The Coastal Post - October 1999

Preventing Cancer The Real Way

By Stephen Simac

There are no guarantees in life. Trying to prevent cancers with a better diet, taking supplements, quitting smoking, drinking less, exercising regularly, working healthier, relaxing and reducing stress are all part of lifestyles which reduce incidence of many types of cancers and other illnesses in a population. Almost everyone will feel better physically, emotionally and mentally from a wellness lifestyle, but healthier habits don't always protect individual people. The lifestyle angle is often used to blame the victims who do become ill.

Cancer is something Americans are reasonably concerned about becoming a victim of and contribute generously towards finding a cure, most often to agencies which ignore many known causes of cancer in favor of experimental and painful treatment. Prevention is less fashionable than The Cure, a lot less expensive, and would cut profits of powerful military, medical and industrial corporations. (featured in last months article on cancer)

There are an awful lot of victims. In America one out of three people will develop cancer in their lifetime. The rate is increasing fast enough to catch up with heart disease as the leading killer in the country early in the next millennium.

The current medical explanation for cancer is that cells are damaged by radiation, chemical mutagens, heat or viruses. If certain gene sequences in the cell's DNA which regulate growth are damaged, the cell can rapidly multiply as an autonomous body, shunting blood and oxygen away from other tissues nearby. Cancer growth can take decades, or may be more aggressive because of genetic differences. If this sounds like The Blob, medicine imitates art, at least B movies.

If our immune system are healthy they consume cancerous cells along with viruses, bacteria and other aliens. Keeping your immune system balanced is your best personal prevention program for cancer and most diseases. Healthy habits can improve immune functioning.

Cancer Prevention For Dummies
The best prevention method for most diseases in the united states is to be born wealthy and white. Best of all, become a Mormon Elder. Failing that, get to a higher economic and educational level as quickly as possible. Stop Smoking. Wear Sunscreen and a hat. Fresh, Baked or Boiled, not Fried, Grilled or Preserved. Don't Panic, Go Organic. Less Fat is More Better. Eat your Vegetables, Fruits too. Cultivate Friendships and Family relations. Remain Optimistic, seeing Challenges instead of Obstacles. Choose Denial over Depression.

Of course the best way to avoid cancer is to die young of some other cause, but most of us want to expire with a smile on our faces in old age. Not in Agony praying for Death.

The most effective way to ensure this for ourselves and future generations is to become more politically aware and active to force the cancer causers to place protection of common health over corporate profits.

Investigation into the incidence of disease in populations, why people get sick or stay healthy, has revealed many ways to prevent cancer and other illness. The concept of prevention is slowly percolating into America's consciousness, but much of the burden has been placed on the individual, including fetuses and children with little choice in the matter.

Military, Medical, Industrial and Agribusiness corporations which produce or use carcinogens are allowed to kill or harm based on a cost benefit ratio a bean counter cooked up, while their employees and neighbors are denied the common good of a healthy environment. Taxpayers and consumers pay for the higher medical costs.

Military Intelligence = What Me Worry?
Our military has killed more Americans by causing cancers than have died in the last several wars, when tobacco promotion is added in. The atomic and nuclear weapons program of the US., Soviet Union and other nuclear powers has doubled background radiation in the last fifty years.

US military open air testing of nuclear bombs contaminated huge areas of the country downwind. The Senate is now delaying signing a worldwide nuclear test ban in order to force Clinton to water down a global warning treaty and gain more money for Star Wars. Our space program punches huge holes in the ozone layer with each rocket launch.

There are almost daily reports about the toxic effects of the military as their top secret histories are unraveled. Even more deadly projects are virtually ignored by mainstream media, even after uncovered. Workers and neighbors of nuclear weapons and power plants have been routinely poisoned with radiation usually because of lax regulation and little oversight, or with cold deliberation and indifference to their employee's health.

It's well established that ionizing radiation from radioactive materials or ionizing machines like color TV's, microwave ovens and computers, X-rays or solar radiation damage cells and can create health problems. The effects of radiation are cumulative, and are particularly damaging to fetuses and infants.

Increased cancer deaths and health problems for downwinders, for Navaho uranium miners who worked with poor ventilation, for Paducah, Kentucky, Livermore, California, Hanford, Washington workers and neighbors of these and other military or industrial nuclear sites are documented victims of the cold war. Even with that war officially over, our military has no intention of slackening its assaults on the health of its citizens.

