The Coastal Post - September, 1998

MUTA's Best/Worst Awards

By Staff

Marin United Taxpayers Association (MUTA) has chosen the North Marin Water District as the Best Managed Public Agency for the second time, and the Marin General Hospital District Board of Trustees as the Most Improved Public Agency for abandoning its prior board's rubber-stamp performance and at last acting to reverse the ill-advised giveaway MGH lease, with a view to restoring control of the hospital to its owners, the people of the district, as represented by its elected board.

Two agencies were tied for the unenviable designation of Worst Managed Public Agency: The Marin Municipal Water District board of directors majority, for reneging on assurances concerning a public vote on the MMWD fire-flow tax, and later for raising water rates unnecessarily (except for directors Gibson and Huffman, who voted against the increase); and the Marin County Board of Supervisors for its decision to continue collecting an illegal library tax, for its failure to resolve the crisis in the county pension system, and for duplicity in putting on the November ballot a regressive tax increase measure designed to circumvent Prop. 13's two-thirds vote requirement, and mischaracterizing it as a "transit" tax to reduce Highway 101 congestion when in fact most of its revenue would be for projects doing nothing to reduce highway congestion.

This year a Good Citizenship award was given to Louise Mathew of San Anselmo for her outstanding efforts in taking on the San Anselmo Town Council to protect her fellow San Anselmo homeowners from the outrageous attempt by the Town Council to change a local ordinance so as to make property owners responsible for the repair and maintenance of the town's underground water mains that happen to run beneath their property.

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