The Coastal Post - August, 1998

Flood Warning!

By Flobie Wilsonson

Editor, The Roane County Tribune

Leave it to TSI to bring us the benefits of 21st century technology today, TSI will unveil to a world market the first ever Flood Damage Prevention Kit for home use. Explains spokesperson Mrs. Jan Steward, "We are so proud of the Flood Damage Prevention Kit. In light of all the flooding caused by El Nino, our Research and Development Dept. has worked almost around the clock to develop and test the Flood Damage Prevention Kit.

When asked by this reporter what benefits can be derived from using this kit, Mrs. Jan Steward gave us this scenario. "Say you live in a flood prone area and flood watches or warnings have been posted. The homeowner simply unpacks The Flood Damage Prevention Kit and in a matter of hours the entire contents of their home is protected from being damaged by rising flood water and mud. Each item is sealed air/water tight in a rugged commercial grade custom manufactured polytherm bag."

Mrs. Steward went on to state that the company has bags specially manufactured to fit nearly every object in your home, from refrigerators to TVs and computers, to living room and bedroom furniture. "Most importantly, we have miscellaneous sizes that will protect those irreplaceable mementos that everyone misses the most when floods have devastated their lives," she says.

OK, so how easy is it to use this kit? According to company literature, The Flood Damage Prevention Kit was designed so the everyday person can take advantage of its benefits.

How much will the Flood Damage Prevention Kit cost? Mrs. Jan Steward tells us we can protect the basic items in our home for "less than the cost of having to replace one 19" TV. For only pennies per item you can save thousands of dollars in replacement costs after the flood waters recede."

For more information, contact TSC at 1-423-882-3153 or mail to TSC P.O. Box Harriman, TN 37748.

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