The Coastal Post - November 1999

Thousand Year Itch About To Be Scratched

By Stephen Simac

The millennial beast slouches out of the east, emerging from an atoll in the South Pacific, over the millennium dome at Greenwich Mean Time towards the falling sphere in Times Squared.

The triple zeroes turning over is a big event on the Julian Calendar, even the Pope declared it a Jubilee year, all debts are forgiven, send your bills to the Vatican. At least some of the excitement is because of the computer thing. That's Y2K, for those still wondering where the missing time went when the switchover from the Gregorian was made.

A thousand years ago the millennium came a week late in Europe because of that calendar and no one complained, or not very loudly. Good Christians were wearing their sackcloths and burning heretics. They were used for lighting during the Dark Ages.

The Muslim Arabs ruled over the middle east, saving ancient knowledge in medicine, math, astrology and calendars, as well as creating the Zero, harder than it sounds. Europeans would steal as much knowledge as they could during the Crusades a few centuries later, the early Church had banned reason.

In Mexico, the Toltecs were building empire under the leadership of Quetzalcoatl, a pale skinned, bearded, son of god, with a cross for a symbol, who opposed human sacrifice. His banishment for opposing capital punishment and promise to eventually return paid off for Cortez and his Conquistadores 500 years later, case of mistaken identity.

The Mound and Pyramid builders in eastern North America at that time had widespread empires, of which little is known except they liked to dig, possibly while smoking pot. South America was between empires, the Huara had fallen and the Incan's not yet gotten up.

In Asia the Mongols were still breeding horses and warriors, two centuries shy of Genghis Khan riding roughshed over the ancient civilizations of China, Persia and into India. Nomadic barbarians on horseback would rule over empires gone soft and rotten with wealth.

A thousand years later and it's a much brighter picture, especially for heretics. When understanding where you're at, in order to know where you want to go, it's useful to review where you've been. Standing on the edge of another century seems to require some reflection about what we envision for the future.

A Century Of Progress

The last century has seen more change in human society than the previous 900 of this millennium. At this end of the twentieth we have the means to destroy most of the larger life forms on Earth. We are strange fruit twisting on the sacred tree of Progress, facing annihilation or transformation.

Grand Conspiracy Theories

The hidden history of the manipulation and control of society by a wealthy and powerful elite has been invisible in media coverage, in the teaching of history and is almost absent from common knowledge.

The Truth Shall Set You Free a grand conspiracy theory book by David Icke claims that the Rothschild banking Empire, based in The City, London is like a giant financial octopus suckering humans through their many agencies into thinking, feeling and acting according to a hidden protocol. Icke combines conspiracies and hidden histories from many sources, some a little sketchy, but educational in its scope. His latest book gets into reptilian, 4th dimensional creatures controlling humans since Sumeria, openly worshipped as living Gods, after having bred us up from homo erectus. Now that explains a lot of things.

Instead of killing what is different, we can expand to include it. Our reality is accepted belief, the continually evolving consensual trance we choose to be the Truth. Of course it has changed through history, and we are the product of history.

The Coastal Post has been operating for the last quarter of the twentieth century, blatantly printing what Freedom of Speech and of the Press is designed to produce, a wide variety of opinions and stories, which the people are individually empowered to choose or not choose from. No official religions, either.

History as taught, the news as told, stories on the screen are distorted and simplified to hide the continuous efforts of those with wealth and power to accumulate more. The citizens are enjoined in the constitution to be ever vigilant against despots and tyrants. That's a lot to ask, it's an ask not what my country can do for me responsibility.

The Coastal Post is head and shoulders above most newspapers today for reporting on the hidden powerbrokers, although merely a midget standing on a giant's shoulders compared to the great muckrackers at the beginning of this century.

Sliding Behind Muckrakers

Upton Sinclair's fictional book about the meat packing industry, The Jungle, was truer to fact than the penny papers of Chicago, beholden to their biggest advertisers. Because it was a good read, it turned Teddy Roosevelt's stomach at breakfast and in response the Food and Drug Administration was formed. Today far more disgusting food products are fed to Americans with FDA approval.

A pattern of identifying a "problem," then creating a government approved "solution" which maintains the problem has long been used to mobilize public opinion.

