The Coastal Post - November 1999

Cancer: Industries Profit, People Suffer

By Stephen Simac

We have advanced from the sixties when Cancer was never talked about, people just died after a long illness. Those with cancer were thought of as lepers by many, infectious even.

Thirty years after the War on Cancer was declared and trillions of dollars marshalled to the cause, now the victims are blamed for their emotional plague, they should have vented their anger. Maybe so, but no one has shown suppressed anger to cause cancer.

Meanwhile dozens of types of cancer causing chemicals and hundreds of carcinogenic substances are known. The popular propaganda and the bulk of research dollars go for the cure, not prevention, because that would limit profits for key industries and their controlling families.

Last month I described the many frequencies of the eletromagnetic spectrum we are being bombarded with. What you don't know, Herz you. Wearing aluminum foil on your head almost sounds sensible. At least while you're on a cell phone.

This third installment is about Agricultural, Industrial and Medical Cancer Causers. That's a lot to cover and it could contribute to depression. Buck up though the Cure is right around the corner.

It's not as if a few toxins are going to kill you. Repeated Insults are needed in most cases, and that is what we get while Cancer Causers profit..

Dosage Stength and Duration Length are predictors of the likelihood of cancers to result from various known carcinogens. A longer time with higher levels predicts more cancers.

The first connection between cancer and environment was made when chimney sweeps were getting testicular cancer from coal soot in the last century. British sweeps had higher rates than European sweeps, primarily because the Brits didn't bathe regularly. That was effeminate, less so than the alternative.

Choose Your Poison

Home, Work, Driving, Eating, and Shopping are the places and activities Americans spend most of their time. All are typically saturated with carcinogens, many of them known, yet there's not enough political support to limit them. A candidate will be asked their position on abortion, but rarely on abortion and birth defect causing chemicals.

It's unpleasant to become aware of a problem, that we are being poisoned to profit a few, but we can avoid some toxins if we know. It's not effective to bury our head in the sand, or become fearful of dying of cancer. If you live long enough, there's a good chance, but it's not inevitable. Everyday health habits do lower risk of cancers and many other health problems, and they have immediate benefits.

Most people are living one day at a time. Prevention sounds like Social Security surpluses, compared to our concerns over How to Lose Weight, Feel Better, Become Richer and Make Love. Fortunately healthy habits can help with all those goals.

Balancing your immune system with nutritious foods, regular exercise, adequate rest and relaxation, loving relations, and a clear mind is our most effective personal prevention program against illness of all kinds. None of those are always possible, so add a few vitamin and mineral supplements.

Vent your anger on the Cancer Causers whose profits have more value than your health. Some products won't be banned as long as corporations and world trade organizations rule the world. Steer clear of anything by Monsanto, Dow or Dupont. Practice your own boycotts of Cancer Causers.

Love Bugs Don't Poison Them

Some of the strongest links to breast cancer, childhood leukemias, lymphomas and many other types of cancers are with agricultural and industrial, home and garden poisons. My dad used to spray Black Flag insect killer on his skin to keep the mosquitoes away. My mom made him smoke outside in the open carport. Even as a kid I knew that both were unhealthy, but it was his doctor who finally killed him.

You don't need scientific experts to tell you products designed to kill living things cause cancer or other health problems. However there are hundreds if not thousands of other chemicals being produced, which are known or suspected carcinogens, most of them introduced since WWII.

Our attention should be on the industries making profits off these toxins, but politicians are paid off with campaign funding, media bought up or off with advertising and they just pay off the researchers or trash their findings.

The scientists who aren't being bought off by the industries are telling, but few are listening. Living Downstream a book by Sandra Steingraber, Ph.D. traces the clear relationship between toxics release data from industries and higher rates of cancers in their communities.

There are hundreds of studies showing relationships with serious health problems. This is as good as they can get with the science, while obfuscation, bewilderment and delay overwhelms most citizen. Elected representatives and bureaucratic officials are not protecting voters, but profits.

