The Coastal Post - August, 1998

Correcting The Shake Times

By Karen Nakamura

Naughty, naughty. It wasn't my fault! The numbers got mixed up. Really! Last month's screwed-up figures on the by-now-obvious connection between nuclear testing and earthquakes didn't show much. But the facts do show the connection. So here are the correct numbers. They are calculated according to Universal time. Also included are simplified stats on the Chinese/French series '95-'96 and killer quakes (more than 1,000 deaths) 1951-1988.

Please recall that approximately 2,500 people died in Afghanistan two days after the first Pakistani test.

Indian test:

May 11 10:13:42 UTC ground zero 5.4


May 12 03:14:00 UTC Guatemala 5.9


May 28 10:16:15 UTC ground zero 4.9


May 30 06:22:00 UTC Afghanistan 6.9


May 30 06:54:56 UTC ground zero 4.6


June 1 05:34:00 UTC E. Russia 6.2

A quake may be related to a nuclear test if it comes within five days after a test. Occasionally, especially when the test is large, the time limit is extended up to 10 days.

Eight tests were conducted during the French/Chinese series from 1995-96. These are all over 3.5, most are 6.0 and over. Of the eight tests:

Day 1-5 quakes

Day 2-8

Day 3-6

Day 4-6

Day 5-6

Days 6-8-6

Twenty killer quakes are matched with nuclear tests from 1951 to 188.

Day 1-12 quakes

Day 2-3

Day 3-2

Day 4-3

Many geologists state there are quakes almost every day somewhere in the world. True. What they aren't acknowledging is the abnormal clustering immediately after the tests. For more information, contact National Earthquake Center, Golden CO. Website: httpp://

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