For the most part we're too ready to believe, but the public relations package is so slick, the language so calculated to push our buttons that we're fooled through ignorance of our manipulation. Toxic Sludge is Good For You, a book written by John Stauber and Sheldon Rampton documents how insidious public relations companies have been at shaping mass behavior.

At the turn of this century the railroad barons lived in luxury, similar to the software barons of today. Enormous government giveaways to both their developing industries generated that wealth. Ida Tarbell and other journalists wrote scathing exposes and legislation was enacted around monopoly busting. For all the talk about the benefits of free markets, very few industries have preferred them over government giveaways.

J. J. Rockefeller turned oil into gold. Carnegie went with pig iron and coal into steel, the Morgans and Mellons used banking, Bell cornered telecommunications, Duponts manufactured gunpowder, and all used their wealth and political influence to bury or buy out economic competition. According to Icke's sources they were all originally bankrolled by Rothschild money and act in competitive concert.

Their monopolies bought politicians, public opinion through public relations propaganda, and tax free foundations used to shape and pass legislation favorable to their interests. The Rockefeller foundations were particularly influential in medicine, social sciences, psychology, education and other critical spheres of population control.

The creation of the Federal Reserve System, a non-governmental agency, on Jeckyl Island in 1913, is hidden history. Once bankers controlled the printing of money, they had the country by the balls.

The Federal Income Tax, allegedly to tax the super rich only was passed, as a constitutional amendment, but only by massive fraud. Alcohol was made illegal, the War on Drugs was begun and women got the vote by constitutional amendment in the next few years of that decade. That whole decade is mainly ignored, although it's repercussions are still felt.

Taxpayers are charged $200 billion in interest annually to the Federal Reserve. That's a lot of money just for printing greenbacks, which the government could do at cost by itself. It's basically a bribe to maintain the equilibrium of the financial and economic system, to keep the wealthy in power. Not that Alan Greenspan needs bribing.

The spoils of W.W.I included patents from the German chemical and dye industries which helped create an American chemical industry. They've repaid the debt by giving us better living through chemistry, and progressively poisoning the people since.

The collusion of Ford, General Motors, Standard Oil, international politicians and bankers beyond Switzerland with Adolph Hitler, aiding and abetting his rise to power are not mentioned, they're not even being sued for back wages for slave labor.

The top secret history of atomic weapons including the enormous costs and damages from development and testing are drowned out by military brass bands. The true history of the military industrial complex and their absolute control of the government since World War II are buried deeper than UFO information. The military mind never feels safe, no matter how much we give them they always cry poor.

The lone nut assassin or mass suicide theory has been used regularly, but the media mainly acts as an official explanation channel, to squelch information which implicates conspiracies.

Earth Changes, So Do We

We live in bloated times, when every good thing is abundant and citizens desire only comfort, freedom and liberty with no obligations or responsibilities. We've only taken the easy things about being an American to heart.

This will change when pigs fly. I believe those times are near, except cows won't be jumping over the moon, just yet. In the last decade of this millennium the magnetic field strength of Earth has measurably diminished, while it's internal resonance has increased. The levels of blue light in the sun's spectrum have increased enormously, and we are in peak solar storm activity. No one really knows what it all means. Strange weather, polar shifts, spiritual awakenings, lower crime rates or dimensional portals opening are mentioned as possible results.

Only a few people have even heard about these terrestrial changes, just as few people have heard about FEMA's authorization to seize control in a Y2K or other emergency. I'd like my check early, before the computers go down.

Saints And Sinners

A shift in the value we give material possessions to caring about conscious connection is taking hold in a chaotic fashion, like waves eating away at a cliff. There is a millennial fever and it can't be vaccinated against, it's built into our psyche like a microchip. When triple zeros roll over like cherries on a slot machine we start examining our core values, feel discontented with the same old sackcloths, and return to Zion for the lost knowledge.

As humans we think of reality as what we can perceive through our limited senses. With technology we've learned to believe in radio and television waves, ELF's and microwaves although the electromagnetic spectrum was always present. Hidden history is below the radar screen for most citizens made aware of only one side of the story.

The Coastal Post and others, the muckrakers, disturbing elements, are reminders that there's more to reality than what's on the news. Send $1 to keep it going into the millennium. Free Y2KY jelly for all donors.

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