Sick Building Industry

Since WWII homes have been designed for modern living, the good life through chemistry. American architecture has produced the most sick buildings in the world and the style has spread over the world.

Offices and Homes are constructed and designed to increase cancer rates. The materials they are built and furnished with all release toxic gases. Their inadequate ventilation systems routinely contaminate their sealed interiors.

Homes and building are built with attached or underground garages, pumping carbon monoxide and petrochemicals inside. Furnaces, dryers, contaminated water supplies, dishwashers (chemicals from the heated water), gas ovens and heaters, electrical devices and wiring all contribute to unhealthy homes, then we dump a dysfunctional family in there.

A Long Strange Trip

The highway transportation industry, a vast web of petrochemical producers, motor vehicle manufacturers and asphalt pavers contribute to cancers and health problems from start to finish. Of course lost years of life from petroleum cancers are dwarfed by the mayhem on the highway. More Americans have been killed by motor vehicles in one century, than in our entire history of wars.

Lung cancer rates have continued to rise even as the number of cigarette smokers has dropped. The smoking gun is in the air, probably petroleum refining and burning. Most western countries have banned the burning of coal for fires, some regions are banning wood fireplaces, but we still burn petroleum.

Vegetable oil burns cleaner than diesel, ethanol does not contaminate water supplies like MTBE and there are transportation alternatives which are less toxic, but petroleum products have certain advantages. Most of them written into laws.

Toxic Sludge With That?

Agribusiness interests are poisoning Americans with almost no outcry by the people. Bioengineered, sprayed with toxins, fertilized with sewage sludge, injected with hormones, packaged for ease of eating while driving, we'll take it.

You are what you eat. What you eat is what these industries want to control. Go organic, you'll save on medical bills. Eat more vegetables and less milk and meat, your food costs will decrease along with risk for cancer and heart disease.

Night Nurse

The medical industry has its own share of causing excess cancers from routine mammograms and X rays, pharmaceutical drugs, and burning medical waste, but they have also been more deliberate. Medical researchers have been busy breeding tumor producing and immune destroying viruses for the last thirty years, mostly in military research labs. Some of the biggest names in AIDS research were breeding similar biological weapons only a decade before.

Emerging Viruses, a book by Leonard Horowitz, M.P.H. from Harvard, exposes a paper trail of planning, funding, and research findings, and for military funded biomedical laboratories. They developed viruses which cause cancers, viruses which destroy the immune system, and super germs which just kill you outright.

He alleges with supporting evidence that cross contamination with vaccines was common, and that AIDS and Ebola epidemics in Africa and North America are vaccine caused. This has been alleged before but the news that military or medical industries are dangerous to our health is hard for most Americans to accept.

Horowitz includes copies of incriminating documents in his book. Geographic areas with Hepatitis B vaccine trials in the 70's became AIDS epicenters in the 80's. All vaccines are routinely contaminated with heavy metals, genetic material from other species, MSG, formaldehyde, herpes and other viruses. These are listed as possible ingredients in their official descriptions and special legislation has limited vaccine damage awards.

Intravenous Drips

Horowitz has a tape of Maurice Hilleman, a vaccines researcher for Merck, admitting "we were importing AIDS virus at that time' with green monkeys from Africa. If AIDS is caused by HIV retrovirus mutating from green monkeys, then the virus contaminated their polio vaccines which were developed in monkey kidney cells. Hilleman also admits that tumor causing viruses had contaminated Sabin polio vaccines and were "injected into ten million people."

Horowitz believes these biological weapons were designed for population control with the full awareness and deliberation of various Rockefellers and their puppet Henry Kissinger, the CIA, CDC, NCI, WHO, U.S. Army and Merck company along with a few other players. They are ushering in a new world order of pharmaceutical profits and chemically controlled citizens.

It's a well researched book and paranoids will be confirmed. They are out to get you.

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