love a couple postcards of Bolinas for drawing models if you're so inclined to send 'em! Tell Jumbo to write!
Marc "Texas Tad" Adams
Box 5248
Corcoran Prison
Corcoran, CA 93212-5248

Coastal Commission: Not Just For Surfers Anymore

Fans of the California Coastal Commission were foaming with enthusiasm when Governor Davis said during his election he would take a moderate, reasoned approach to our coastline. To them, that was just happy talk.

Despite what the Governor said, they fully expected him to go along with their stated goal of expanding the power and scope of the Coastal Commission-enhancing their ability to shut down any new economic development, be it road construction, schools, housing, boating, and other activity in the most economically important part of the state. A part of the state that we who live outside the coast depend upon for jobs and recreation as well.

Almost a year later, they are still foaming-but now with indignation.

They are upset the Governor apparently meant what he said when he promised to respect the rights of everyone who works, lives and plays at the coast.

Witness their unhappiness when the Governor recently vetoed a bill that would have allowed the Coastal Commission unprecedented authority to extend its police powers to areas around inland rivers and streams-some dozens or even hundreds of miles from the ocean. Other legislation would have allowed the Coastal Commission to put a lien on any property if Commission staffers thought there could be a violation of state law.

As a city councilman in one of these non-coastal areas where the Commission was trying to extend its influence. I can tell you that no one is begging for Coastal Commission interference in our local affairs. But that didn't matter to Peter Douglas, the Commission's executive director, who criticized the governor for refusing to give his agency more power.

"That was a no-brainer...and incomprehensible," said Douglas, to the San Diego Union-Tribune. "He obviously got bad advice."

Douglas was talking about his nominal boss, Gray Davis, the same governor who recently approved tens of millions of dollars of state funds to enhance and acquire coastal land for parks. The same governor who is working for a bond measure that would add billions more. Apparently, that's not enough.

The Coastal Commission also wants to extend its influence to matters of national security. Earlier this month, the Commission rejected the Navy's plans to homeport two nuclear carriers in San Diego after several anti-nuke activists criticized the Navy's plan at a recent hearing in Oceanside.

Put side, for a moment, the incredible irresponsibility of delaying the Navy's plans to deploy our fleet in the best way it can. The implications are staggering when you think about what even a few days delay could mean if our carriers are needed but must travel.
Mark Yarbrough
Mayor Pro Tem
Perris, CA

WTO Protest In Seattle

While visiting Rose Lewis in Cornwall, I read in the Guardian of the five-day "Ruckus" training camp held a few weeks back, in Seattle. A two-page spread covers the "Big Action/Celebration" planned for the end of November, in Seattle, coinciding with the World Trade Organization's ministerial. The organizers hope to "create a defining political moment" by putting a major crimp in the WTO agenda.

The WTO birthed itself in '95 at the close of the Uruguayan GATT round, declaring its existence as the Earth's pre-eminent trade body. The problem with the WTO, aside from its utterly undemocratic underpinnings, is that its purpose is to uphold trade and resource development politics which serve to maximize short-term profits for multi-national corporations, and in so doing, override laws and rulings put in place to protect habitat, endangered species, and workers, by states and national governments. For instance: proposed treaties aimed at reducing the risks posed by the marketing of genetically modified (GM) seeds and foods, and national laws currently in effect regulating timber harvesting and pesticide use, to name just two areas, will continue to be weakened or obliterated by WTO rulings. WTO nations pose a grave threat to hard-won California state forest practices standards.

The Marin Headwaters Action Group plans to join the action this November in Seattle. For information about this event and/or attending it, call Dian Griffith at 454-6669 or Melinda Heithold at 669-1614.
M. Leithold

Lead By Example

U.S. Energy Secretary Bill Richardson said recently that the U.S. continues to believe that India is better off without nuclear weapons, that nukes are bad for India's security. He wants India to sign the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, impose a moratorium on nuclear weapons production, stop developing missiles and strengthen controls over exporting nuclear material.

Consider this scenario. Suppose one or more nations call upon the U.S. to:

1. Give up all its nukes, missiles and satellites

2. Disband its military

3. Shut down the CIA, NSA and FBI

4. Start speaking exclusively in Spanish

Suppose they claim that these steps will be good for U.S. security, and will make the world a safer place.