The HAARP Project
The HAARP project in Alaska, (CP 9/98) has a nice government web page at, which talks about research with the ionosphere. They don't explain that it will rain radiation on earth from our magnetic shield with powerful radio bursts of energy, disturb weather patterns, and cause cancers. Ostensibly to search for submarines and underground shelters of enemies or militias, it will seriously weaken and punch holes in earth's magnetic field, just in time for peak solar storms cycle coming up next year.

Angels Don't Play this HAARP by Nick Begich is a dense footnoted examination of the potential damage to humans and the environment by this navy project which receives almost no press, other than alternative.

Cross Currents-The Perils of Electropollution a book by Robert Becker, MD... and government consultant for the hazards of electromagnetic radiation, reviews much of the scientific literature, including decades of his own into the perils of non-ionizing radiation. This is the lower end of the electromagnetic spectrum waves slower than visible light which begins at trillions of Herz, or cycles per second, above which begin ionizing radiation.

Before WWII, life on earth evolved for millennia with only a very weak field strength of ELF geomagnetic energy around 10 Hz, of cyclic Direct Current and micropulsations, which fluctuate slightly diurnally and in 22 year solar storm cycles, Khz producing lightning storms, and some space noise in this end of the spectrum. We are electromagnetic creatures as all creatures evolving on the planet, with our pineal gland functioning as a magnetic organ. Increases in hospital admissions for schizophrenia were linked with magnetic storms, Becker in 1963, and later day to day behavioral changes in psychiatric patients were linked to fluctuations.

Humans, initially for military applications, and later commercial purposes, have been bombarding this end of the spectrum with noise, millions of times higher than normal. These wavelengths range from the Extremely Low Frequency ELF including the 60 Hz of AC electrical power given off by powerlines and electrical appliances. Many studies have been condemned by the power brokers, but not disproven, which linked exposure to these field with increased childhood cancers, suicide rates, and behavior disturbances. These fields speed up the growth of cancer cells in labs, and increase the potency of lithium in the brain, increasing depression, which is linked with cancers.

The ELF wavelengths of 45 and 75 Khz was used by the Navy for their SANGUINE project for submarine communication, a precursor of HAARP in the 60's. Their own studies showed an almost immediate increase in serum triglyceride levels- related to heart disease, in humans who worked near the transmitter. Ultra high voltage power lines give off a million times larger field strength than SANGUINE.

Most health problems from environmental causes are dose and duration dependent. The higher the dose and longer time exposed the more likely to cause cancers or other health problems.

Very Low Frequency transmitters for GWEN communications subjects every citizen of the united states to the 150-175 Khz. Dr. Becker wrote that GWEN is a superb system, "for producing behavioral alterations in the civilian population," which could be tailored for specific geographical areas.

Military Microwaves And Other Toys
The military has been developing microwave weapons and communications transmitters used by law enforcement as well. Many studies have shown that increased cataracts, leukemias, brain cancers, other cancers, genetic defects and stress related health problems are caused by microwaves.

Radio, short-wave, TV, and radar waves penetrate us every moment, whether we tune in to them or not., and most of them are modulated at ELF Hz to carry information. Military radar is directed at every spot on earth once an hour from space satellites, and from thousands of radar stations on earth. These modulated waves creates virtually identical biological health effects as ELF waves. Consumer use of electric blankets, electric clocks, hair dryers, electric heaters, fluorescent lights, computers, television sets, and other electrical devices, microwave ovens, radio and cellular telephones, security systems, and toys all increase risk of health effects and cancers.

Neighborhoods close to transmission towers have higher rates of leukemia and other cancers. Clustered towers increase the field strength, creating hot spots. Learning disabilities and feelings of unease and anxiety have been reported in subjects exposed to these field strengths. This end of the spectrum was virtually empty for most of earth's evolution until a century ago.

Becker implicates the military and communications industries with subjecting the whole planet to an experiment in of abnormally boosting the level of this radiation on earth. He recommends that we switch back to mainly DC power which can be generated with renewable power and favors smaller dispersed power sources. More information can be transmitted through fiber optic cables and lower power direct satellite broadcast. He advocates citizen's groups gain political power and push the media to present information to rein in the military and industries which are profiting from increasing cancer rates.

Next Month- Medical, Industrial, Transportation and Agricultural Cancer Causers and the Search for The Cure.

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