Kurdish National Liberation Movement
By Husayn Al-Kurdi

The New World Order, and the criminal business enterprises for which it stands, seems to be riding high. The states designated "Communist" have been defeated, Iraq's people are suffering a genocide as punishment for the disobedience of their ruler in invading Kuwait in 1990. Libya has allegedly been stifled with a steady stream of subversions, bombings and sanctions. Cuba is suffering valiantly as a holdout against the dictates of the New World Order.

Most guerrilla movements around the world are defeated or on the run, most notably those in Latin America. There is the notable victorious exception of Laurent Kabila's fighters who finally ran the USA-and Israeli-sponsored thug Mobutu-out of power in what is now the Democratic Republic of the Congo. But for every Kabila there are numerous Plan B covers such as those provided by Mandela, Aquino and Aristide to help Imperialism fool the masses with false alternatives. Kabila too might well be molded in the same manner in coming days.

Oppositional movements are fragmented and rendered impotent throughout Europe and North America. Amidst this scenario, so bleak in terms of liberation prospects for the world's Silenced Majority, a powerful movement has erupted which embraces principles of human social liberation, including national, gender and class liberation, and which threatens the NWO to the point that the U.S. State Department has identified it as "The world's deadliest terrorist organization." Of course, this is an assessment proffered by world history's all-time deadliest and most murderous entity, of which "State" is, after all, just a "department."

What is this force which has brought on so much hand-wringing about its alleged "threat to security and stability" on the part of a seemingly broad range of NWO apologist types? It's the Workers' Party of Kurdistan (PKK), which has existed since 1974 and has been waging a popular revolutionary war for the liberation of Turkish-occupied Kurdistan since 1984. Going up against a ferocious occupying power with some 30-50,000 guerrillas (but enjoying overwhelming support of the Kurds), the PKK has fought the half-million-strong Turkish forces to a standstill. In the course of the war, Turkey has destroyed over 3000 Kurdish villages, more than 2000 Kurds have been executed by government-related death squads, and some 25,000 persons have lost their lives.

The Kurds of Kurdistan are a nation of over 30 million people, residing in their homeland, a Texas-sized territory currently divided up among Turkey (with over half the Kurds in over half of Kurdistan), Iran, Iraq and Syria. Numerous uprisings throughout this century have failed to produce the desired results for the Kurdish people. Millions of Kurds have been systematically killed in their own homelands. Whole tribes have disappeared and large regions made desolate. Napalm, phosphorus bombs and chemical weapons have been used on Kurdish civilian populations. Regimes have vied in outdoing each other in the cruelty of their repressive measures.

By all accountings, Turkey has been the worst of a very bad lot. Turkey continues to be the major oppressor of Kurds today, thanks to the support of the USA, Israel, and a handful of Western powers. Calling itself "Democratic," it is widely regarded as one of the top few state violators of human rights among all the states in the world. Kurdish political activities are banned; eight elected Kurdish members of Parliament are in prison, their Party banned. Writers are routinely jailed for long periods of time for writing about the Kurds, or just for MENTIONING Kurdistan. Manifestations of Kurdish culture, such as music on cassettes, are banned. Imprisonment and torture are a way of life for Kurdish men, women and children under Turkish occupation. The worst of the dirty wars in Latin America in the past few decades is being played out in Kurdistan. The similarity to Guatemala is noted by journalists who have observed both conflicts.