How would America react? Would such meaningless and insensitive suggestions result in a change of policy? Would the United States give up its nukes and abandon its military just because a demand was made, or would it continue to act independently to safeguard its security and sovereignty?

It is time for the Clinton administration officials to get real. They must stop trying to impose upon other nations what they themselves are not willing to do. If nuclear weapons are not good, then the U.S. must eliminate its nukes first, followed by pressuring Russia, China, the U.K. and France to do the same.

It is time for the United States to lead by example.
Mohana Kher
Bloomington IL
[email protected]

Natural Tampons

In response to the article that Sally Moon wrote, "Asbestos in Tampons," I was shocked. Houses aren't even allowed to be built with asbestos in them. I can't believe that people are still kept in the dark by large companies and hurt so badly by them. The leading causes of cancer are produced by the large companies, as well as their cures.

I have an alternative to using tampons. In the mid 1970s, I was already appalled by the amazing amount of disposable products and landfill problems developing all over the world: disposable diapers-"enough to line up to the moon"-and all sorts of plastic dishes, hospital appliances, etc. I wasn't yet aware of dioxins, and asbestos in the tampons, but I knew it was wrong to throw away so much on a regular basis. I discovered that a friend of mine was using a natural sea sponge, the kind from an art supply store. It lasts for a very long time, rinses out easily, doesn't smell like the deodorized tampons, and also doesn't hurt! You just dip it in really hot water the first time, trim the loose edges, and use it. When it's ready to be put away, I wash it out with peppermint soap, for that fresh feeling, and air dry. I even have a pretty cloth bag to store it in and keep it clean.

So who needs those yukky products? The companies are only interested in taking our money with no regard to human life or the planet we all live on. I will resist giving folks like that my money.

Thanks, Sally, for your letter.
[email protected]

Agrees With Simac

I'm in agreement with Stephen Simac's article "Religion and the Weakened Minds of Men" and wish to dialogue with him.

I'm specifically interested in his source of info on Hare Krishnas and gun running.
[email protected]

Stay Home, Simac

I have always enjoyed the Coastal Post, and will continue to do so, but Mr. Simac's version of Burning Man '99 really offended me. My wife and I have been together for 15 years. This was our sixth Burning Man, and every year it's like we are on our third date. We consider it coming home because of the people, the place, and the event. This year was bigger and better than ever.

In Letters, November 1, Brian Rust hit Stephen right on the head. He left out the fact that Stephen never bothered to get a ticket, (a deal at $65 for a week's worth of entertainment), never read the survival guide, lied and cheated his way in, came late, left early, didn't bring enough of the basics, mooched off of other people including his rides up and back, didn't help clean up, and broke the only rule Burning Man really has: NO SPECTATORS.

Stay home next year, Mr. Freeloader.
Peter Alexander
aka Playa Pete

Simac's Handful Of Dust

In a recent front page story in your paper, author Stephen Simac describes his trip to the event he styles "McBurning Man." Apparently, Simac crashed the gate, sneaking in by way of the back fence. When intercepted by a Black Rock ranger, he attempted to bluster his way past this member of Burning Man's volunteer safety patrol. When asked if he had a ticket, he proclaimed he was, "with the media." Little did he know, no free tickets are dispensed to members of the media. There are no back stage passes or special color-coded badges for insiders such as himself.

Everyone at Burning Man, including journalists, is regarded as a participant. Stephen (I will use his first name, since I feel I know his type so well) assured the ranger he would pay, but slyly adds, "This guy seemed a little naive about media ethics." Simac sneaked in anyway, and seems quite pleased with himself. During the rest of his stay in Black Rock City, he lounged about at Cafe Temps Perdu reading the Media Mecca press kit (he scoffs at contributing 10% of his journalistic earnings to Burning Man, as he thought was required by the project's media agreement. "I don't sign anything that binds me to a cult," he conveniently observes). He also complains bitterly about the weather. "By the time the drugs wore off that evening," he had had enough. He had, "been there," he felt, and "done that." He headed for an air-conditioned room in Reno.

