The Coastal Post - September, 1998

Hate Crime Statistic Act

By Robert Simmons

The current methodology employed by the FBI in compiling hate crime statistics is clearly inaccurate, misleading, and very discriminatory against Americans of Europeans ancestry.

In 1990, Congress passed the Hate Crime Statistic Act, U.S. Public Law 101-275. This legislation mandates that the U.S. Attorney General establish guidelines, definitions, and data about crimes that manifest evidence of prejudice based on race, religion, sexual orientation or ethnicity.

The Attorney General turned this matter over to the FBI for this purpose, which was then referred to the Uniform Crime Reports section of that organization.

The problem surfaced when the FBI clearly identified the victims of race crimes by race, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation, which was the intent of the Congress.

The FBI does not, however, apply the same standards to perpetrators of hate crimes. Instead, perpetrators are identified not by ethnicity, but only by race (white, black, American Indian, Alaskan native, Asian, Pacific Islander, multi-racial group, or unknown).

According to this methodology, Hispanics are recognized as victims, but never as perpetrators because they are categorized as "white" when perpetrating a hate crime. There are others besides Hispanics who enjoy this double standard.

An example: If one Hispanic immigrant assaults another Hispanic and tells him to go back to Mexico, the FBI lists it as a hate crime committed by a white against an Hispanic. If after the victim nurses his wounds for an hour, he then grabs a bat and assaults his attacker, he is considered no longer Hispanic, but white. We now have two hate crimes both committed by whites against Hispanics.

Under current definitions, it is impossible to tell how many "white" hate crimes were committed by persons who would be classified not as "white" were they victims of hate crimes. This not only inflates the number of "white" hate crimes, but because of the publicity given to these flawed statistics, people assume that the vast majority of hate crimes are committed by white people, most all of whom are Americans of European ancestry.

The manipulation of hate crime statistics and related publicity certainly has staggering propaganda value. Hispanic advocacy groups can claim truthfully that, according to the FBI, Hispanics do not commit hate crimes, individually or as members of Hispanic street gangs.

The phrase "hate crime" has become synonymous with European Americans. This is one reason that conferences on hate crimes do not include European Americans; it is they who are thought to commit them. Nothing can be further from the truth, but that is the perception, based largely on FBI statistics.

An analysis of hate crime statistics will reveal, however, that the share of hate crimes perpetrated by European Americans is small compared with their population numbers.

Was this double standard just a simple mistake, an oversight, perhaps? I think not.

I think it was deliberately done to discredit Americans of European ancestry as a step towards a multi-cultural, multi-racial nation where whites are a marginalized minority and their heritage, culture, and contribution devalued.

What can people of goodwill do about it knowing there is no possible way for statistical agencies to justify such a double standard?

Unfortunately, regulatory agencies such as the FBI, in this case, seem to have a wide latitude in their guidelines, which is generally supported by the courts. It's almost as if they have a special, sacrosanct status that is not allowed to citizens. Under the United States Supreme Court decision in Chevron vs. Natural Resources Defense Council, (467 U.S. 837 1984), a court will not overturn the FBI's interpretation of the law, even if the court believes it is not the best interpretation.

The most effective means to overturning the FBI double methodology is through a legislative amendment to the act or through congressional oversight of the agency. It is suggested that you contact your congressional representatives regarding this matter. Contact Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, or Lynn Woolsey and demand a congressional investigation, an amendment placed on the Hate Crime Statistic Act, a permanent oversight committee, or all three. The key word is demand.

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