The Nitty Gritty On Kentfield Rehab
By Judy Borello

On Saturday, October 3, I found myself in the most precarious position. On the bathroom floor, crawling my way through vomit, urine and feces. Then I heard my son come in, Thor.

I always truly wondered why we named him Thor, son of the god Odin. We were always impressed with anything Norse. And my husband said, "Judy, if Brandy has a puppy before you have that baby, we'll name the first one that hits the ground Thor." So guess which one hit the ground first?

Thor's face was absolutely mortified when he was looking down at me. He started shaking, and of course, I said, with glib tongue at that point, "Well, they can't get a good Viking down!" I kinda looked at him and said, "You know, Thor, I could really use some migraine medicine because this is really a severe migraine." When he got up to leave, I thought, boy, I hope I can make it until he gets back with the medicine. And with a spirited gait, he flew out the door and I got busy cleaning up the mess. Just as I finished the cleanup, he returned. I said, "Thor, boy, did you get out of a lousy job." He grinned. Then when I stood up, it felt like "the hammer of Thor" was beating me in the head. So Thor picked me up off the floor and placed me in my bed and got me some water to take two migraine pills. I went to sleep for awhile, then woke up two hours later with a severe pain in my head. Someone called an ambulance, and off I went to Marin General Hospital for an operation removing the aneurysm from my brain.

After that, Dr. Grollmus, my neurosurgeon, put me in Kentfield Rehabilitation Hospital, and that is where I have stayed since (with the exception of going back to Marin General for another surgery).

The nurses and staff that work here are really patient, nice people, because you wouldn't believe how I abused them before I had my second surgery, which took the fluid off of my brain. Before that happened, I refused to take my medicine and other assorted craziness.

Since I am now back to normal, I had to apologize to nurse Joan and an assorted bevy of nurses. Now I want to commend Dr. Doherty, Dr. Peterson, Ana Ree, Linda, Elvia, Rhonda, Tami, Natalie, Laurie, Dan, Mirabelle, Joseph, Jose, Sterling, David, Manny, Nooshin, Annie, Cristy, Alex, Leilani Yvette, Wynne, Jill, Georgia, Nympha, Terry, Cindy, Hans, Juanita, Mike...and others I may have forgotten.

These people obviously have a higher reason for doing their job other than the money, because they demonstrate such compassion and caring for people. Without this nurturing that I got, I would never have been able to walk, talk or use my right arm again. And my roommate Betsy Weedon was so kind and helpful to me, I don't know what I would have done without her.

A big thank you to all who have helped me get through this dark period. I love all of you.