In reviewing this sorry story, I can only observe that one's experience of Burning Man is wholly formed by what one gives to it. Having contributed absolutely nothing, Stephen came away with a handful of dust.
Darryl Van Rhey

Stop Malevolent Males

More random acts of gun violence. The nation seems dazed and confused, and to be becoming indifferent to this type of activity. Yet the central fact remains that without guns there would not be the multiple killings of workmates, schoolmates and community members. Also known is that the killing sprees are being carried out by male malcontents. So I ask, which of these two ingredients are most controllable?
Ron Lowe
Nevada City, CA
[email protected]

Merciful Death

Now they want to tell us how to die

It's bad enough that the government wants to regulate our lives, but now they want to regulate our death too. Congress just passed a law to overturn Oregon's physician-assisted suicide law. Although I commend Congress for allowing doctors to prescribe more aggressive pain relief for people near the end of life, pain medication doesn't help those who are dying from a disease where they slowly suffocate or starve to death.

It's time that people faced the fact that everybody dies and that we need to be merciful to the dying and end their suffering and show humans the same kindness that we give to our beloved pets when they are near death. This is America. Do we need to go to the government for permission to die? The way I see it, it's my life, it's my death. The government doesn't have the right to interfere in personal matters that are clearly a person's personal decision. Jack Kevorkian is a hero and a saint and it's a shame that this great man sits in jail for being brave enough to face a reality that the government is too afraid to face.

Maine Faces Reality On Marijuana Issue

I want to congratulate the voters of the State of Maine for joining several other states by passing the medical marijuana ballot measure. Although this measure is short of legalization, it's a step towards being realistic about drug policy. I think that keeping marijuana illegal sends the wrong message, because marijuana is a very safe, non-addictive substance, where alcohol and tobacco are highly addictive killer drugs which are legal. Making a safe drug a felony and a dangerous drug legal sends a confusing message to teens, who are expected to trust the judgment of the older generation.

It's time that the federal government wakes up and looks at drug abuse from a realistic and scientific perspective and passes laws that have a basis in medical and scientific fact like the voters of several states have done. From what I see, "marijuana madness" is a condition that seems to afflict those who do not smoke marijuana more that it does those who do. I think it's time that President Clinton take a deep breath, inhale this time, and admit that the government is wrong and the people are right, and quit wasting money fighting a "war on drugs," and pay off the national debt.

Further Reading: Telling Teens the Truth about Smoking Pot
Springfield, Missouri

Thanks For The History

I just wanted to tell you thank you for an article that appeared in your May 1, 1996 edition. I have been told by my parents that we were related to William Tell Coleman and have looked for information about him. The article was very informative and has given me more information I can pass along to my two sons. I know it's been almost four years since the article appeared, but I just found it on the web.
Ojai, CA
[email protected]

Letter From Jail

There is something in my mind that says, "Aliens have taken over the country and are making mush of our sense of reason."

The tobacco company says that it lied and that tobacco does cause cancer, heart disease and many other diseases. And it agreed to pay some 200 plus billion to the states to adjust the medical bills of the poor health care system and to limit individual suits.

I didn't hear talk of the individuals that were poisoned. It sounded more like the tobacco company was concerned about its health and that the health care system and states were sympathetic for a price. Are these people, machines, or what? Some kind of new species? They are coming off as prey, but aren't they the predators?

Now that we know that the tobacco is poison, if tobacco is advertised and sold without the federal, state, and local governments arresting and imprisoning all involved with selling poison to the citizens, is the nation on a campaign to destroy its citizens? (Okay. Just the smokers. But don't push me or I get out my evidence on alcohol that does more damage than black goo.)

See, I told you. Aliens have invaded and are killing us while making fools of us to boot.

Anyhow, for all you voters, you democracy champions-when something as simple as this is pushed at you and common sense tells you that good people wouldn't have it and you feel America is a good land filled with good people, vote this way: don't participate.

Just try it. It will have more impact than a vetoable vote ever did. Then and only then will this no-name government be off their assets doing what they are paid for as opposed to playing crush the heart of a fool who can't tell that the machine run amok is easily corrected by shutting it off.

So, take all your sick days, vacation, and stock up; then do not go to work one day. Do not drive or buy anything. Make it like a fast (it will do some of you good; I heard we tend to be a bit heavier than is good for us).

Imagine everyone doing this on the same day and in the same way. Surely, it would be a historical first. It might even scare the world. I know the no-name government would go pumping the media machine to shock us back to life. "The sky is falling, the sky is falling!"

Take my word for it. I don't need a Nobel prize in economics to convince you that work dieting is the answer to all this B.S. we are getting from these gangsters. Just as a traffic ticket is designed to bring about quick obedience to traffic laws, this program will have these con men finding out what we want, making promises and keeping them.
Marin County Jail

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