The Coastal Post - August, 1998

In Case Of Emergency

by Kirby Ferris

As I write this the news on the "Millennium Bug," the year 2000 worldwide computer glitch, is bubbling to the surface. In Israel the military has formally begun complete quarantine of any civilian input to its own computer system. In America, Federal Reserve Chairman Allan Greenspan, once a computer programmer (and perhaps one of the "inventors" of the Millennium Bug), is raising his volume incrementally on the somber nature of the crisis. We also find out that there is only 13 billion dollars in cash circulating in a three trillion dollar economy here in America.

What does this mean if all, or a lot, of the electric blip "currency" goes up in gigabyte smoke, or even gets "lost" for a substantial period? Spread those dollar bills around to every person in America and see how much each of us is clutching when the feces hits the fan.

If you want the "bad" news from a credible source I suggest you check out Dr. Gary North's web site at I heard North being interviewed by Art Bell on Bell's late night talk show. If only twenty percent of what North predicts occurs we will be facing a crisis of epic proportions. The scariest of North's warnings were: the computer chips in nuclear power plants and the computer chips in all the computers that run the North American electrical grid. They are not 2000 compliant. The nuke plants are either going to be shut down or we'll see meltdown. The electrical grid must be de-centralized and re-regionalized immediately so that the computer failures in one sector don't cause a domino effect to other systems on the linkup. Are you prepared for a two month electrical blackout? Look at what happened in the city of Auckland in New Zealand. And that was nothing compared to what we might face. Seriously folks, most of us are just not accurately aware the unbelievable level of control that computers now play in our lives. Gary North points out that never, in the history of mankind, has something so immense happened to virtually everybody in every nation at the very same time. He asks us to contemplate this mind boggling fact. Something is going to happen. It is inevitable. Just ask any computer expert. The only argument is about how bad it is going to be.

Some common sense precautions to take are:

1. Stash some cash. As much as you can quietly get your hands on. Bury it or put it in a bank safety deposit box.

2. Own gold and silver coins. One of my most informed sources advises silver quarters. He argues that you very well might have difficulty in getting change when purchasing with the higher value of gold coins.

3. Begin stockpiling a years worth of freeze dried or dehydrated food. Do this discreetly and stash it somewhere other than in your own house.

4. Buy a gun. You have a moral duty to be able to protect yourself and your family. There aren't going to be enough cops and soldiers to go around if the Millennium Bug causes massive civil unrest. Look what a single jury verdict did to Los Angeles. Now multiply that by a thousand. And make those rioters desperately hungry. I suggest minimum of five hundred rounds of ammunition for each firearm (especially your rifle). Keep the guns and ammo stashed separately and somewhere very safe and very private. Ignore the liberal "gun control" idiots. They'll be dialing 911, getting a busy signal, and crapping their pants.

5. Begin preparing a backyard garden. Do it now. The best introductory book I've seen is called "Lazy Bed Gardening". It tells you how to grow using the "French intensive" method. Fantastic, organically grown yields (using much less water) are possible on very small patches of ground. If you live in the country add chickens, ducks, pigs or rabbits to your plans to be more and more self sustaining. Unless your are eating homegrown food right now, every bite you stuff in your mouth is the result of computer managed farming, computer managed food processing, computer managed transport, and computer managed purchase. Think about it.

6. Be prepared to use kerosene lamps over the long haul. Pretend there is no electricity and figure out what it takes to keep yourself illuminated for three months. The Alladin Company makes an incredible product that matches a sixty watt light bulb. Check it out.

7. Buy a high quality camping water filter. Call your water utility district. Ask them if their entire system isn't computer coordinated. Hey, that water doesn't run out of your tap by magic. If the electricity fails the water pressure fails.

8. Visa Mastercard is supposedly 2000 compliant. How can you transfer your electronic funds out of your non compliant bank and into a 2000 compliant institution (that you know will keep your account quarantined from non compliant pollutants)? Ask around.

9. What happens if the economy goes belly up? And you loose your job because your boss can't get paid because his customers can't get paid and etc. and etc.? Are you going to let the bank or your landlord kick you out of your house or apartment? What are you going to do when you get a foreclosure notice or an eviction notice? What are millions and millions of other Americans going to do? Answer: They are going to become armed squatters. Again, check out Remember: Nothing like this has every happened in the history of mankind. The Millennium Bug is going to strike every nation in the world, every member of every industrialized society on Earth, at the same time. We're talking really, really deep impact here.

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