News And Notes Of Novato
By Betty Machado

Hello, Dear Hearts

Happy New Year. Doesn't 1999 sound like a great year is coming into being? We have so much to accomplish before we say goodbye to the 20th Century and go into the 21st. But we will do it. Someone commented that our generation had to go through so much to reach today...the Depression, wars of all types, major changes in our lifestyles...and we made it! First day of winter was December 21

We sure had a blast from the North to remind us this year that winter has arrived. Snow in Sausalito? Would you believe that? But it did happen, on December 20th. It has been a real winter this year. Once is enough for that type of cold! South Novato (Ignacio) new library

Frank Galli, Mayor of Ignacio, should have a room named for him in the new facility. Frank worked so hard in his lifetime to preserve Ignacio, so now is the time to do a remembrance of his crusade and what better place than the new library. Goodbye to Howard Hanson, Marin County Clerk

Howard will retire in January. Michael Smith, county treasurer and tax collector, will replace Howard. Although only 58, Howard has opted for early retirement. He has been elected to four terms as the County Clerk. We shall miss him. Good luck, Howard, and come down to the Board of Supervisors' meetings on Tuesdays. Nice to be a taxpayer watching the forces in action. January 4 Installation Day for Supervisor-Elect and District Attorney

This is a big day at the Civic Center, swearing-in ceremony plus a reception in the Board of Supervisors Chambers on the third floor. So come on down! Bond issues for 1999

Novato is preparing to go to the voters for a general obligation bond for city parks and city streets, probably on March 2. The school district has an election for the updating of their facilities. The information is in by survey as to how the public feels about giving more money. When you are polled for these services, the information does go forth to the City Council. The City has had five focus groups to determine the level of community support for a second general obligation bond measure. The meetings have been going on for one year. We did pass a successful bond issue in November, 1989, for parks and streets. The Council approved a Goals and Projects (GAP) program to educate the community on a bond measure which would complete F and G, Phase II. Council approved $15,000 for a statistically valid community survey during fiscal year 1998-'99. A $5,000 grant from the California Alliance for Jobs was obtained to finance the survey. So, be aware of the program. Hamilton Wetlands takes over the hanger at Hamilton

Believe the birds will be more important for wetlands than the health, safety and welfare of the State of California? Donna Domino, IJ reported in the December 12 issue that stated the Marin Sheriff's Department has lost the search and rescue hanger at Hamilton. I do hope the residents of Marin County will challenge this new step in creating a wetlands at Hamilton.