The Coastal Post - August, 1998

News And Notes Of Novato

By Betty Machado

A Eulogy to Jack Machado

February 6, 1921-July 19, 1998

Jack was born in Sausalito to Jack and Mamie Machado. An only child, he was loved by a very large family of cousins who all grew up in Old Town together. Jack loved to roller skate up and down the hills surrounding Main Street. He often would remark what a great childhood they had in Sausalito. Going out to Fort Baker for firewood was a Sunday family outing. Everyone joined in to lug the long planks that fell off freighters going in and out of the Golden Gate. The Sausalito school district went up to the eighth grade with Miss Perry in Central School. From there, everyone went by train to Tamalpais High School. Jack was able to learn how to drive and the family purchased a Model A, a "Green Hornet," for him to drive to school instead of using the electric train. The car transported the football team to games in the fall, and to baseball games in the spring. Papa always went with the teams. He smoked a big cigar and would be very quietly sitting in the bleachers watching "his boys" play.

Jack did graduate from Tam. Went to work at Mare Island. Then, December 7, 1941 came. Walt Madsen, Red McAdams, Sam Thomas and Jack Machado all went over to San Francisco and became part of the U.S. Navy. They were gone for 42 months to Hawaii, finishing up in Guam as Chief Petty Officers.

When they came home, we were married on July 21, 1945 in the Star of the Sea Church in Sausalito. Jack launched into a butcher's career with Chick Garcia with the Quality Meat Market on Caledonia Street in Sausalito.

We purchased the first house on the GI Bill of Rights in Marin County, 810 Spring Street in Sausalito. Jack loved that home. All our friends were moving to Novato into "track homes," so we joined them on our Cal Vet loan, purchasing our home on Dawes Street. Jack became a father twice in that home.

He went on to learn how to play golf at the Indian Valley Golf course. Joined the Men's Club. Every Sunday was golf for Jack and I had politics at City Hall.

Jack enjoyed working the underground field with the Soil and Crew and then North Bay Construction Company, tiring out in mid-1985.

Retirement for Jack meant time every day out at Indian Valley Golf Course. He had his own group, Bob Hachmyer and others, which allowed him to really make golf into a full-time adventure. Barbecuing became a favorite thing to do at the 19th hole. He loved cutting the meat, getting the fire ready, and then making sure everyone received their favorite cut of meat. He was good at it. He never cooked at home.

Jack had a knack of seeing good in everyone. After all, he tolerated me for 53 years! His death was three days before our 53rd anniversary.

Parkinson's disease took its toll on Jack. It was very sad to see him confined to a wheelchair for two and a half years, but we made the best of it. Birthday parties were celebrated. His remembrance drink was served at the Indian Valley 19th hole on February 6 every year.

There was a standing joke in our crowd: Jack never came to City Hall and I never went to the golf course. Barbara Dolan sent a wonderful card to Jack. It says, "Jack: 'Successor.' 'In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths.'-Proverbs 3:6." That says it all. Goodbye, dear friend and husband. Love.

* * *

Note: A celebration of Jack's life will be held on Saturday, August 15 at Stafford Lake Park in Novato starting at 11:00 a.m. 'til 2:00 p.m. Father O'Malley of St. Anthony's Parish in Novato will present a Christian message in Jack's memory. Monsignor Keene, of San Mateo, retired priest of Our Lady of Loretto and former golf partner of Jack's-plus he officiated in the Golden Wedding celebration for Betty and Jack-has also been invited to attend.

The Celebration of Life will include participation by family and friends by sharing pictures and stories of Jack. A catered picnic will follow the Celebration. Walt Madsen, long-time friend of Jack's from Chester, California, will host the event with Jack's wife, Betty. The July 21 meeting of the Board of Supervisors was adjourned in Jack's memory as was the Novato City Council meeting on the same evening. Information regarding the August 15 event can be obtained by calling 892-5668.

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