The Coastal Post - July, 1998

Men In Black Not A Stretch:

An Examination Of The Evidence For Extraterrestrial Intelligence

By Stephen Simac

It would be more amazing if there weren't extraterrestrial intelligence in this boundless universe than if there is. We imagined ourselves alone in a fixed cosmos once upon a time. The days when Galileo had to deny that the earth is the center of even the solar system seem like a fairytale now.

Whether those aliens have visited earth or are here now is open to debate. The official government version is that all sightings are explainable by natural phenomenon or weather balloons.

The unofficial versions are legion and myth-like. There are so many types of aliens from different planets, star systems, other dimensions, from the hollow of the earth and beyond, allegedly visiting earth, controlling earth, conducting breeding experiments or merely observing the critters in the zoo, they must be stumbling over each other.

That something is going on seems indisputable, unless you think denial is a river in Egypt. Just what is going on is a mystery. That the government is lying to us is common knowledge to tabloid readers. Mainstream media pay almost no attention to UFOs, as if it were beneath them, although nothing else is.

Yet government cover-up is documented. Their top debunking scientist from Project Blue Book, the military UFO investigation in the '60s, has his own website now, saying they are real. He says the project researchers ignored the unexplainable sightings and contacts they investigated and seized on the easily ridiculed ones to squelch mass panic over the truth.

The truth: We are not alone

Just as the church fathers twisted the limbs of any heretic who denied a central earth peopled by the only children of God, the media tweaks them with ridicule or indifference.

The Brookings Institute survey of Americans' reactions to aliens in the '60s predicted that there would be mass panic, riots, or work stoppage if the existence of UFOs with alien intelligence was acknowledged.

It would not be much different today. Infantile narcissism is terrible when challenged. Human self-absorption ignores the other intelligent life on this planet. It's only lately that we've started to think of some fuzzy animals around us as different than targets or threats. Aliens! What if they weren't even interested in us humans, just wanted to hang with the octopi? We would be so hurt. Our self-esteem is fragile.

Religions and churches would lose membership if the aliens claimed they had been genetically and psychologically guiding humans since we were chimps. Said, "We're the gods all the holy books were written about and we're back." They could be lying, of course. Like Cortez when the Aztecs thought he was Quetzalcoaltal returning. Just a little pissed, like Jesus would be.

Right now the government believes we are children and better off ignorant of what they know. In a way, I agree with them. Until the aliens land and announce their intentions, what difference does it make? Yet people will believe what they want to believe. End up waiting for mother ships to pick them up in Garland, Texas, or committing mass suicide in California to hitch a ride on a comet. UFO cults are going to be big for the millennium.

I've been fascinated with them since I saw my first one as a teenager in Florida. A brilliant, flying light which bobbled around as if drunk for awhile, then streaked off over the ocean, into the Bermuda Triangle. Dozens of other people reported it to various agencies in South Florida.

Government cover-up exposed

That the government has lied to us about their investigations is the subject of the video UFOs: Fifty Years of Denial by a Marin videographer, James Fox. It focuses on government cover-up of their findings about UFOs and includes a variety of exceptional photographs and videos of lights and craft from around the world. There are even cave paintings of UFOs from 10-20,000 years ago, which are shown in the video as well as more recent sightings.

He interviewed former military and government agents who claim there really was a UFO crash near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947, and that the true findings of Project Blue Book and NATO's UFO study in the '70s were suppressed. Some of these men participated in the cover-up, but now are recanting in their old age.

Colonel Philip Corso, a member of President Eisenhower's National Security Agency, and Edgar Mitchell, man on the moon, both say that the explosion near Roswell, first described as a UFO crash by the nearby military base, then denied by higher-ups, was one. That the military collected some extremely light but strong metallic substance, and several alien bodies. The evidence was switched with weather balloon material and aliens officially became testing dummies later, but the original evidence was saved and studied.

This crash of aliens or dummies has become world famous, fueling conspiracy theorists and night-time radio talk shows. The tales that the government has secretly collected alien space ships in Area 51 in Nevada and through reverse engineering has learned to build and fly them are widely told. Others claim that the aliens first gave the Nazis flying saucer technology in the '30s, a fleet now based in South America or the North Pole or inside the hollow earth.

