The Coastal Post - September, 1998

News And Notes Of Novato

Bu Betty Machado

Hello, Dear Hearts

The "dog days of August" are upon us. School has started in Novato. We have Olive as a "year round," and they are is session already.

The Celebration of Life event for Jack Machado

This took place in Stafford Park on Saturday, August 15. It was in the true tradition Jack would have enjoyed. All his friends from Sausalito came up. The Novato group met them all once again as we did on our 50th wedding anniversary. Casual dress, the weather cooperated beautifully, warm but not hot. The picnic lunch prepared by Carolyn DiGiseppi under the title "What's for Dinner," was wonderful. She made a marvelous Greek salad with other items. Her telephone number is 485-1291, and she is in San Anselmo. Father O'Malley gave a Christian message followed by guitar music by Father Phil Roundtree. Mike Pechner, the KCBS weather man and former Novato resident, came down from Cordelia. I rented the Play Area thinking it was the site the Native Sons used for their September picnic. It turned out to be smaller and a great site. The children played on the swings close to us; in fact, Jessie Belle Pechner loved to have her father on call for the play equipment. Vic Canby made a video tape and Freida Mellovich did the camera pictures. Walt Madsen came down from Chester, California, and since he and Jack were raised together in Sausalito, it was like his brother had returned. Yes, it was a Jack Machado event. An annual tournament out at Indian Valley golf course has been established, named of "19th Hole, Jack Machado Tournament." It will be played every year. Thanks, Jeff McAndrew and the Men's Club. The first one was played on Sunday, August 16th.

On Monday, August 17, Jack was buried at Mt. Olivet in San Rafael next to his father and mother. In closing, let me relate a couple of stories which were told about Jack. Seems he, Jack Witsch and others went up to Silverado golf course for a day of watching the great Lee Trevino, whom Jack resembled. During the time they were up there, spectators came up to Jack for his autograph, thinking he was Lee. They were told he couldn't sign as he had to "save his hands" for the tournament! Larry Bitto, Novato Park and Rec director, shared the following story: He was flying to Los Angeles. His companion on the plane was from Sonoma. During the course of conversation, Larry mentioned he was from Novato. "Oh," says the companion, "I know a person in Novato. His name is Jack Machado. He's our best recycler." Yes, Jack enjoyed taking the cans from Indian Valley golf course and turning them in instead of sending them off to the garbage company. Good-bye, dear friend and husband of 53 years!

Partridge Knolls still in the news

The local paper, Novato Advance, carried an interview with mediator John Griffiths. He took on the job in April 1997 and to date, the City has spent $283,000 in legal fees and geotechnical fees. Griffith said the City of Novato has fulfilled its obligation to its citizens. He also said that IF the slide has stopped moving, it is unlikely there will be need for any immediate emergency remediation work. He did show concern over who will fund the various aspects of the remediation and the home owners claims being brought. He did mention a possibility of creating a geological hazard abatement district (BHAD) in which homeowners would assess themselves for the cost of long-range remediation, such as would be required for a pump de-watering system. Can you imagine that being accepted by the property owners?

Claim filed for chair rocking

Risk Management sent a release to be signed by me to clear the way of the City of Novato paying me $28.80 because Rod Wood had caught me off guard at the Press Table in the high-back chair and decided to "give me a message" because he didn't like my presentation before the Council. The release does not have the information I had requested to be included, which was that the incident would go into the personnel file of the City Manager. I am still under the care of an eye doctor to be sure no effects related to the shaking take place during the year.

Watch Channel 23 on September 16

There is so much happening, Shirley Graves, Elisa Cleek and I will be producing two programs on Channel 23 September 16. Mike Arnold and Marc Wolin will be discussing the upcoming half-cent sales tax election in November. On September 23, Eric Schmidt and Simi Anderson will do an update on the Highway 101 crossing into the county dumps. Supervisor Harry Moore will be helping with suggestions from the traffic management report which has been filed by the county Public Works Department. Should be an interesting September!

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