The Coastal Post - November 1999

Guns Control Roundup

By Fielding Greaves
County Anti-gun Ordinances

Marin's Board of Supervisors is holding public hearings on November 2 on two ordinances, one to ban sales of "junk guns," the other to further regulate dealers and gun shows. The Board urges each town and city to enact them as well. The Sheriff must craft a list of banned guns and more dangerous to liberty, would have sole power to add other guns to the list as he deems appropriate. Dealers in the already greatly over-regulated industry are to be harassed with added local requirements aimed at driving them out or business. Gun show operators are also targets of harassment, including the requirement to pay a fee to the sheriff's department to train a deputy how to monitor gun shows.

These Mickey Mouse ordinances are "justified" as needed to keep Marin in PC (goose-) step with other jurisdictions having similar ordinances.

Do we have a wave of drive-by shootings? No. Surge in car-jackings? No. Wild shoot-outs in the street? No. Marin crime is down. The FBI's most recently available (1997) annual report says in the five years from 1992 to 1997, Marin burglary is down nine percent, aggravated assault down 22 percent, robbery down 22 percent, rape down 43 percent, and murder down an astonishing 91 percent. The Board fails to show a need for the ordinances.

The sponsor, Supervisor Hal Brown, says "junk guns" are "disproportionately" used in crime, and are favorite crime guns (both false). Sponsors try to have it three ways, claiming that in the hands of thugs they are dangerous to the public, in the hands of citizens they are useless for self-defense and dangerous to the user, and in the hands of police they are ok for self-defense as back-up guns. So they make a special exemption allowing police to use them-but only in their official duties.

The Police Officers' Research Association of California, an organization of some 640 local police associations representing 43,000 peace officers, wants "junk guns" also available for use by reserve and retired officers and off-duty active officers, all three prohibited. So again, the Board is off base.

The Board also offers an ordinance to further restrict and regulate the already over-regulated gun dealers on the false argument that it is intended to curb illegal acts by dealers. State and federal laws already control dealer activities. If a dealer violates those laws, prosecute him. But the Supes' real goal is to so hamstring dealers with more Mickey Mouse restrictions that they will de discouraged and get out of the business-an outrageous attempted operation in restraint of trade by the Supervisors.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to watch your City Council agenda, and when the ordinances are scheduled, attend its meeting, and speak out against them. And attend and speak out at the Board meeting at the Civic Center on November 2.

Regulating The Handgun Industry

Senator Barbara Boxer and other dishonest political charlatans, many media commentators, and other dupes of Handgun Control, Inc., falsely claim there is less control over the real handgun industry than over the toy gun industry.

I challenge them to name another consumer product for which the manufacturer must get permission from the federal government before it can begin making the product, the manufacturer must be licensed by the federal government, every single item produced must be identified by its unique serial number and must be accounted for at every step of manufacture, storage, shipping, distribution and sale, every store and individual dealer selling the product must seek permission of the federal government to sell the product, and must be licensed by the federal government to sell the product, every store and dealer selling the product must keep accurate written records of every single item sold, under penalty of felony conviction, every purchase of this consumer product must be approved by the FBI, theft of this consumer product from store or dealer constitutes a federal felony, every sale of this product is strictly limited by the age and background of the purchaser, and all product liability and negligence laws apply. This is what Handgun Control and its political, media and individual dupes call an "unregulated industry."

AARP Lied about "Survey"

American Association of Retired Persons claims its "most recent survey" shows that "members strongly support stricter gun control measures." But an AARP letter reveals it did not survey its membership, but its volunteer leaderships (with what biases?), that it formulates policies using a mix of member opinion (how obtained? NOT by poll!), public policy study (whose?), and consensus (among whom?) as well as their own experience (in what?). In other words, AARP "volunteer leaders" lie to their membership, do NOT poll their members on gun issues, but rely on their own biases and offer them up as AARP policy.

Government Attacks On Our Gun Rights

Polls by media and others on various firearms issues often phrase a question to produce the answer they desire-namely, that "America needs more and stricter gun control laws." What those poll takers never tell respondents is anything at all about the multiple laws already tried or enacted.

Over 20,000 gun laws are on the books (probably closer now to 30,000), and they've done nothing to curb violent crime. A doctor who gave the same prescription 20,000 or 30,000 times and still the patient never recovered would probably try some other solution-like those that have proved to work, such as the Three Strikes laws, "shall issue" CCW laws, and Richmond, Virginia's Project Exile, already adopted by a number of other cities.

That list of attacks were made or proposed at various levels of government against our Second Amendment rights by anti-gun bigots ignorant or scornful of the Constitution, and uncaring that the guns used by armed civilians annually save more than eight times as many lives as all gunshot deaths from homicides, suicides and accidents combined.

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