UFO researchers have to wade through swamps of competing theories and explanations from abductees hypnotically remembering missing time episodes, to channelers of galactic histories, to alien walk-ons or bodysnatchers. Some of these seem like Freudian fairytales, with highly advanced beings conducting anal probes of depressed housewives.

The similarities of myths and fairytales with modern UFO stories has created several camps. One says the aliens have been visiting earth all along as gods or elves, another that they are manifestations of earth energy, like crop circles and leprechauns, or paranormal activity like poltergeists and ghosts, while some academics believe they are a product of our psychology interacting with the world, a cyberbiology like visions of angels, shamanic journeys or life-after-death. There is some evidence for all these views, but most proponents are ivory-tower theorists who ignore any evidence that doesn't fit their theory.

Brazilian invasions

Jacques Vallee, a careful UFO researcher and writer who has been traveling to contact sites and interviewing eyewitnesses in Europe, North and South America for two decades, has documented hundreds of sightings, dozens of close encounters, examined photos, videos and material evidence and is still mystified.

Some of his most interesting cases are the flying lights which have been attacking hunters in remote areas of Brazil for the 20 years and the besieging of an island village near the mouth of the Amazon by flying lights every evening for three months in 1977. An army special investigation team and numerous journalists photographed and reported on this invasion.

In many of these cases there were ill effects and some deaths with numerous photos and verifiable, eyewitness reports. Other contactees in those and other areas have had healings or improved health from contact with the aliens. Some claim to have traveled to distant star systems at warp speed with aliens from Orion, Sirius and it's twin star YoucantbeSirius.

The Verdants from Vegas may be ready to cash in their chips. A Los Angeles Times retired editor claims to have been brought aboard a ship and briefed by these aliens. He was told that before only people who were less likely to be believed were abducted. Now they are grabbing more influential people in order to build credibility and reduce panic when they land.

These Verdants are pond-scum eaters who live thousands of years. They've been watching us for even longer and are sure we are messing up. Instead of sky-writing this, they are recruiting influential humans to spread the gospel so we'll change. They told him the rising incidence of cancer is from motor vehicle exhaust, which makes sense since the increased rates of gasoline consumption and cancers correlate.

His mission was to write a book that would let humans in on the big news. It's in the stores now, and on the internet. The Verdants are supposed to land in the desert southwest after first making it bloom, possibly this summer. Sounds like a party.

Angels or aliens

In the end, it is impossible to know just what is going on, even if you've had your own UFO experiences like I've had. In 1984, on Maui, a brilliant light hovered overhead when I'd become lost after dark. I fell on my knees praying for help. It streaked away incredibly fast. I stumbled in that direction and found the trail back to the road. Another person witnessed the light from the camp I'd hiked away from that afternoon. Maybe it was an angel, maybe a UFO.

On Haleakala's peak in Maui that same year, two other hippies and I watched a brilliant light slowly circle over us for almost an hour. If aliens are communicating with us, what I heard was that they have the capability of turning plutonium into lead, and they will do so if we humans start World War III. It wouldn't hurt if they'd start early.

Plutonium and UFOs do have a link, because at least some sightings are reported to leave radioactivity in their wake. Perhaps these are the government models, which would explain why the military-industrial complex loves plutonium, and why no one seems worried that background radiation levels have doubled since the first nuclear detonations.

Wilheim Reich was working on a secret government project involving UFOs in the '50s, and reportedly he was able to deradioactivate materials with his orgone generators. He was put in prison for marketing these as medical devices and died there.

The mother ship I witnessed one night in West Marin was huge, a football-field sized dark oval with brilliant colored lights rotating around its edges. Other people have seen this phenomena at different times. It was very beautiful and if it landed I'd get right on, even if I had to become an alien sex slave.

I don't think there is any point in waiting for the aliens to land or whatever. They are probably already here making dumb movies about blowing up Washington, but don't worry, humans can whip their asses with cigar-smoking flyboys or country music. If those are supposed to make humans feel better about alien invasions or space creatures, they have a low opinion of our intelligence. Can't say I blame them.

Most likely they plan on trading alien trinkets and technology for our earthly treasures.

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