How We Nuked Iraq
By Loise Neville

"We" is the U.S. with a little help from our friend, England. No, we didn't drop a bomb, we did it with tank-piercing shells that explode on impact and tanks armored with impenetrable metal that is radioactive. We used "depleted uranium," leftovers from our atomic energy plants that produce electricity at a high cost.

The problem with depleted uranium is that it is not depleted enough. Wherever the U.S. Army used those tanks and those shells, they irradiated the land and sprayed the radiation into the air as the shells exploded. And sent it blowing in the wind. Iraq, the desert around Iraq, parts of Kuwait and part of Saudi Arabia are now irradiated in perpetuity. "Perpetuity" means hundreds of millions of years. In time, those notorious desert sandstorms will doubtless spread the irradiation even farther.

Such a deed is almost too incredible to imagine!

Reports that the desert was irradiated first came in immediately after Desert Storm ended, with a brief quote from Jessie Jackson, who said, "American soldiers are running around in the desert with Geiger counters," and a hint that the desert was irradiated. This was followed up by a statement by a U.S. Congressman, whose name I don't recall, who stated that areas where we had fought were now irradiated and destined to remain so because of the nature of the desert itself. There was no follow-up in either case by the media. The subject was not considered important enough? Or was it too "sensitive"?

Has this radiation affected only Arabs? No. More than 100,000 of our own U.S. soldiers either returned home ill or became ill shortly after their return with what has been named the Gulf War Syndrome, because it appears to be a complex of biological and chemical poisoning. This quite horrible affliction is apparently the result of the U.S. use of depleted uranium weapons, used for the first time in Iraq, and the fact that U.S. field commander General Schwartzkopf, blew up Iraq's huge chemical storage bunkers, spraying the whole area with deadly concentrated pesticides. This was done without warning the 130,000 unprotected soldiers still in the field.

Some of these were infectious biologicals, with the result that when our soldiers returned home, both they and their equipment in many cases contaminated their wives, children, friends and even their pet animals! As of several months ago, over two thousand of these "returning heroes" had died without medical care from the Veterans Administration. All doctors and nurses were advised to declare their affliction merely psychological and to treat with tranquilizers. On this basis, the Pentagon declared to a questioning media that our Iraq vets were indeed "receiving treatment!"

As all phone numbers for Gulf War veterans' several organizations are no longer in service, I have been unable to update the story. However, according to my last information, many of the U.S. military who later entered that area to man our several permanent military installations contracted the same illness, according to an ex-Air Force nurse, Joyce Riley, who has now devoted herself to aid the victims of the Gulf War Syndrome.

This is now the environment in which Iraqis must live.

More than one reliable source has stated that 500 soldiers die every week in Iraq, and that in Southern Iraq in the area of Bazra, site of the Biblical Ur, one third of the children are born with deformities, some of which are new to science. Cancer in Iraq is epidemic, especially among children. According to Barbar Lubin of the Middle East Children's Alliance, every hospital she visited in Iraq contained "enormous numbers of children who were born with horrific birth defects plus all kinds of cancers. Doctors are literally saying, 'It is pointless to come to the hospital. There is no medicine.' "

According to Dr. Sami Al Araji [my spelling], member of Iraq's Committee Studying the War's Aftermath, interviewed by Jeremy Sjayhill on Democracy Now, KPFA, on November 30, Iraq has been left with a poisoned environment that, because of the boycott, it is too impoverished to attempt to clean up, and a people sick and dying for lack of the medicine that might aid them.

"If the American people knew the facts, they wouldn't let it happen," he declared. Is that true? Or have American become so propagandized and so compliant that they will now go along with any atrocity?

Certainly what has been done to Iraq is so atrocious that it must be a 20th Century historical first, a situation without parallel. How did it happen?

How did all this come about? It happened when the U.S. encouraged Saddam Hussein to attack Kuwait, then when he did, the U.S. attacked Iraq. Simple as that.

Why did Hussein ask permission? Because Iraq owed money to the U.S. This made Iraq a "client State" of the U.S. So Hussein knew he should ask permission. Who did he ask? He asked the U.S. State Department. What individual was involved? A State Department official named Glaspie. Was she authorized to reply? Yes. She consulted carefully with "higher authority." Who would that have been? James Baker, head of the State Department. Only he had authority to make such a decision. Who was blamed? She was. Where did this information come from? The U.S. media.

Was it a conspiracy? Of course! Why did this happen?

For the reason that President Bush stated: "For the new world order." What's that? A concerted plan outlined by government agencies and all business think tanks to establish worldwide capitalism ruled by private banks and private corporations. If you can't believe that, go read a library book on international economics. Read two, they're fun.

Is this a conspiracy? No. The information is out there, in the open for all to see.

What's wrong with Iraq?

It's a socialist country, and socialist countries are now being eliminated because they use a different money system, one in severe competition with capitalist money systems, because they sell cheaper on the international trading market. A textbook, Iraq: A Country Study, published by the U.S. Army in 1990, describes this. Socialist countries also spend their money mostly on their people. Not on business. They do not fit the new world plan.

Why did other Arab countries join the fight against Iraq?

They don't like socialism either because they are capitalist.

Also some had some of their debts canceled in exchange for joining.

Why the excessive cruelty against Iraq?

Because Iraq organized an Arab States coalition that would have given them more independence against OPEC and the oil corporations.

Why does the U.S. want to get rid of Saddam Hussein?

Because it wants to put in its own dictator.

The excessive cruelty towards Iraq is also for the purpose of terrorizing the other Arab countries to show them what could happen to them if they get out of line and try to become too independent or oppose the oil companies. Oil is essential to our technology, therefor must be kept under strict control by oil companies that belong to the major nations, the major corporations.