The Coastal Post - August, 1998

Organized to Fail

By Frank Scott

A substantial minority of our population is doing quite well, at least financially, but the great majority is not. Even those with material security , or its illusion, suffer feelings of insecurity and unhappiness.

Despite a mythology of personal success taught by the high priests of capital, our system needs an abundance of losers in order to produce the fantastic wealth it pours into the pockets of its top accumulating winners. For every Bill Gates, there are a thousand slums; for every Ruppert Murdoch there are tens of thousands living in poverty; for every stock market winner who can afford a second home, there are a million working losers who remain debt ridden, rent burdened or without a first home in a society with bizarre contradictions of wealth and poverty.

Mostly, this is attributed to the fickle finger of fate - the middle one, extended, for the majority . Then there are the highly regarded rewards of hard work, mostly reserved for those whose work was no more than being born into a family with money in the bank. The work ethic is something exclusively extolled for, and experienced by, the great mass of people. They work in order to create wealth, which is usually possessed by others who do no work at all.

That great mass carries an unbearable burden on its shoulders, and global capitalism is making that burden heavier. For the majority, personal debt , social division, and the breakdown of nature seem to be increasing , while private profit escalates for a minority at the top. Unhappiness and a sense of failure have become nearly epidemic, even as the contradictions of a system based on economic anarchy and psychological abnormality become clearer .

For instance: in the midst of a fanatic war on drugs, waged by a military-penal-criminal complex made rich by illegality, millions are being lawfully sedated in order to get through the day without hurting themselves. The legal dope business is a multi-billion dollar, life-long affair, starting with children on ritalin and extending to adults on prozac, drugged every day in order to survive reality.

Political leaders sign a blank check for this idiotic war and squeal about the ravages of drug addiction, disregarding the health advantages of medical marijuana, or the life saving benefits of needle exchange programs. Meanwhile, organized misery and depression create enormous profits in the legal dope business. Many of those dollars are re-invested in this morally perverse market, helping to create more miserable people, who create still more profits with their misery.

People are not only programmed to lose, but to believe they are at personal fault for not winning. They purchase drugs, cosmetics, and vast assortments of consumer goods in order to measure up to a warped standard of success. This leads to an average of $7,000 in credit card debt carried by the ordinary citizen consumer.. With new laws making personal bankruptcy extremely difficult , more debt and less relief are insured. This is likely to lead to more consumption to alleviate pain, creating still higher profit margins for investors in drugs and the psycho-industry; the marvelous forces of the market at work.

Personal failure syndrome is part of a system geared to greater accumulation of profit for some, with ever greater loss sustained by most. As individuals sink into debt, despair or decadence, the natural environment descends into a state approaching mass sewage. An economic system overwhelming individuals is also overpowering nature. Humanity needs to confront more than a sense of personal failure in order to create a social reality of success.

The ordinary condition of too many people is to be depressed, pessimistic and in need of something to make them feel better. Under market rules of corporate capital, only the product purchase can bring relief, and then but for a short time. Soon, there is a need for another purchase, a newer product or a more powerful drug. Democratic control of capital is an unrealized ideal that must become reality if there is to be a halt to the epidemic of individual depression and social breakdown.

This social disease of failure is explained by mind management as personal illness. People hear about a booming economy of expanding global markets and progress, except for them, the losers. The majority is losing because of serious flaws in the organization of social life, not because of personal shortcomings. Global capitalism programs material and psychological failure for working majorities, in order that incredible success can be experienced by investing minorities. Those anti-democratic statistics are the logical outcome of an anti-democratic system.

The idea of democratic capitalism is an oxymoron, as tangible as pregnant virginity or intelligent stupidity. The increasing human desire for a democratic society needs to be joined with an understanding of the economic changes needed in order to bring about real democracy. The program of organized failure cannot change to organized success under present market rules.

The historic trend of global capital is carrying us toward personal collapse, social division and racial suicide. The sooner we learn that , the more likely that dreams of a better world can become material reality. Such a world can be created by an awakened population no longer made miserable by social conditions, but approaching progress through democratic participation in transforming those conditions. An organization for the success of an overwhelming majority of people calls for a totally different way of producing material life, both personally and collectively.

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